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Four of us booked wine tasting at Leuta for a birthday present for one of our friends. We had never been wine tasting in Italy before, and had no idea what to expect. Even though we went during the low season, we all had a great experience with Denis and Maria. We learned a lot about the process of making wine, as well as about the wine itself. Denis and Maria made our first experience a memorable one, and we will definitely be going back when their remodel is done and the sun is shining! 5 stars all the way. Thanks you two!


My husband and I booked this wine tour of Leuta Winery through our very helpful host at Hotel Italia in Cortona. Due to this recommendation, Denis of Leuta gave us 10% off of our final order, which was unexpected and generous. He only charged 10€ per person to do the tour, it was just my husband and I, so it was extremely laid back, fascinating, and intimate. Denis is fabulous - he's a wealth of knowledge and wit and speaks English proficiently. We were able to kick back and truly experience his unique and delicious wines without interruption. He offered cheese and meats as well (though we brought our own sandwiches due to the time of day). Denis was extremely fascinating, the wine was phenomenal, and the overall experience was perfect. We bought 4 bottles and some olive oil and are currently drinking one bottle now! It was a quick drive (we had a rental) to the vineyard from town, though we got lost so be sure to know where to go! A must-do if you're in Cortona!


My fiancé and I went for a tasting one night, where we met Denis and Maria. I have been to several wineries all over the world, and this was the most unique tasting I have ever had. It was an intimate experience with just the 4 of us. I think the night turned out a longer than all of us expected, because the company was so good. Despite the good company, most wineries have 1-2 great wines, and the others being fine. Denis's entire collection was exceptional. With his knowledge of wine, and unwillingness to create a mediocre wine, his entire line is highly rated. We bought the entire collection, and can't wait to drink it back home. Chin Chin!


My husband and I had an incredible time spending a warm fall afternoon with Denis at the Leuta Winery. His passion for winemaking is evident, and the product is phenomenal - we left with several bottles, and will be ordering many more. The wine tasting experience was truly unique, and getting to see the entire process at a boutique winery was incredible.


My wife and I spent a few days in Cortona in early October, and wanted to order a bottle of good quality locally produced wine with our dinner-our waitress recommended a wine from Leuta. Although we knew nothing about this particular winery, we ordered it, drank it, and we both concluded that it was truly a great choice and would look for it on wine lists in the future.Skip forward a couple of days...our accomodation host casually asked if we would be interested in attending a wine tasting at a 'local winery' one evening. "Of course we would" we said, so he picked us up the next evening and we drove a few miles from of Cortona. We were surprised and delighted that our tasting event was at the Leuta winery! The entire evening was wonderful: the setting was beautiful; Denis, and his family, were gracious and entertaining; the food was perfect; and the wines that we tasted were all phenomenonal.One final word about our evening - VinSanto. VinSanto is a 'wine', but it's more than wine. There is nothing else in the world like a top quality VinSanto. Its production is complex and takes years to produce. So, the quantity of each vintage is small, measured in only hundreds (not thousands) of 1/2 bottles (not cases). Denis opened a bottle of VinSanto to allow his guests to taste and savour. Leuta's VinSanto is exceptional! Thank you Denis


Our afternoon with Denis (the winemaker) was an amazing surprise to us! Denis is candid and knowledgeable but most importantly very passionate about his art of winemaking. We have visited many wineries throughout Italy and the US and this one is exceptional. We loved the knowledge he shared with us and his story of becoming a winemaker - his roots aren't just in the grapes! We expected an hour or so and left almost 3 hours later (during the height of harvest) - of course taking some wine with us! We will return and take friends at every opportunity. The Vin Santo - velvet in your mouth! A must do when in Cortona area! And if you can't get to Tuscany his wines are available in some areas of the US.


Denis absolutely made our trip to Tuscany! He made us feel so special and gave us a wine tasting experience unlike anything we've ever experienced in the US. His wines are phenomenal and his hands on approach to the tasting was unforgettable. In addition to the amazing experience with Denis he gave us an amazing referral to another small wine maker Fabrizio Dionisio who makes the best Syrah in Tuscany. Definitely both hidden gems in Tuscany that are worth your time and will make your visit!


We didn't know what to expect since wineries in Tuscany are much smaller and more intimate than anything we've experienced in US wine country. There is something enormously special about this winery beyond it's incredible wine....probably it's complete authenticity and gracious host. Denis, more than anything, wants you to enjoy your experience and the wine. He is generous with tasting portions and we felt in no rush at all to leave. He in fact offered us multiple tastings of the same bottle to "help us decide" we decided on all 5 bottles. Which wasn't difficult, because as I said, the wine is phenomenal. You MUST go here. It will change your feelings towards Italian wine, I guarantee it.


My family recently went to a wine tasting at Leuta, based on a recommendation from a local friend. What a fun time we all had! The wine is superb! Although in the midst of a very busy time, Maria spent several hours with us in the tasting, sharing the wine-making journey and Denis' vision for the vineyard. Maria is a wonderful host, and so much fun to know! This is one of the highlights of our trip!


6 friends and I went on holiday to Italy and really wanted to go wine tasting one day - so we asked Siri (thanks Siri) for vineyards near us and she told us about Leuta. We looked Leuta up on trip advisor and saw all the great reviews and decided to check it out. We were greeted by the owner (Dennis), who was the most personable man you will ever meet. He treated us like his family. We ended up spending 4 hours at his winery, tasting his wine, talking about the vineyard, his experiences and anything under the sun. The wine was incredible, but what really made the tour was Dennis and his wife Maria. They were so hospitable! We bought 6 bottles of wine and Dennis gave us complimentary honey and olive oil which he also makes himself. I would recommend Leuta to anyone looking to buy Italian wine and I would recommend the vineyard and wine tasting to anyone looking for a great experience in Italy. I have to also say that Dennis only charges 10 euros per person for the wine tasting and I personally think it should be more so if you pay him a visit please also buy some wine - it's worth every penny!


We went for a drive and stumbled apon Leuta, went in for a tasting and what an experience to taste some amazing local wine and see the passion in making it. Well worth a stop, even a purchase of a bottle or 3


My mom, my grandmother and me visited the Leuta vinery in August and we loved it. It was actually a coincidence: we drove by and decided to give it a try and we loved it: very informative, friendly atmosphere and relaxed host. Denis explained us everything for at least 2 hours, from their start as a company to the fact that you can't call your girlfriend publicly Masha or Katyusha in Itlay... The vine has a fantastic quality and its worth it's price. I will visit them again for sure.


We recently visited Leuta on the recommendation of both TA and out hotel, and we loved it!!!First, about the wine... You are probably reading this to hear about the wine. It was fantastic and much above our expectations. For such a boutique winery, Denis is crafting wines that can easily compete with the big names of Tuscany and in some cases exceed them. We really enjoyed every wine individually and they only got better as he moved through the tasting. Denis is such a good conversationalist, so sometimes I had to ask more questions to find out about the wines as we drank them, but he always obliged.Next, the experience... You could go purely for the wines, but you'll be getting much more. As opposed to 99.9% of wineries, Denis - the founder and chief winemaker - offers you the chance to sit with him and have a real one-on-one experience. We learned about his life, how the winery began, and many other colorful details that added to the mystique of the wines themselves.The one self-admitted flaw in the experience, according to Denis, is that he does not have a proper tasting room from which to serve you, so you sit with him in the bottling room. We didn't find this to be a problem or even a con at all. It made it more intimate. It's less about show and more about substance here. We later went to Poliziano (also very good) and still felt that Leuta was a more interesting and unique experience. If you are into wine for wine's sake, you definitely owe it to yourself to go to Leuta. Make sure to call for a reservation in advance. It's not a drop-in spot.


We had a wonderful tasting with Denis at Leuta. He was very thoughtful of our enjoyment throughout the tasting, even including grape juice for the little one. We tasted delicious wine after the other, with meat and cheeses, and really enjoyed the intimate experience. Denis's passion for his wines and his personal interest in each wine was readily apparent, and we talked about the experience for our entire holiday. We each felt strongly that this was, without a doubt, one of our best experiences in Italy, and definitely, the best winery. RECOMMEND YOU ENJOY THE SAME!


This was a no frills experience as the cantina is undergoing building and refurbishment. However it was no less impressive. The description of the winemaking process was easy to imagine and to comprehend, from the gathering of the grapes to the finished article. The wines were all delicious and served with a board of cheese and salami to complement the tasting. It was by far the best wine tasting experience I have had, and I've tasted a lot of wine in this region! Five stars!

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