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rocca di asolo

Built at the summit of Mount Ricco that overlooks the centre of Asolo, the...


Asolo- The City of a Hundred Horizons- this Jewel in Northern Italy is a must see. The small shops, caffees, patisserie... Asolo has its own taste and smell. Once you see the sunset is to approach, run up the stairs to the Rocca. Then you will see the spell of the golden red city.


Hiking up to the fortress from the village of Asolo is exhausting but worth it. The fortress itself costs 2 euros per person and will only take a few minutes to see, but the views from the ramparts are amazing, especially in winter as the sunsets across the plain.


It is a steep climb, but worth it. It is open Sunday and is 2 Euros to enter. Take your time on the steps and enjoy the views as you go up. I was motivated because I know I am going to have a terrific dinner at Villa Cipriani tonight. Go early and avoid the crowds!


A lovely steep walk but worth it for the views. The fortress is only open on weekends. Walk is very well maintained.


we liked all,. the view, the service , friendly staff , the variety offered in the menu . The food was delicios and the price not very expensive .


When visiting the historic hilltop village of Asolo, in the foothills of the italian Alps, make sure you climb up the Rocca, a fortification dating back to the 12th century. The best part of this visit is the views and the wonderful walk that departs from the Rocca d'Asolo and follows the range of hills all the way to the Rocca di Cornuda.Immerse yourself in the wild woods and streams, with stunning views of the mountains and plains.Best in all seasons.


Today 4th August I climbed the 276 steps from Aloso town square to the Rocca fortress above Asolo. It was a lovely warm day and the views from the top were beautiful. Its strategic position with views all round the surrounding plains made it an impregnable defensive and sighting towerin the 13th to 14th centuries.


Although the climb is rather long (up the roadway) or steep (up the stairs from Asolo) the view from the top of La Rocca is sublime. On a clear day you can see the entire region spread out before you. The Rocca itself is small and is more interesting for it's historical importance than any architectural features or design elements. The 1-2 hour recommended length of visit includes the time it will take to walk up and back down from La Rocca to Asolo itself.


This is a bit of the clichee of Italy. Narrow alleys, a nice place, wonderful views down into the povalley, a lot of nice restaurants and shops, all not too touristy with an old citadel (dating back to the 11th century) and nice and friendly people all around. Not worth a too long detour but if you have the possibility it beats a lot of other towns in the area, mostly for the spectacular looks.


When you up there after climbing steep little streets , maybe passed by some hypertrained Mountainbikers, you know why they took this place ! Fortunatelly nowerdays for more peaceful reasonsthan way back than....


Take a day to walk and climb all over this town. Have a spritz at cafe centralle, climb the winding road to the rock, eat a delicious pizza and enjoy this gem of outstanding beauty overlooking miles of prosecco vineyards. I love this place, one of the highlights of an amazing time in Italy!


Una piccola perla del territorio Veneto ai piedi del Monte Grappa ,,si gode un ottima visuale di tutta quanta la vallata


Per arrivare alla Rocca bisogna faticare un po' (circa 15 minuti di salita) ma posso assicurare che ne vale la pena. Il percorso per arrivare offre una bella vista e una volta arrivati in cima il panorama è molto bello. La Rocca in sé non è molto grande e all'interno non c'è molto da vedere ma la vista da la su è da non perdere!


Un po' di fatica per arrivarci a piedi (se siete come me over 70) anche se ripagata. Ne vale la pena. La vista e' stupenda. Altro che 100 orizzonti. I lavori di restauro (conservativo) sono stati ben eseguiti e grazie all'impegno dei giovani e' ora patrimonio...di tutti i visitatori.


La rocca è bella, in posizione dominante sul centro storico e sulle zone circostanti, la passeggiatina sulla cinta muraria è ottima per bellissime foto, secondo me potrebbero sistemare meglio l'interno della rocca però perche cosi non ha molto senso

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