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museo della carta



My friends and I fell upon this place and were pleased we did! Taking this tour and learning the history of paper production makes you appreciate the hard work involved in paper production from many years past. The guide speaks good English and provides an interesting historical tour, explanation of the equipment, and a hands on opportunity to participate in the paper creation process. Additionally, there is a lovely shop attached to the facility where you can purchase unique gift items. This is worth your time!


We found it very interesting this museum that can be visited thanks to a pleasant walk to the small town of Amalfi, where it was nice to learn about the ancient techniques with which the paper was obtained.In the museum you can also see some old machinery still in operation.


Just 10 minutes walk from the center, it's an interesting visitYou can see how paper was made in the old days, the guide is good also in English


We rushed up the street to get there before it closed. It was a little farther than we thought. It is not well signed so just go up the road until you see it. We got there just as the employee was about to close. He saw our faces and so kindly let us in and even gave us a brief tour (in English) in the basement. It was really interesting to learn about the history and techniques of the paper making. We did not have much time to spend downstairs but we still got the idea. We bought some beautiful paper-based souvenirs that he kindly wrapped up for us and gave us some free samples of their homemade paper. I would definitely recommend.


The visit to this small museum is guided and the story they will tell you will entertain for sure because that was one of the first paper mills in Europe. They also have a small shop with a good range of souvenir papers and seals. That is a must see in Amalfi.


Very intersting albiet a bit short excursion (15-20min) to one of the first paper mills in Europe at the price of just 4 euros. There's also a shop inside where you can buy some neat stuff like seals with different letters (20-30 euros for a set including a seal and a small bottle of wax) or cotton paper. While you wait for the next excursion they give you a piece of their cotton paper and a dip pen to write or draw yourself a souvenir. Highly recommend this place!


A quaint museum that will introduce you to the magic of fine paper making and its significance to Amalfi, historically and in the present. A short tour is available and the museum's small shop offers some very useful and beautiful souvenirs.


This was a lovely, informative little tour of an Amalfi paper mill. It was inexpensive, interesting, and they let us make some paper to take home. The shop upstairs was filled with irresistible little souvenirs.


Very interesting find along amalfi. Gives you insight to the history of paper making trade in the amalfi. You evn get to try your hands at it and bring home a piece of hand made paper!


Well worth the walk away from the main square up to the quieter part of Amalfi. The guided tour was in English and he kept the interest of ourselves and a family with 2 young children.


I'd say that this is a must in Amalfi. This small but really well organized museum is housed in an old paper mill, and educates you on various techniques of paper-making. The cost of the museum visit (4 euros) includes a guided tour in English or Italian, which takes about 20 minutes. I very much enjoyed it, and would definitely recommend it to others.


Wasn't sure if I would like this museum, but it was really very interesting. The guide was very knowledgeable and was able to give the tour in several languages simultaneously. They even let the kids get their hands wet and dunk cloth in a vat that will eventually get made into paper. The shopkeeper in the giftshop was very friendly. He offered us a free piece of "paper" as a souvenir that everyone could sign with a real traditional ink pen. I plan to frame it as a lovely memory. Worth the walk up from the main square.


Great way to experience the Amalfi paper industry, as it was in the old days. Tour was approx 20 minutes, just right. Gift shop was neat.


There are tours in English, demonstrating how paper was made traditionally in Amalfi, using cotton rags, Quite interesting to see and to hear a bit about Amalfi's history. There is also a shop, selling beautiful paper products. You can visit the shop without going on the tour.


Our family of 5 (kids ages 12, 14, and 16) truly enjoyed this museum and the process by which paper was created. The tour was quick and informative.Our kids wanted to purchase their Amalfi souvenirs from here!

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