greek temples of paestum


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greek temples of paestum



Awe inspiring temples at Paestum. It is abit of a hike from Sorrento where we were staying, but well worth the two hour drive with a driver. We spent a good two hours going over the site with an audio guide which was pretty good. The museum adjacent is worth a look, and if you can on the way back go to the Mozzarella farm, where you can see the buffalo and taste the delicious mozarella cheese and yogurts that they make there.


Ok, you've been in Positano in March for a few days, not much is open yet and you have done about a trillion stairs already. So what can you do that's a bit different?We took a day trip to Paestum and we're delighted that we did. The temples are so well preserved that it's hard to believe that they are 2500 years old.Sure, we had a guide for our party of five, who talked us through some of the history, but even on your own this is an awsome experience. This is great alternative to a visit to Pompeii and you get to see some fantastic sights on the drive along the Amalfi Coast as you go. Try to stop at Cetara for lunch, it's so far an unspoiled little village that is not yet a tourist destination. Try Acqua Pazza for delicious seafood!


This is really a magical place the three temples are in wonderful shape. Gives you a appreciation for what the Greeks lived like very well preserved. Must see massive.


Fantastic Greek temples of Paestum. Close to Paestum train station. I was looking for a shop to get a drink when i turned to be stunned by the beauty of the first temple i saw. All 3 are different and truely magestic. They are seriously big. The compound is littered with ruins and has a great museum. Here you will find the diver. You will never forget the diver.Wonderful place,


I am so glad we went in January as I could imagine this place would be very busy. Its an impressive site and larger than I expected. Parking was easy.


not much more can be said about this place that has not already been written here. Simply one of the most amazing experiences in life to be walking amongst these centuries old ruins. Going on a sunny winter day was great, very few people to get in the way of your photos. The museum adds to the experience. Very informative. Hard to take it all in after a couple of hours walking the ruins. Now I don't need to travel to Greece!


we traveled from Positano by SITA to Salerno with luggage, then caught a regional train to Paestum which was all very easy and cheap, to see this beautiful place. Make the effort it's worth it!The next day we cycled from our hotel back to explore and almost had the ruins to ourselves. It was a lovely sunny day and we spent 2 hours walking with the audio guide explaining highlights. Being alone with history you can touch is rare and wonderful.The 3 temples are great. We loved this place!


I've been to Greece so hesitated visiting here but so glad I did. I liked reading about Greek and Roman history in southern Italy and viewing the three large temples, Ceres, Neptune and Hera and wandering the grounds. Archeologists figure this ancient city had a population of about 13,000. It was an easy hour+ train trip from Naples and I used that time to read about the site. I spent the day at the ruins, museum, stopping for coffee and even walked about a mile to the beach where allied soldiers' beachhead was in WW II. I visited in Nov. so the restaurants were closed along the beach but they're open by the museum. There are farms in the area that make and sell their famous "mozzarella di bufala" cheese made from the milk of water bufflalos. You can arrange for tours of the farms ahead of time. A nice day trip that I enjoyed immensely.


Having lived in Rome for 40 years and visited Athens during the summer of 2014 I was overwhelmed to discover how well preserved the Greek Temples are at Paestum when I visited there at New Year.We stayed in Paestum at the Hotel delle Palme which was excellent - perfect service and unbelievable food and entertainment for New Year's Eve.Other places visited were Salerno, Vietri and Agropoli in addition to a visit to the Tenuta Vannulo for tasting of biological products from buffalo milk and a guided very interesting tour of the buffalo area - tour organised by Harmony Tours in Rome.


as we arrived there by night 2 amazing temples appear in front of us. we were looking forward to see it next day with day light. the temples are more conserved than in Greece. as there were not so many tourist visiting this place I think this site is not well known and to be honest if it wasn't for my husband I wouldn't know that they exist. the tourist office of Campagna has to work more on showing how amazing this place is in order to attract more tourist to this aerea.I really recomend to visit this place!


We visited here in October 2013. We were staying in Positano and the only way we could make this visit was by way of a personal driver from Rainbow Limousines, so we made a day of visiting various areas. This site was founded by the Greeks in the 6th century BC and is the most important ancient Greek site south of Naples. It was named originally after the Greek god Poseidon, called Poseidonia. The Romans renamed it in 273BC and it was abandoned in the 9th century, only rediscovered in the 18th century. There are 3 massive Doric temples in an excellent state of repair, the Basilica or Temple of Hera (mid 6th century BC), Temple of Neptune (5th century BC) and Temple of Ceres thought to date somewhere between the other 2. Excavations have revealed the remains of the ancient city and the nearby museum houses some of the artifacts found. If you want to purchase a book in English and the ticket shop doesn't have any, try checking out the stalls in the street nearby.


Have you ever fancied how would it be to live in a greek-latin city? Well, apart from Ercolano and Pompei, near to Naples you find the greek ruins of the old Paestum. Those are the ruins of a huge acropolis.There, you can still see the Hera, Apol·lo and Posidon temples. They are really well preserved and although you cannot enter them you can see them from the outside... and I can tell you they are amazing. The streets are still paved with the original stones greek and latin people walked on. Besides the temples there are other parts of the city partially preserved, such as the agora, a small old greek temple, the swimming pool and the army training fields. By the acropolis there is also a really interesting museum to support the archeological findings. I highly recomend this amazing visit.


Paestum is a historian dream-come-true! Everyone who loves ancient monuments will adore Paestum's Greek Temples. The temples are extremely well-preserved. Plus, there are ruins from the Roman period of the ancient town, so one can really admire the ancient town. The museum is near-by as well. Be careful with the opening times. They are different in the summer than in the winter. The archaeological site lets the last visitors in an hour before the sunset.


Surreal. So well preserved they are certainly constantly talking to us about ourselves today. For the one who can hear anyway.


beautiful monument and area to visit and spend a holiday. The temples are massive and in very good condition and a must see.

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