strada delle 52 gallerie al monte pasubio


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strada delle 52 gallerie al monte pasubio



Many are the wonders that fit the Dolomiti`s realm.One would be impressed by the engineering feat that took place during the WW1 years in building such intricate way that supplied the italian front while at war. Along with the "strade ferrate" this experience should be undertaken with a keen sense of adventure and much good weather. Once you are climbing scampering across the crags, there is little to retrace your footsteps but follow the chosen path.Avoid it if you are afraid of heights, At the end, this experience will grow on you as it did for me for a long time.


If you are looking to do a family hiking trip (ages 4 and up), this is it! Our kids had a great time! We brought snacks, flashlights, hiking shoes, camera, water, and fleeces. There is a restaurants at the end of the trail and it is great and fairly inexpensive. Highly recommend for a day out with the family or friends! Prepare to make a few stops to replenish energy and to take pictures. This place is breathtaking!


Definitely an excellent trip to the mountains, this was a good experience for all lovers of the heights, a lot of hiking approximately three hours to get to the top, my best recommendation is to bring a lot of water!!! the biggest surprise is at the end of the 52 tunnels where is a restaurant with an amazing and relaxing view of the mountains, I will recommend this trial to everyone!!!!


The Road of 52 Tunnels (Strada delle 52 Gallerie) is a magnificient piece of work that everyone should experience in their lifetime. Mount Pasubio is home to a wonderful hiking trail that is maneuvered by the novice or professional hiker to reach the summit for an amazing expansive view of the Italian countryside to the south and east and then to the North of the Dolomites which are essentially the Alps. The 52 Tunnel trail is a rugged trail cut directly into the mountain sides and even through the mountain in 52 different tunnels. The tunnel was strategically built during the first World War. The road played a vital road getting supplies up the mountain. When hiking the 52 Gallery, hikers will have plenty of time to stop and enjoy the breath taking views at many different points. The hike can be strenuous and should not be taken lightly due to the % grade on the inclines, the rough rocky footpath, and the deep gorges that are on your side. Hikers should expect different temperatures throughout the day at the bottom and at the top. I went on a warm spring day in May and was fairly cool upon arrival at the top. The moisture created from the laboring hike made the strong winds feel even cooler. Along with appropriate clothing, a hiker should expect to have a flashlight on this hike because several of the tunnels are completely dark and very hard to maneuver without it. Also, The proper footwear is a must because the sharp rocks, uneven terrain, slippery areas can cause an accident in a moments notice. For example, I happened upon Mt. Pasubio by accident while driving one afternoon. It was around 2 in the afternoon so I had plenty of daylight left to reach the top but I was not prepared for the hike. I was in shorts (ok), tennis shoes (not ok), short sleeve (maybe ok), no flashlight (not ok), and no water. On my return trips, I went prepared for anything as you never no what may happen while hiking up. The overall hike could be completed in just a couple of hours by just about anyone in moderate shape. There is also another surprise at the summit of the galleries and that is the Rifugio General Achille Papa. It is a nice place that offers the hikers a place to rest and enjoy the views. Please my review for that to get a much more detailed description.


After a fantastic drive (in a not so fantastic hire car), along Strada Statale Del Pasubio (SP46 ?) through places like Zocchio, Piano and Streva we made our way to Bocchetta Campiglia. This drive was not for the faint hearted and is clearly a real 'biker' road judging by the amount of iron horses using it. After a very sharp turn and an even windier road we arrived at a busy car park (pay machine only took € coins and cost €5 - the card payment option was out of order). The whole area was covered in a thick blanket of fog so be aware of the time of year, weather conditions and bring suitable supplies/equipment to deal with the forecast. I'd say you would need to be moderately fit and healthy to cope with this walk, the terrain is slightly challenging underfoot through a few tunnels and without a doubt you will need a torch (plus spare batteries to be on the safe side). We saw people wearing hard hats and using walking poles. If you're tall, a hard hat is probably a good idea and I'm sure walking poles would be useful on the decent. We completed the 52 tunnels (and back) without either and didn't have a problem. Leave yourself plenty of time, we oozed time just taking photos and admiring the view, which wasn't really our plan but it was so beautiful up there we just wanted to capture it all. We were also delighted to almost stumble over Chamois on the path. The walk probably took us five and a half hours plus (for the round journey) but we're not young or especially fit.We loved this walking experience so much that we feel the need to return on a clear sunny day and do it all over again ..... roll on next summer :)


Do it in summer. Everytime a hike full of nature and history. One of the greatest you could do. Remember to take a flashlight with you and dress adequately.


Not so easy to get there if you are not fit enough! but take it easy and enjoy the landscape and the arrival at Rifugio A. Papa!


First, why is this listed on tripadvisor under the city of Vicenza? The tripadvisor app even shows in on the map in central Vicenza. It is not in the city of Vicenza. It is about a 1 hour drive from Vicenza. The town of Schio, also listed on tripadvisor, is much closer.A few tips:1. bring a flashlight. You will not need it much, but you will be glad that you have it in the longer tunnels.2. get there early. We arrived at about 8:30 on a Monday morning and the lot was almost full.3. bring coins. The parking lot costs 5 euros, which is paid at the parking meter. Coins only.4. if you are moderately healthy, it's not that hard. Based on some descriptions, I expected a much harder hike. It took us about 2.5 hours to reach the rifugio and 2 hours to return along the carriage road, and we were taking our time.You will not regret taking this hike. It is truly incredible, for the history, the nature, and the unbelievable feat of engineering, ingenuity, and perseverance to blast this trail through a rocky mountain.


This hike is literally the best ever even if you are world class hikers! The history and nature combine to give you a trail into the skies never to be forgotten. Originally a resupply line for Italian forces during WWI it now gives us a place to resupply our soul. I have done this hike many times and in all weather conditions (Once in all weather conditions in one hike) so be prepared. Take a light jacket (waterproof preferred) and some food as it will take over 4 hours to ascend and descend. The refugio after cave 52 is such a welcome spot to sit out and have a beer and gulash, and then i do recommend descending down the valley instead of through the caves. you will be treated to some more spectacular beauty without going down the caves. Once you come up you will know what I mean. The first time we did the hike I carried a small child in a chest carrier and going through the caves was very difficult, so I do not recommend it for small children. Remember a flashlight if you do this hike because there is no light in some caves and must have a flashlight. All in all a must if you are in the area!


This is a great hike with rich history. Make sure you allow for a full day, we made the mistake of not allowing enough time and didn't get to see all of the tunnels. Definitely going back though!


I have never really hiked before but went with some avid hikers. The weather wasn't great so we only made it to the 20th tunnel and back. Clouds blocked the view but still worth it.1) flashlight or headlamp is a must2) directions:Use the town Valli del Pasubio as your GPS/map point of reference. The parking lot and start of trail is about 35-40 min up the mountain (at 1200 m). Keep on the main road through the town. About 8 km outside the town after you do 10 turns (tourante) you will see a sign for Strada de la Gallerie. This is a sharp right continuing up the mountain (u-turn to go uphill).Take the narrow woodland road up. Turn left when you see a clearing with a restaurant and continue up the mountain.You will come to the parking lot with a huge sign and mural of soldiers... otherwise you are in the wrong place.5 Euros to park - coins only


Great way to enjoy natural beauty and experience history. The little restaurant at the top was good too


The first 26 caves are harder than the rest. Towards the end the incline gets easier apart the last 2 caves which are short. The views are breathtaking and the food at the restaurant on the top is home made and excellent. Use the Scarubbi path to.come down. It's easy


Highly recommend this very scenic hike. While steep, the trail is well maintained. My 5 year old grandson easily hiked the trail. Saw only 2 other hikers during our 4 hours on the trail. Saw 4 chamois. Be sure to wear hiking shoes and bring a flashlight to navigate the dark tunnels. We visited in mid-April and had to turn back at the end of tunnel #28 due to the heavy snow on the narrow steep trail. Allow 6 hours for entire round trip hike. Watch your footing in the tunnels as there are slippery spots.


Absolutely loved the hike. Due to the snow, had to park about 2km shy of the parking area / trailhead. The snow made it particularly challenging, but still very beautiful. Only made it to the 5th tunnel before we had to turn back. A slow slide completely buried the exit from tunnel 5. Challenging hike. Would recommend waiting another month or snow if you want to make the trek to the top.

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