tarot garden (giardino dei tarocchi)


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tarot garden (giardino dei tarocchi)



This is simply the most magical place I have ever been. You lose track of time as you get lost in a world of colorful fantasy, a whole afternoon immersed in a surreal world. Inspired by Gaudi's style, this garden took the artist a couple of decades to complete. You definitely feel the spiritual and magical dreams of Niki de Saint Phalle.


I was completely blow away by this place. Do not, I repeat, do not miss it. The structures are so playful and inventive, and because the location is so remote, you become completely immersed in Nikki's imagination. Like stepping into a surreal fairy tale. I wish it were open all day instead of opening midday, but that's a small quibble. Whenever you are in the area, you have to make the trek. It's worth it. (Note: if you're going around the region trying to check out all of the outdoor art, I would definitely see this piece AFTER going to Mostri Park in Bomarzo. Going anywhere after this will seem like a dud.)


I have visited twice, the first time 2 years ago and again a few weeks ago. Both times i was in awe.


I would not say that this is a must see for everyone, but if you are interested in modern art, it is a must see and if you are not interested in modern art, it is a must see just for the uniqueness of it all and the appreciation for what it took to construct what is here. It is a world all its own filled with unbelievable color and texture. You will see the house that Niki Saint Phalle lived in, which will blow you mind!!!! If you are an artist, you will appreciate the colors and structure. It was about 20 years in the making and you will see why.


This garden is quite hidden away a short distance away from the town of Capalbio but it is worth seeking out for a quite unusual and unique experience.As you enter the gardens, you don't really know what to expect. A short walk up the path towards the first sculpture and you are greeted by an array of mosaics and larger than life sculptures. The most fascinating part for me was the piece where the artist and her husband actually lived for a while, which contained a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom!The setting is as beautiful as the sculptures are magical and you can easily while away a few hours taking it all in. If you're visiting in the height of summer though beware that there's very little shade and it gets extremely hot.


I'm not into modern arts, but I have to say that this place was really fantastic and unique. It was like nothing that I had seen before. We drove here from Siena, and it took almost 2 hours and 130 kms, but it was definitely worth it.


Very pleasant tour to see spectacular pieces of art. With a very interesting heritage. You cannot miss. You will not believe to your eyes. Very peculiar open air exibition.


I'm a Gaudí freak so this place was a must!I loved it, the atmosphere is magical and the artist who created this place is a genious.Shame though it's open only in the afternoons: it's be less crowded for sure if it had extended timetables.I wish there were guards controlling the audience: despite for example the "no climbing" sign, there're kids (and older people as well) climbing on the sculptures all the time. Considering how delicate the crystal mosaics are, being careful should be a mustI also wish there was at least a "kids free" day once in a month, to give the opportunity to art lovers to enjoy the place without being forced to bear kids behaving like they were at an amusement park, jumping, running, screaming around like crazy.


This was an experience that I will never forget! The sculptures are amazing, there is no other word for it. Yes, it was a little tricky to find and I agree with some other reviewers that some information on each piece would have been interesting but to be honest it really didn't matter. €12 was a fair price to pay for the experience of a lifetime. The colours are amazing and it was great to see all the visitors as excited as we were every time they turned a corner, not knowing what surprise was awaiting them. Can't wait to go back.


The tarot garden is the creation of Niki de Saint Phalle where she could better express herself, in my point of view. It is worth a visit, and it is worth driving there for a dreamy day out even if you are 50 km away. It is a large garden where the artist, in collaboration with her husband, an artist himself, built her creation of a fantastic world, all inspired on tarots. Colours, shapes, enclosed areas, open areas, will all fascinate both adults and especially children. A very strong push to inspiration, and a parallel dimension reality. A travel in the artist's mind that she has left us as legacy.


I've been to the Tarot Garden several times as it is quite extensive and can't all be taken in at once. Nikki de St Phalle was a remarkable sculptress who was able to share her inner world with others through magnificent manifestations of unbelievable dimensions. I enjoyed her interpretations of the major arcana of Tarot, most specifically, the Empress, which was a domicile for her and her husband for quite a few years. The detail of the mosaic in contrast to the size of the pieces is quite mind boggling. Be sure when you visit, to bring an umbrella or something for shade as it can become quite hot and there is not a lot of coverage for the entire 9 acres. Also, do try to buy one of the books about her life as the context makes the art even more meaningful. Very much worth at least one visit. Teens will especially like this attraction! Enjoy….


Expensive, buggy and yet it is pretty amazing to think one person spent so many years making these crazy structures.


Fantastic, so unique and such a lot of magical inspiration and hard work. !!! Just about the right size to get lost in and yet not spread out over too wide an area. Be careful to go down all the paths as it can be easy to miss hidden things. I loved the tower and the empress the best. Don't miss it. !!!


Nikki de St Phalle's Tarot Garden near Capalbio in Tuscany is a splendid sight for jaded eyes. The huge mosaic figures are delightful to walk through and enter, a whimsical land of color and light. After a first walk-through, one begins to think more deeply about the ideas, workmanship, and design of the spectacular garden and still marvel at the sheer artistry of the place. It is well worth a visit to thisbeautiful area of Tuscany.


Tarot Garden is not a very well known art park. Take a chance to see it if you are near! If you have small children bring them, they will love it.Best is if you know nothing about it beforehand. It will be a pleasant surprise.Please note that it opening hours are 2.30-7.30 pm and that it is closed from Oct 15th to April 1st.Also note that it is not situated in the village Capalbio but closer to E80/SS1.Directions from Google map:https://www.google.com/maps/place/Il+Giardino+dei+Tarocchi/@42.42568,11.467061,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x1328f09296fa96e9:0x16d6671085e84485?hl=en

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