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palazzo murat



Stunning in appearance! A centenary Bouganvillea wrapped around the hotel and every tourist stands outside this hotel wishing they were staying here. A private little oasis with an amazing gardens. Very clean, good service and the buffet breakfast was the best one we had in Italy. The hotel restaurant had delicious meals. Definitely a luxurious stay!


Beautiful grounds, convenient location. The restaurant is beautiful and romantic, with amazing food. Easy ride to Pompei and Amalfi. Great staff, rooms, wifi.


classy restaurant in lovely courtyard garden. They even made a special pasta dish for my seven year old


we had a lovely meal for 2 here. Dinner was outside, candle-lit with beautiful service. Don't go to positano without stopping by !


Really very nice food. Very good wine list. Nice deserts. Expensive but worth the money. Nice garden with good service and music.


Excellent food served outside in a peaceful secluded garden. Favourite restaurant in Positano. Ate here 4 times over the week, each time the food was well prepared, service very good with a good choice of wines. Highly recommended


In 2006, my wife and I were married at LeSirenuse and then had dinner in a lovely alcove at Palazzo Murat. It was one of the most amazing nights and dinners in my life. In September 2013, my wife and I returned to Positano and made a plan to have dinner again at Palazzo Murat. Just as the first time, we had an absolutely wonderful experience and meal. The service was impeccable, and the server made sure to make our return dinner as memorable as our wedding dinner. I remember commenting to my wife during our first visit, that "I wish this night would never end". I felt that same thing on our second visit.While I might visit expensive restaurants regularly, there are few times in which I ever leave feeling like it was worth the price. This is one of those exceptions where truly the price is worth the experience.


We just stopped in for a G&T thought it would be mega expensive but were pleasantly suprised. The waiters were friendly and attentive and the surroundings were just divine. Can't comment on the food but judging by everything we saw I would happily eat here. As a location I haven't been in many more beatiful places.


Just returned from a 10 night stay as Hotel Palazzo Murat (HPM). Wow it was fabulous. HPM is in a great location in Positano, close to all shops , beach, buses ferries etc. it is very elegant and tranquil regardless of the volume of tourists passing by minute by minute. We stayed in 2 different rooms as we couldn't get one constantly for the duration of our stay. 1st room was in the historic building which was beautiful and so charming. Plenty of space and storage. Our bathroom was up steps and although it was quite small it was still charming. You have to take into account the history of the palace afterall! 2nd room was in the newer part of the hotel on the 2nd floor. Much smaller and no not quite as "luxurious" but still lovely. Both rooms had absolutely fantastic views which were stunning. All staff in all departments were lovely and spoke good English which always helps. Would highly recommend Palazzo Murat if your budget can stretch that far. We were there for a special occasion so we did over indulge but it was definitely worth it and would love return some day.


I've always wanted to eat here and the experience was amazing. Perfect service, beautiful food and a lovely location. From start to finish we had an amazing evening.


When you walk along the main streets of Positano, you'll eventually come to an area with lots of people milling about looking through into what looks like an enchanted garden - that is Palazzo Murat. Well worth having lunch here if you can do it - or even just walking in their gardens.


A "must eat" spot when in Positano. Gorgeous, romantic courtyard setting. Service is refined and perfected. Give yourself a full 3 hours, and indulge in the tasting menu. Received a Michelin Star for good reason. Guaranteed you will fall in love with whomever you take there- or if you're married, fall in love all over again. That's Amore!


We discovered Palazzo Murat during our first walk through town and booked for dinner that night. The surrounds are gorgeous and the food is great, although fairly expensive.


14 of us stayed at Palazzo Murat. The hotel is fabulous and perfectly located. The rooms were great, the breakfast was delicious.The staff could not have been nicer. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Great stay!


good food, great service, definitely recommended. nice garden setting, good wine selection, excellent seafood.

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