la verna (santuario francescano)


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la verna (santuario francescano)


It was here that St. Francis received the stigmata. It's here that so many of the faithful are inspired to retrace the step of this important man. As soon as one arrives at the monastery it is obvious this is a special place. The views of the Tuscan country side and the reverence demonstrated inside the Chapel are inspiring. The simple Cross at the edge of the cliff is validation for all people of faith. This trip is a must.


What an amazing experienceMake sure you do the wood's hike. It is tough but well worth. The view from the sanctuary is breath taking.The mystical feel is amazing. Don't miss the gift shop. Lovely soaps, liquors and chocolates made by the monks. Great souvenirs at good pricesFood in the hotel in the piazza is also very good and cheap


Santuario della Verna is worth the extra Ours of driving. An important Place for Fransesco the last days of his life and where he received the stigmata. One can wald about in the hilside where he prayed.


Arriving after a long-day's journey, travelling from Bern, Switzerland to Milan, on to Firenze and into Arezzo where I caught the local for Bibbiena, my wonderful friend/driver Marco picked me up and off we headed east toward the mountains. Around the first corner, he pointed up and said, “La Verna”. Instantly reminded of Yosemite’s Half Dome, where the Mariposa stone is hard this mountain felt soft, sculpted in a verdant forest that Italy has thankfully designated a National Park. Thirty-five kilometers later Marco set me down with a hug on the edge of the car park with plans to pick me up in the same place six days later. Watching him head back down the mountain, looking at the statue of St. Francis, it somehow felt auspicious that I’d not brought my large, easy to roll four-wheeled suitcase, and instead had borrowed a friend’s slightly tattered small, two-wheeled dragger. Getting my fancy luggage over the cobblestones, never mind up the slight slope to the sanctuary a good 10 minute walk away would have been gruelling to say the least. Taking my first step a 22-year old memory welled up: the moment I arrived at Nechung Dorje Drayang Ling for a three-day retreat, and the minute I got out of my car I knew that I wanted to stay longer. Equal to that moment, a part of me knew that coming down the mountain would be tearful but that such droplets are divine lubricants for every return. Four-days off the mountain, re-entry into our very unreal reality continues to jolt me with energetic shocks. More than cultural, waves of memories wash over my body; six blissful nights of deep sleep where I didn’t have to read myself to sleep, and neither earplugs nor alarm clocks were necessary; the steep hike to the top of La Penna followed by daily long and short walks around the mountain as beauty, wonder and shimmering light effortlessly pulled me still illumines my mind. 'Techno-monk' for more than a week was bliss and without blaring headline news, email and phone, wounds in my heart finished their healing.Catholic in the most profound sense, universal and following the spirit of connection inside and out, sitting in solitude, my attention focused, meditation/prayer/intent, was simple and thoroughly meaningful. While there may well be many people, there are many small hiding places that the masses don’t discover. If you’re pulled from reverie by a camera blitz or a booming voice, keep your calm and count to three, and they’ll disappear.However for me the real magic continues to grow in the ongoing dialogues that were ignited in the spacious community dining room as delicious, home-style meals shared with others, visitors and pilgrims. Teti, Lucio, Alberto, Franz and Nirmala, I will long remember all of you.La Verna… whatever your spiritual path, this is a place to go and stay awhile, embracing the silence that illumines the Mother of Love that holds one and all in her loving embrace. Coming down from this place I had a new awareness and understanding about why Pope Francis took the name he did and has the courage to live the life he does.P.S. The sisters/nuns are amazing and loving. Give Suore Priscilla a hug; she's the bright light who lovingly attends the museum which is a don't miss. And the friars? My heart feels strongly that Francis would be disappointed to see their girth and watch them thumbing the I Phones that are barely obscured in the pocket of their robes. But listening to them sing made me forgive their impulse towards modernity :)And there are so many expected pictures of the place, the amazing architecture, that photos are shared to communicate a sense of something felt... I hope you enjoy them...


Not much to add to what others have said. Wonderful, peaceful historic and religious site. The spiritually of the caretakers and visitors is inspiring even to those of us without faith.


Obviously this is an important location for those of the Catholic faith, but it is also an architectural and outdoor wonder. You can spend the day hiking Monte Penna, visiting various vistas along the way. And the Sanctuary is stunning, lots of places outdoors and indoors to explore. Beautiful artwork, a gift shop, a restaurant and cafe, and sometimes a market in the parking lot. Worth the winding trip there!


A beautiful, peaceful, holy place. High in the mountains of Tuscany, this was a mountain retreat of St. Francis and his brothers, and where St. Francis received the stigmata. The Basilica, two chapels, caves, museum, frescoes, and mountain walking make it a must-see. The 3 PM afternoon prayer with the monks, followed by the procession to the Chapel of the Stigmata, is definitely worth doing.


After a curvy, mountainous drive which convinces one of St. Francis' holiness -- after all he came here on foot (!), we arrived at La Verna in the late afternoon. Here is where St. Francis received the stigmata 2 years before his death. His cell is still preserved, as is the spot where he received the stigmata. It is a silent spot, a place you have to want to get to as it's isolated. But it's a place to think, and pray and ponder the life of the 13th century saint who changed the Church by his very life. If you're into art, in the main basilica there are some wonderful della Robbias -- as well as one of St. Francis' rough habits and other things he used in his daily life. Go. Think. Pray. Thank God for life!


This place is so magical. If you have a car and free time, definitely must a visit. The view is breathtaking. I joined the 3:00 pm service where the priests sang and prayed throughout the complex. It was quite an experience! The keep this tradition for hundred of years. There is a cafeteria inside where they serve decent food.


This monastery is an incredible accomplishment of architecture, especially when you consider it dates back to the 13th century! What a beautiful and peaceful location, where guests can wander through a sacred space that still serves as a working monastery and convent. Very inspirational. Well worth a visit!


Peaceful monastery with astounding views established by St Francis of Assisi. Just a great place to while away an afternoon in contemplation. Tip - forget the religious icon shop, there's a room at the back with great liqueurs!


A beautiful little piece of tranquillity. Take a walk around the various buildings perched high on a cliff overlooking the valley and take time to walk up into the majestic beech woods. A wonderful way to commune with nature.


Am not a Catholic, and not even a Christian. But a visit to La Verna on an unseasonably cold May day was utterly moving. You must go!It is worth planning carefully; there is so much to see and learn. We were fortunate to catch a most beautiful 3.00pm service after which the monks processed along the corridor - still chanting - to the Stigmata Chapel. A wonderful experience. I wish we had read one of the guide-books in advance in order to take everything in fully.The drive up the mountain is glorious. La Verna is full of history. The monks seem an impressive, humble group. The monastery is close to the summit, surrounded by trees, with deep silence and magnificent views. If there is only one trip you make while in the area, this should be it. Wonderfully inspiring.


We decided to visit the abbey of La Verna after reading at some blog of its importance, we did not regret it, and certainly we must add it to our “recommended spots of interest” in Tuscany.The history of the place began in 1213 when Saint Francis bought the place from Count Orlando Cattani,Lord of the castle of chiusi.The Cloister, managed by Franciscan Capuchin monks.There are 2 restaurants there, with fix price menu which cost euro 16 a person and you can eat full meal, in 2 turns, 12.30 and 14.30.The entrance is free of charge, there is the museum, the church, small private cells to pray alone or with small group, there is spectacular view from the cliff, old forests with treks to walk around for miles in good and safe paths.


My wife and I happened upon this place in a guidebook about Tuscany. It was established by St Francis in the 13th century. The reference didn't do it proper justice. On the sprawling grounds there chapels, grottos, expansive vistas, a restaurant, and even an hotel. The gift shop holds a treasure trove of gifts, souvenirs, and tasty treats made by the members of the convent. If you're visiting Tuscany (it's nearby Arezzo) and would like to visit a site off the well-worn path, visit Sanctuario Della Verna.

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