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fattoria santa vittoria



If you want go to Toscana vineyard, choose Fattoria Santa Vittoria, it's great place to be!We were there in june/july 2004.


This place was amazing. Delicious wine. Knowledgeable staff. Really nice visit with Mauro during his busy harvest season.


Claudio gave our group a great tour, shared his knowledge of wine making and made our visit great fun. We loved the wine. Leopoldo was my favorite. Thanks, Claudio !!


We had a really nice time touring and tasting with Claudio! He was very kind and patient with our questions. We were really impressed that the selection of wines was so vast for a smaller winery! Our group bought several and enjoyed bottles back at the villa all week and then had some to take home! This was well worth the visit!


We had a wonderful day at Fattoria Santa Vittoria. Mauro did a great job of hosting us for a private tour of the winery, tasting, and preparing an amazing 4 course meal that he prepared along with wine pairings from the winery. An amazing day with great people.


I can highly recommend Fattoria Santa Vittoria. They have a large range of wines the taste, so there is something for everyone. For a small establishment it produces wines of good quality. The olive oil is also amazing. Claudio not only takes you through a tour about the wines but also the history of the region. You get a real sense of the history of agriculture in this region. A must when you are in Tuscany.


My friends and I were given a comprehensive tour of this historic winery by the very knowledgable Claudio, the winemaker at Fattoria Santa Vittoria. He guided us through the whole winemaking process from start to finish, which was very interesting because they still use much of the same equipment today as they did hundreds of years ago. The most interesting part for me was the production of Vinsanto - Claudio explained it all perfectly, and then we got to taste the wines! In fact, Claudio showed us through the whole range, accompanied by some crusty local bread and their very fresh olive oil.If you want to see how wine is made in Tuscany, this is the place.


Forget the highly commercialised and large scale winery tours.....this is something very different. Mauro the highly passionate owner gave a great tour of the vineyard, including the history of the winery and the wine production process. There were just 4 people on the tour and so it was highly personalised. We tried about 6 wines and they were so good we bought desert wines and a case of the red wine made from a local grape that has been rediscovered and lovingly re-established (pugnititello) and had it shipped home. We also found out that they have accommodation and a restaurant where the multi-talented Mauro cooked. I wish we had of known of the restaurant earlier........Just means we need to go again to one of the loveliest parts of the world!


Over the years in Italy and on this trip to Tuscany I have done many wine tours all impressive but all modern, meaning nothing gives a feel of old values when making wine. From the time we entered Fattoria Santa Vittoria we felt as if we had stepped back in time somewhat, our host Mauro was charming and welcoming. Fattoria Santa Vittoria are using modern day equipment don't get me wrong, but it's set amongst old rooms and impressive old historical equipment and not so clinical like most wineries hence the rustic and historical feel. We wanted to visit this winery having drank many various bottles in our hotel Casa Bellavista and various restaurants in the area, they are certainly very good and well priced. Our favourite is their speciality and far better than many sweet wines the Vin Santo which has been aged for 4-6 years where many sweet wines are only aged for 2, beautiful flavour and not over sweet like many. The tour was 1.30 hours and very informative and most interesting to hear this vineyards own view on production. Would highly recommend a visit.


We visited here for a wine tasting as it's the local house wine in many places. We love the white wine, and also the reds. Mauro has this vineyard in his family for the last 30 or so years. It shows. The passion for producing great wine cannot be rivalled. The tour, the pure original and natural cellars are amazing. You must not pass this vineyard by. We ordered a quantity of white, red, and not forgetting the delicious Vinsanto. We will make this a regular for our wine orders! Perfecto! Grazia Mauro!


We got an excellent introduction to especially the process behind making Santo, the wonderful sweet dessert wine. A wonderful place!


We have been here twice in two years. The wine master, Claudio, is young, charming, and extremely knowledgeable. He clearly is the committed hands-on producer of the wine. The tour of the 250-year old facility is fascinating, and the wines are delicious. The property is on the land of a battlefield where Florence defeated Siena and its French allies, resulting in the unification of Tuscany. The Medici family built a chapel nearby to celebrate the historic victory- hence "Santa Vittoria". Located about 30 minutes outside of Siena, the drive is beautiful, and well worth the trip.


We arrived here by a private tour company (Holiday Planners, Lucignano) on a late Saturday morning in May. The tour company arranged our private wine tour/tasting at Santa Vittoria. We met a very kind gentleman who ran the winery and took just us two on an hour long tour and then taught us how to properly taste and evaluate wine, which we did for about another 30-45 minutes. It was very educational tour and the gentleman was patient, polite and entertaining. We bought a bottle of his dessert wine, it was fantastic!


We was part of a group of 18 people who visited Fattoria Santa Vittoria early May 2014. We had a well organized and very interesting winetasting. Ended up with a lot of good wine.


Thanks to the very helpful Mauro for an impromptu and interesting wine-tasting and mini-tour. There are some lovely wines on offer here, I will be back to buy some more.

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