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nicolis museum



Not only for children. More than cars - telephones, typing machines and many other that show the progress of technology on the 20th century in many areas


when we went there we went mainly for my father (who enjoys old cars) we didn't think it would be interesting for us but what a mistake! beautiful old cars and much more!Old gramophones and record players, old bicycle, and more and more. if you get caught in a rainy day, or just want to stop by and see antiques & a different kind of museum you should drop by! very recommended!


I visited Bardolino for the wine and scenery and happened on the museum when our tour group had the opportunity to visit. Wow! Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, musical instruments, and more. I'm not a car geek but I was amazed at the variety and number of cars housed in this museum. The bicycle collection shows the full range of development of bikes with, of course, lots of great Italian bikes on display. I was so pleasantly surprised by the musical instruments and professional tools, too.This is a great collection housed beautifully with great information provided. The founder clearly loved collecting these vehicles and items; the restorations showcase his passion.


This is a rare gem of a museum - ALL the exhibits are owned by the family, well organised and beautifully housed in a modern building. This collection has obviously been acquired by a passionate enthusiast and includes bicycles, motorcycles, some airplanes, engines,accessories and equipment, an incredible collection of F1 steering wheels, WWI & II memorabilia, cameras, musical instruments, typwriters, luggage and of course the cars! Many of the period cars have displays of luggage and clothing of the period close by and there is a wonderful collection of movie stills featuring some of the cars. The highlights for me... some exquisite (and complete) dressing cases, the delorean...and Dean Martin's RR Corniche.


Quite a useful "rainy day" excursion for people staying in resorts on south and south-east of Lake Garda or visiting Verona. A little bit out of the way in what appears to be an industrial estate on the by-pass of Villafranca.Probably what most people will find of interest is the large collection of cars, beautifully restored. There are some highly impressive limousines dating from the 1920s. Exhibits are labelled in Italian and English. Photography is permitted for private use - you have to fill in a form - but is to some extent limited by an arrangement were the vehicles are so close together that it is hard to compose a shot without enclosing a bit of the next car. Since the cars are also placed between the pedestrian route through the museum and large windows, photographers also have to cope with strong backlighting.Upper storeys are given over to motorbikes - with a fascinating array of early scooters of the Vespa and Lambretta brands. I was interested to see both motorbikes and pedal cycles from the Coventry company Rudge, since a company for which I worked "inherited" the firm's factory. At the top of the building are typewriters, musical instruments and other oddments.While the museum offers conference facilities, it offers nothing beyond vending machines to provide refreshments to visitors. There are toilets on each floor. I spotted lifts designed to move exhibits between floors, but if available for visitors they weren't marked as such, and so I wouldn't rate the museum as very friendly to less mobile visitors.


Due to an unfortunate bad turn in the weather we were looking for somewhere inside to spend some time and our hotel had a pamphlet for this so we decided to pay it a visit.I'm pleased we did because it's very good we some lovely cars, motorbikes and bicycles ( both old and new) which are well displayed. There is also a floor which is dedicated to musical instruments and cameras.The reason I give it 4 out of 5 is that there is an aeronautical theme mentioned in both the pamphlet and website, and whilst there are a few propellers and aero-engines on display, and you can spot 3 planes on the roof, at the time of our visit you couldn't actually get to the roof part what had them due to "safety concerns".If you intend to go they are happy for you to take photo's, but want you to sign a form saying that you are not going to use them for commercial purposes and want a copy of your passport/identity card to attach to this - fortunately I read about this ( by chance) on their website before attending so had mine with me.We completed the visit in about 2 hours.Overall, it's a great museum with some very nice exhibits and if you're in the region it is well worth a visit.


This museum was very close to our hotel located in a very modern building it is difficult to imagine his content.A very interesting collection of old staff: cars (since 1898), musical instruments, photo instruments, motorcycles, engines and many other interesting antique things.most recommended for antique mechanical/optical fans.


The museum holds an impressive collection of old cars, motorcycles, musical instruments and some other items. I spent a couple of hours in the museum with my family snd we all enjoyed, including my 13&11 years old children.


to be fair it was 2 years ago but really enjoyed this museum,i went for the cars but there were over interesting artefacts too,i caught the bus from verona and managed to get the driver to drop me off very near, the problem was finding the correct bus in verona as neither the information centre or locals or bus stops helped,i eventually found the bus very near the large arch by the information centre,it cost about €2 but be aware i think the museum was closed mondays


Anybody thats interested in cars motorbikes pushbikes cameras this museum is amazin . Quite hard to find as not very well signposted but once you are there its well worth it.


great museum near Vilafranca, it's about every kind of historic cars (300 carachters are too much... exaggerated claims of tripadv, exaggerated claims of tripadv, exaggerated claims of tripadv, exaggerated claims of tripadv,exaggerated claims of tripadv)


If you like cars, old cars and you near to Verona Italy, don't meas that place. All of the cars on driving condition 3 Flores of cars!!!


During the Mille Miglia we visited this museum with four friends. We booked the guide and it was a great experience. The passion of the guide and of the museum was amazing. Seldom we have had a guide that learned us so much. Also is there a lot of logic in the exhibition but only thanks to the guide we could see the logic and be amazed. Mr Nicolis must have been a man a passionated guy. He left for all of us a great museum in the good hands of his daugther.


Abbiamo visitato questo museo quasi per caso !!!Bella sorpresa. Non il solito museo di auto e varie!!Tutto da scoprire i piccoli dettagli e cimeli!Complimenti!!


Auto moto biciclette cimeli vari storici in particolare auto anni 30 /50 non piaciuto cose non pertinenti con i motori

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