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civico museo sartorio



Extensive art collection , modern to Renaissance. The Renaissance collection is worth the admission alone! An old elegant home houses this museum, and the living rooms have been beautifully restored. The 19th century kitchen was intact, with the stoves and cookware. Very unusual. Personal guides assisted us, mostly in English, to appreciate the collection.


Not far from the sea and the center pedestrian area, this home previously belonging to a family of Trieste merchants was donated along with all its contents to the city. Besides the incredible collection of 246 Tiepolo sketches, the 4th largest collection in the world, and other fantastic artwork, there is a plaster statue hall. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the visit is in the basement, where during the latest renovation works, they discovered roman ruins and a mosaic floor. There is also housed a collection of renovated artwork, some as old as 15 century, with before and after pictures and blurbs explaining their importance. I highly recommend it.


Very interesting museum of you want to see How Triestes commercial elite / aristocracy used to live. Nice big rooms full of antiques. Amazing drawings of Tiepolo. The Sta Chiara tryptichis old but not the best one i' ve ever seen. Go for the splendid interiors, btw big chance you are alone ...


I had the museum virtually to myself and was able to wander from room to room enjoying beautiful paintings and pictures, tapestries, furniture, china and room decorations. Very good helpful notes to most rooms in English.


Up where the Castle is, there is Cathedral, an underground Museum which is full of arte facts and sculptures. Very nice and interesting of course but there is water running down when it rains and spoils the fan of the visit. It is part of a visit to the Castle.


I spent 90 minutes here and enjoyed all of it. The guides who were on hand to point me to the places of interest were very good. One guide especially took me to see the Tryptich of St Chiara and also to the basement to see the exhibition of art which had been hidden since circa 1940 and removed from the country but now returned. He explained about each of the exhibits in English good enough for me to understand. Also in the Museum there are A4 sheets in each room to give an explanation of the contents and information about the family Sartorio.


What I especially liked at a guided tour in this museum was the combination of the Sartorio family's history and the one of Trieste, the city. Indeed you can visit this museum only guided, which is highly recommended, since the displays aren't very informative.I was highly impressed by the size of the mansion and the diverse objects and styles in it. The different rooms portray several different eras and decades, which lets it cover a broad time span (starting with 1600 or so.


This is a lovely house to visit and there are some beautiful things to see. The guides seem really pleased to see you and point out things that you might miss otherwise


This is a fascinating glimpse into bourgeois Trieste -- we particularly enjoyed the kitchen, the library and the sculpture collection. If there aren't too many visitors, you may be lucky enough to be invited to see the museums treasures -- a gorgeous gilded triptych and a collection of drawings by Tiepolo, wow!


Be there when it opens as it shuts midday. There is so much to see in a very homely setting. Almost as if the owner Snr Sartorio was still alive and had just popped out!. Who would have thought that this building holds the most magnificent Tiepolo drawings ever seen together. Do not go without visiting the basement where there are the most amazing paintings, if you can get there without stopping to see all the statues and carvings on the way! This building has the wow factor, every room filled to capacity with art and antiques. the staff are exceptionally good with all the paintings and they appear to love it which makes for a very interesting time


Gut restauriertes Haus mit diversen Sammlungen und Glyptothek.Informative Kunst- und Kulturvermittlung auch in deutscher Sprache, auch für Kleinstgruppen.


Io e mia moglie abbiamo visitato il museo domenica 21/12/14 approfittando della giornata festiva. Bellissimo il palazzo appartenuto alla famiglia Sartorio, ricchi commercianti trapiantati a Trieste. Spettacolari le stanze finemente decorate. Una menzione per il salone di caccia ed il salotto rosa. La struttura è tenuta benissimo, il pesonale e ' molto gentile e disponibile a dare tutte le spiegazioni del caso. Visitate anche le tre sale con i capolavori dell'Istria ( Carpaccio e Veneziano fra gli altri). Noi non siamo grandi amanti del Tiepolo ma la sezione dei suoi disegni al terzo piano è da vedere.VISITATELO IN TANTI Antonella e Gianluca Trieste


Le stanze, i decori, i mobili, i quadri e ancora la posizione, il giardino e i sotterranei. Tutto e' metavigliosamente mantenuto e conservato e raccontano la vita dei vecchi proprietari. Una chicca, per me, la vecchia cucina.




Небольшой музей расположен вдалеке от центра города рядом с портом. Интересная (но скромная) коллекция живописи и гравюр. Красивые интерьеры.

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