giotto's bell tower (campanile di giotto)


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giotto's bell tower (campanile di giotto)



我们先登上『Giotto's Bell Tower 』隔天才登上『Cupola del Brunelleschi』。八月的佛罗伦斯,市区各景点都充满了旅游人潮。尤其百花教堂与钟楼更是一整天都是排队人龙。周围过往的游客与叫卖的摊贩也不少。走路时需注意别踩到摊贩放在地面上的图画。我们光是买票就排了约一个小时。再另外排队上钟楼。钟楼的楼梯还算好走,但超过四百阶,建议穿舒适好走的鞋子。不建议携带大背包,因为上下楼梯错身时,会妨碍通行。如果您也和我们一样喜欢登上世界各个城市的观景大楼或教堂等,俯瞰与欣赏城市风景,那么您一定不能错过佛罗伦斯的Giotto's Bell Tower (Campanile di Giotto)。






If you are 66 like me it may be a bit of a challenge, but the climb is worth it, particularly for young people. There is a great view of the Arno from there.


Due to his ”floors” which allow four refreshing pit stops during the climb of 414 steps, is more affordable than to climb the Dome. Besides that, you can see the awesome look of the nearby Dome, which obviously can not be seen from the Dome it self !Best time to access is in the early morning, when it's not yet crowded. You have plenty of time, afterwards, to visit the Cathedral, the Santa Reparata and the Baptistery.Don't miss the coin machine at the exit, is the only one who delivers the special one with the Dome, for just 2 euro.


If you're not cluster phobic then you should go all the way to the top. Narrow stairs make it a bit annoying but the views are totally worth it.


Fantastic views. Even in March the stairs needed a little regulating with queues because some just were not willing to wait their turn.


Intrepid travellers can ascend the 400+ steps which lead to the summit of the campanile where the 360 degree views of Florence are unforgettable.


Well worth the climb and see the Brunelleschi dome from an alternate perspective, and of course see the beautiful Florence skyline.


It's a long climb up, but it's worth it for the incredible view of Florence and the Duomo at the top. Be warned, the stairs are very narrow, and there is only one staircase for going up and down, so it can be crowded. I would not recommend it if you are claustrophobic. However, the view at the top is incredible, especially on a sunny day.


This is a hard,steep climb up but worth it. Great views of the city and nearby landmarks. If I had to go up either the this tower or do the trip to the top of the dome, then it's the dome for me as you view is higher, better and unrestricted by fences.


Spectacular view of the city for a terrific price! The lines were not too bad, but the 414 steps are steep and narrow. Not for those who struggle with claustrophobia.


Very steep climb going up three levels for viewing. I didn't make it to the roof as it got narrower as you went up and it is a hard climb. You will squeeze past many others so be prepared. Views are fantastic but I prefered the Doumo, though both are in entrance fee.


Go early! We went at 8:30am and there were already people there. No line though. Any more people on those stairs would have made the climb up and down more difficult and annoying. Avoid the crowds and wake up early. On a clear day you can see the Tuscan fields and vineyards. Beautiful!


The Tower offers a spectacular view of the city. The stairs are an easier climb than the Cathedral dome and the lines seemed shorter (an early arrival is still recommended). If there is no line it is possible to make the return trip to the top in less than an hour while climbing at a casual pace.

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