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even in thick snow and with no one around we were thrilled to have taken the cable car up to experience the wonderful views- would love to come back and explore more in summer!


Thanks to tripadvisor comments we caught the number 5 bus which is located just outside the main bus stops in front of Lecco station. The bustop has a timetable on display so we realised we'd just missed a bus up to the cable car. On Saturdays in autumn it seemed that buses left at 5 past the hour. So while waiting we enjoyed a stroll through Lecco's main piazza and out onto the footpath along the lake. Lecco was a lovely surprise. We will certainly go back to explore it again. After catching the bus which took about 20 minutes to reach the cable car station we arrived to find that it had stopped for lunch. The lunch break is from 12.30-1.30. Thankfully the bar nearby was open and they served delicious panini and great German style beer. When we finally caught the cable car up to piani d'Erna we were thrilled by the beautiful views. It would be a lovely spot to visit in spring or summer as there seemed to be lots of signs for different walks to various riifuggi. Lucky that we'd eaten down below as there was only one place open on the mountain. The other bars and restaurants were closed until 20/12 for renovation and repairs. Probably not the best time to visit but we enjoyed the lovely views and very peaceful atmosphere. Tickets for the cable car are 10 euro return. Bus tickets from the station are 1.30 each way.


We were in Bergamo for a short break and took the short train to Lecco (trains leave from the side platform 1T at 8 mins past the hour 3.50 Euro each way). The shop on the station frontage sells bus tickets price 1.30 Euro - buy one for return too as they are 2e on the bus, coins only. The bus leaves across the road on the corner opposite the train station (not from the bus stop at the very front of the station). Bus 5 is what you need - they seem to vary between 30 mins to an hour apart. The bus winds around the town for 10 mins before heading for the hills, you stay on the bus to the end of the road. The cable car leaves at regular intervals, maybe every 15 mins, price 5e each way.On top it is like a different world, hard to believe that it is the equivalent of being on top of Ben Nevis. We went on a Sunday in October, nice weather so it was quite busy but spacious so not an issue. But the 2 eateries that were open were chaotic, so we bought chocolate and crips and went for a good walk around. In hindsight a packed lunch would have been better. I don't think it would have been a pleasant meal, although the food looked good at both places. Perhaps a different thing midweek.The cloud came down after an hour or so and we decided to head down for a late lunch in Lecco. I would plan for a clear day if possible, the views were amazing - just not the same when it clouded over. Trains returned to Bergamo from the same side platform 1T at 12 mins past the hour.


Took an early train on a weekend from Centrale Station Milan to Lecco. Looked for the #5 bus up to the Funivia but no joy so we ended up taking a cab (20E - rip off but fixed fair published inside the taxi). From the Cable Car, went up to top and walked around, took some fantastic pics and ate some lunch in one of the little cafes outside.Got a cable car down, then luckily the #5 bus was due to depart so we jumped on (1E/ticket!) and then a train from Lecco back to Milan.All in all a worthwhile day out.. been to Como before so this was another trip to a lake but this time we were able to go up a mountain which was lovely.


Well worth a trip up the cable car on a clear day! At the top there are tubing and high-ropes activities and a little restaurant, or lots of walks to be done. I got a one-way ticket and then walked down which took about 2 hours- it wasn't a difficult walk so long as you have decent footwear [more than just trainers would be recommended] and probably water supply/ snacks too!


Usually we would get there on foot, but due to limited time we decided to use cable car.But - anyway - views from the top and from Pizzo d'Erna are magnificient!


Piani D'Erna is one of the most beautiful places I've visited. In summer time you can enjoy plenty of activities for the kids (7-10 years) and the teens. The cable car takes you up the green mountains where you enjoy a walk and have a hawk view of the whole region. Overwhelming.


This is a must so you see the lake and it's surroundings from the top of the mountain, it's a. Inexpensive ride or you can do car as well, they have some stuff to eat and it's not very well known by tourists, from the top they have tubes or you can relax eating a sandwich if you like, try it and you won't regret it.


Great way to get up top and experience fabulous views over Lecco and the Lake Como area. Inexpensive ride, great short walks up top, and so close to Milan. I fell in love with Lecco many years ago and it still retains it's charm.


A wonderful place for everyone who loves mountains, nature and relaxation! Here we forget of worldy vanity and relax in beautiful atmosphere. It's just 10 minutes by car or bus from the center of Lecco. And than you arrive at the starting point for an easy walking or hiking to the Resegone peak. Also there is an adventure park, tubing and opportunity for winter activities. As for lunch, you can make up a picnic or eat at one of the local restaurants.Have a nice walk!


For the ones who love mountains in all seasons ... This is the field of your gamesI don't know why trip advisor si asking me to write more than 100 chars, not showing me how many chars I've written so far. I hope this is enough. Bye


it would have been a better trip if we had good weather and the sky was clear. only recommended to go on days when the weather is good!


You can easily access by bus from Lecco city centre and the funicular takes you to the top of Piano d'Erna where you can enjoy hiking and amazing view from the 1300m hight mountain.I recomend you climb up the mountain if you visit Lecco!


Another hidden gem. There are 3 parks like this. This one is the easiest to get to and more relaxed. The other 2 become more serious with regard to actual activities (ie rock climbing, mountain biking etc) Make use of local transport unless you like hairpin bends through residential areas with unsympathetic local traffic. No.5 bus from Lecco takes you to the cable car very cheaply. Keep an eye on the timetables as they often take long breaks leaving you stranded for an hour or so.The cable car is an amazing experience. You can just about see the destination 1330m above sea level. The 'park' does have 'pay for' family activities inc. tubing on dry slopes, high ropes, walks/climbing etc , these not compulsory in order to visit this area which is free. We chose to stroll, sit, look, take loads of photos and whiled away many hours enjoying the area. A good head for heights is needed but once up there stay away from edges and you'll be fine if you're unsure. This is not a place for untethered youngsters unless you stick to the centre of the park. Had this been in the UK, railings, fencing and copious warning signs would be quite normal. Here you actually use common sense and stay away from 4000ft near vertical drops. There are some houses/communities here which you are required to respect their privacy. A good pair of binoculars brings the neighbouring mountains, hillside buildings and the town of Lecco and Lake Como that bit nearer. On a clear haze free day 5 lakes are visable from this vantage point. As we were on foot and didn't hire a car this was the highlight of our holiday. If you buy a 40€ ticket from rail office it covers all forms of transport in the whole of the Lombardy region for a week inc trains, buses, funiculars, ski likfts and cable cars. Boat trips on Lake Iseo are also free. Boats on all other lakes are ectra. For us it meant the train to Lecco, bus ride and cable car were free, bargain!


We visited in August when it was hot every day in Lecco. One of our last days we explored and found the funiva up to Erna. Was an awesome ride and nature's air conditioning! Spectacular views and a lot of hiking! Would recommend for sure!

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