historisches museum der pfalz speyer


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historisches museum der pfalz speyer

This impressive history museum features a diverse selection of exhibits...


The exhibition is rather aimed at people who know absolutely nothing about the Titanic. Displayed info and pictures can be found in any good internet resource or book. If you already know a good deal about the Titanic and still expect much from this exhibition, you might be disappointed. The only thing you won't see elsewhere are the recovered objects.


The titanic exposition is very interesting to visit. You get a good idea of not only the disign, building and interior design of this ship, but also what happened on the day this "unsinkable" ship sunk.Already then savings and personal failures finally caused many lifes.


We went to see the Titanic exhibition which was well presented and informative. There were personal items on display which were interesting to see what people used during the turn of the 20th century. A short story was given for some of the passengers and how the items were recovered. The rooms of the first and third class passengers and the hallway of the first class deck were exhibited. I didn't understand why the entire exhibition was only in German, however handheld audio guides are available.


One of the main reasons we visited this museum, was due to the terrible weather. The Titanic exposition that is had was nothing special, as was most of the displays.Overall, for the price, I would m not recommend it, particularly since the staff was very unhelpful and in my opinion bordered on the rude side, to anyone who did not speak German. They were very rude to an Italian couple that were just in front of us.


Include in price of the Technic Museum across the street, so keep your ticket. The museum has a number of music boxes, some large and play orchestral music, plus clothing, dolls, rooms, musical instruments, toys, and other items. Well worth the time, at least an hour.


The museum happened to have an exhibit 1914-1918 going on and you saw a different perspective - from the German POV - on WWII. Very gruesome. I also walked through the history from caveman to present day. I enjoyed seeing the old wine presses and learning about the development of viticulture in the Pfaltz region of Germany.


Came there on Sunday in the summerholidays. Lots of tourists where there anxious to see the Saliner exposition. The museum was closed.!!!! There were over 100 people waiting for the opening. Unbelievable!!. I went there the next day. They had an Informationbook only in German??? And that on a so important historical item. Hope they learned of this. I also complained at that day and they only said: We don´t have it. The excebition would had more value when there was more informatie especially we have to pay ekstra for it. The length of the visit turns out short in this way.I had to select a date who is not right it was in july.


I went specially for the "40 years of Playmobil" exibit they were hosting, which was very awesome. Saw the rest of the museum as well, which was nice, but did not impress me so much. Pretty much everything was in german, no english translations.


We came here for the 40year of Playmobil exhibitions.It was made really, really well and we were astonished by all the great parts and figurines and worlds of Playmobil the were able to show.We came from Zurich just for the exhibition and we didn't get disappointed!Beside that the guy at the entrance was extremely nice and helpful.Thank you for the nice visit!


this is what we came to see this time, the guide took us right to it. I think the museum has been renovated recently- the wine museum and extra things. Nicely curated


Speyer's importance in medeival Germany cannot be underestimated - it was a favorite of the Holy Roman Emporers for over hundred years beginning in the 11th Century. This museum houses displays from pre-historic times, roman times, and the period when Speyer was part of the Palatinate Elector's holdings. One really interesting niche is the displays (deep in the basement) of the findings from the Holy Roman Emporers tombs. No conjecture about what they wore here! The meissen collection of porcelain is very extensive too.


The building alone is interesting, as it meanders up and down, through many levels. There is a tower to climb to get a nice perspective of the city and te cathedral. The museum, cover per-historic life, Roman times, Baroque and up to the last century. There is a wine museum with an amazing wine press, it is impressively large! It is also part of the MuseumPass, so if you have pass, it is free. There were many children visiting and they were clearing enjoying themselves.


The museum offers a family ticket for 10 euro, which covers all the exhibitions, even visiting ones. In my opinion, the best stuff is downstairs. There are Mesolithic, Celtic, and Roman artifacts on display. The only shortcoming is that all the narratives are in German. Upstairs is a fine collection of Rhenish porcelains.


Museen sind altmodisch, langweilig, verstaub und oberlehrerhaft.Das dachte ich früher immer. Bis ich das historische Museum der Pfalz besuchte. Wow!Wechselnde, wirklich interessante Ausstellungen wir Titanic, Ägypten, die Geschichte von Playmobil oder Wein laden dazu ein das Museum immer wieder neu zu entdecken.Dazu kommt ein einmaliges Weinmuseum mit riesigen alten Keltern, Fässern und der Möglichkeit für Feiern Räume des Weinmuseums zu mieten.Aber auch Freunde des klassichen Museums kommen nicht zu kurz - das Speyerer Museum hat mehr Exponate als es zeigen kann und wechselt daher oft, so bieten sich dem Besucher immer wieder neue Ausstellungen.


Музей расположен в самом центре города, и содержит в себе множество экспозиций, которые будут интересны самым разным людям.Туристы могут познакомиться с историей города: в одном из залом представлены экспонаты средневековья, старинные костюмы и картины эпохи возрождения. Любители современной истории могут познакомиться с жизнью горожан в 20 веке, ну а детей ждут залы с игрушками и детскими рисунками, глядя на которые и взрослые люди могут на мгновенье возвратиться в детство.

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