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I wanted to go to Busatti for the beautiful linens.After taking the tour on how these beautiful fabrics are created .I was very disappointed the selection to take home was very limited. Shipping was outrageous 20 euros for a 18 euro purchase no thanks .Otherwise just another little town .driving into the beauty is to see the Great Wall surrounding the isn't typical Italy to me but it does have charm .


I have been wanting to go to Busatti in Anghiari forseveral years, but never seemed to get there, until this past spring. A lovely town, and going to the Busatti factory was a fun experience, as well as a chance to buy some of their beautiful fabric.


A convenient bus ride from Arezzo, itself a top, worthwhile destination, Anghiari has a gorgeous, picturesque location and several intimate B & Bs. Note the arrow-straight, ancient road that connects it to nearby Sansepolcro. The modern Strada Provinciale overlays it, and passes the site of an important, 1440 battle.


Lovely town, we're were there by accident at the same time as a music festival. That was quit magnificent, it was great hearing the orchestra playing at night in the old town.


Anghiari deserves to be much better known. Ancient walls and buildings are well-preserved and walking around the town, along narrow cobbled streets and through ancient alley ways, is a delight. The views over the Tuscan countryside are stunning. As with many Tuscan towns walking around requires a certain nimbleness of foot and willingness to climb some pretty steep hills but it's worth it. There's plenty parking available outside the walls.


beautiful town with breathaking views andpicturesque narrow streets and yes a lot of parking places great restaurants and good cafe with a view. love, love this


This town is a joy, but you need to be fit to visit it, let alone live, as it is built on the side of a steep hill. You feel wandering round the cobbled streets as if you had stepped back 600 years, although there are many craft shops where locals sell their own pottery, lace, woodworks etc. It is well worth a visit.


Anghari is a old and beautiful city, with a interessting history, Must see's include the old roman road, and see the old city and the city walls.


Beautiful, very unspoilt & very Tuscan & Italian.Shop keepers very friendly & helpful. Lots of places to lunch & shop for gifts & local produce on market days.The hill is very step up to the town, I would recommend the lift if mobility is an issue or like me had a buggy in tow. It is right next to the main car park.Finally, for teenagers, a great little wifi cafe available smack bang in the centre of town.Beautifully kept historical town, worthy of a visit, either if just for the the views or people watching. Wednesday was market day,in the summer anyway. Plenty of fresh produce available at good value.I recommend a visit & hope that in 60 years this is the kind of place I will retire too....ahh bliss!✨


The city is a typical Tuscan city - this one is famous for the Battle of Anghiari which is renowned as not one person lost their life during the battle and no shots we actually fired (if I understood correctly)..


One of the many Tuscan hilltowns, but stands out from some of the other, better-known ones due to large number of well-preserved Medieval buildings, great views at every corner, better-than-average shopping and lack of other tourists. If you are visiting this part of Tuscany, this town is well worth a visit!


Anghiari is a true hidden gem in southern Tuscany, not to be missed. It is smaller than most of the famous cities Tuscany is known for, but you will be wowed by the charms of this magnificent walled village annually voted as one of the most beautiful villages in all of Italy.


Un paese fantastico un piccolo gioiello rinascimentale.Da quì si può godere un panorama eccezionale e rivivere passaggiando nelle sue piccole stradine l'atmosfera del passato.


Una chicca, arroccata su una collinetta domina la piana sottostante dove si svolse la famosa "battaglia di anghiari" del 1440 tra fiorentini e milanesi.Irrunciabile.


È un bellissimo borgo antico, tra i migliori delle centinaia che ho visitato, tra le sue particolarità ci sono la posizione panoramica, la geometria delle strade, il camminamento coperto, la perfetta conservazione, la buona segnaletica turistica, l'ampio ripido stradone che lo attraversa, che continua dritto per tutta la valle fino a Sansepolcro.

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