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This Venetian district is home to some of the city’s most renowned art...




From what we managed to see here I could highlight the Squero di San Trovaso, one of the most intriguing squares in Venice. The square itself is a small gondola boatyard that first opened in the 17th century. Nowhere in the world you will see a square like that. Across the boatyard there is a small cafe. Here I had a small delicious panini sandwich which has nothing to do with the standard panini and costs only € 2. Accademia is a great gallery from the first to the last room. There is so much to admire here: The melancholic “Gentleman” by the enigmatic Lorenzo Lotto, the powerful “Miracle of the Slave” by Jacopo Tintoretto, the atmospheric landscape “Tempest” by Giorgione, the intriguing “Healing of the Madman” by Vittore Carpaccio, the huge “Presentation of Virgin” by Titian…the list is long. Accademia bridge is a pretty fascinating place and you will definitely want to stay longer and even take pictures. The views from here are splendid. From Accademia we walked to Santa Maria della Salute. We didn’t get in the church but as the day was sunny we walked around the Grand Canal. Beautiful and romantic experiences here are guaranteed. From here there are great views to St Mark’s Square. We were lucky to walk around this area in a few occasions but still missed to see some squares and churches – with so many narrow streets and tempting small squares it is easy to do that in Venice. On Sunday many churches are closed after 12 noon, or after the Sunday mass. We walked to San Nicolo dei Mendicoli but it was already closed. On the way back we passed along a prison. We also missed Santa Maria dei Carmini and Ca’ Rezzonico. I had to walk through Campo Santa Margherita very quickly so I didn’t have time to wander much around – the only thing I could say is that it is a very lively place.


Although St Mark's Square and Dodges Palace are obviously worth a visit, the maze of medieval alleyways and canals is what makes Venice special. Wandering along its narrow lanes and crossing bridges, snatching the odd moment of calm and solitude, is hopelessly romantic. Dotted with tiny art galleries and shops, the canal banks lined with studios, workshops and cafes. Take a seat at the table on the wooden deck, and order your Aperol admiring stunning panoramic views across Giudecca.


This is the second time we've stayed in Dorsoduro at the Centurion Palace, deliberatly chosen for its peaceful yet convenient location. We get the best of both worlds, residing in a quiet arty neighbourhood, while having easy access to all the attractions by either by water or walking. Its nice to experience the hustle and bustle of the more touristy parts of Venice, then retreat back to the peace of Dorsoduro at the end of the day.


Lots of little artisan studio's, Peggy Guggenheim museum, gondola workshop ... and lots more. Take a water bus to the Accademia stop, then just wander the little laneways. Getting a little lost is part of the fun! Gelato shops, cafes, churches etc are dotted around ... so take a break whenever your legs get a bit weary. It's also a bit quieter around the Dorsoduro area (less tourists) than the Rialto / St Marks Square area of Venice, which is lovely ... we were in Venice during August.


Beautiful area, perfect for wandering. Make sure you visit the Guggenheim!Gelateria Squero has delicious ice cream. I know the mousse flavours aren't technically gelato but they're a bit different from the offering everywhere else and they're gorgeous - get the caramel and chocolate flavours!


Academia bridge is beautiful with tree lined steps and an exquisite flower shop round the corner - like something out of a film. Dorsoduro has lots of great places to eat - there are many small pizza places where you will get some of the best pizza you have ever tried for a cheap price.


A walk through the fondamente of this sestiere is nice, staying by the Zattere and having an ice-cream or a beer are worth it, specially around the sunset!


I'd recommend taking a vaporetto from Piazzale Roma to San Zaccaria. Rather industrial landscape to start with but takes you in front of Gesuati, Redentore and San Giorgio.


Fantastic place to stay - we were very near the Accademia bridge and found Dorsoduro to be quiet, but convenient. Full of good restaurants and canalside beauty spots but not so full of tourists! Zattere nearby is a great spot for long coffees watching the boats go by and the Guggenheim and Accademia are close at hand, as is San Marco. It feels like a retreat from main Venice whilst being still close at hand.


I love this part of Venice with plenty to see in the area and yet mostly away from the crushing crowds. The Vaporetto stops at the Accademie and Salute are hugely convenient for getting around the rest of the city.


We visited the most important topics on this part of Venice. From this part you have a nice view on San Marco and on the other side of this part you have a view on Santa Maria Della Grazia


Getting "lost" in Venice is one of the best things to do and all who visit will! The most amazing thing about it is that you always seem to end up where you started. At some point you will end up here!


Leaving the crowds behind in St Marco you cross the Academia bridge to a much quieter part of this magical city. You can see where they make Gondolas, walk through empty streets and over bridges looking down along very pretty canals. Then you can walk right out to the beautifully restorerd Custom House and look across the Grand Canal to St Marco or St Maggiorre - all without the crowds. And then experience a real Traghetto ferry ride for just 2 Euros back to the main island!


We had a real good wander around a part of Dorsoduro, and got wonderfully lost in amongst the quaint streets and squares. But you never get too lost, and find yourself quite easily. This was our first time there, and added to the sights we kept coming across wonderfully dressed folk parading in beautiful outfits - some of them quite stunning.We didn't get to see all the sights on Guidecca Island or on the main island in this area, so maybe a further trip is required.

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