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greenway del lago di como



My girlfriend found this trail in a travel blog and it was absolutely incredible. Both of us really enjoyed it and the weather was fantastic when we did it. It is hard to follow at times so be sure to download instructions before you go. We made it half way, stopped to have early dinner and took the bus back to where we left our car. Be sure to buy bus tickets at a store because buses don't accept cash.


We stayed in Argegno and were told that the second leg of the Greenway walk is the best. We caught a bus to Lenno and picked up the greenway walk map from the tourist office there. The walk goes along the lake, up into the hills and back down to the lake again.Lenno (right on the lake) is beautiful and we were there when the markets were on which were awesome! The views of the lake from the hills is totally amazing!!! The villages you pass through are so quaint and beautiful with local homes and acreages with livestock. Coming back down to the lake and walking along the promenade from Tremezzo to Griante is certainly spectacular! This walk is a must!!!!


We enjoyed walking the first day on the Greenway from Griante to Lenno and back. Beautiful views of the lake. Plenty of parks to spend time in, beautiful churches, local homes and livestock (especially enjoyed the cows with bells on them and the chickens). I would call this a stroll that requires medium effort, not a strenuous hike, but there are hills to climb. The trail is well marked and there are maps along the way. We found a grocery store near Lenno and bought great picnic food. The next day we took a boat from Griante to Lenno and walked on the Greenway to Colonna, which was not a great place. That end of the trail needs improvement - better signs.


This walk will take you along the lakeshore sometimes and then through neighborhoods away from tourists. You'll have gorgeous views and the opportunity to mix with locals, see old churches, and stop for lunch and/ or gelato along the way. It's a great way to spend the better part of a day, so don't rush but linger and enjoy!We stayed in Varenna so take a mid-lake ferry across the lake. The tourist information center had a handy little guide for the greenway.


Be sure to start the Greenway from Colono or Lenno and walk towards Griante. We did it the other way round and found when we came off the Greenway there was nowhere to get a meal or a cup of coffee. Got tickets for the bus back. The Greenway is stunning, the views over the lake are breathtaking, though finding some of the discs in the ground was a bit difficult at times. In places you are walking on the Roman road! it is quite some experience.


This is a different way to experience Lake Como and a nice change after days of taking the ferry. Few tourists seem to do this so it's a nice way to get away from the crowds as well. We started our walk in Cadenabbia (took the car ferry there) and walked towards Lenno. I read that the scenery is great after Lenno but we ran out of time and couldn't go further. Lenno is a good point to stop for food and also an easy place to catch the ferry. I recommend picking up a trail map. (I got mine from the Bellagio tourist office at the ferry terminal). You can also see the same map on This walk requires following silver markers on the pavement, which is a little tricky to spot at times. We accidentally lost the trail once but google maps put us back on track. Some of the walk was along the lake but it also takes you uphill into the smaller towns. The view is much better from up there. I recommend taking a hat, water and sunscreen.


This walk takes you through a variety of villages, views, history, and overall charm of the Lake. If you only have a day on the lake, I would recommend doing this! Take your time, it truly is about the journey and not the destination on this walk! We took 6 hours to do the 10 k, but stopped many times for pictures and food and drink along the way!


Road is a bit dangerous, but view is brillant. Take water with you and put on sunblock. Stay on Greenaway


great 10.3 k walk along thelake, well signed and a few inland bits. look for silver bits on pavement to help. the views are outstanding


This walk is beautiful to do, be sure to get a map at a tourist office before starting ( Mennagio,Tremezzo,Lenno etc) We started the walk in Tremezzo walking beside the lake, The trail continues up narrow streets well above the lake. We walked as far as ''ospizio della maddalena'' which was a beautiful small church with a view of the only island in Lake Como ''isola commacina''.I really recommend this walk but be sure to wear walking shoes, bring water and a camera to capture all those stunning views! Its very charming to get away from the busy roads to a very peaceful area.


Get the maps from the tourist information office in Menaggio and you can walk all or any of the sections from Menaggio to Lenno. Some parts are by the lake, others in the hills and very little on main roads


Lovely to get away from the main road. Some parts a very steep and the markers disappear in certain sections. Which can disconcerting. I heard a cuckoo up there! Part of the greenway by lake is beautiful.


This was our first "hike" in a walking tour I recently took. Although weather didn't entirely cooperate, the walk was very good, through forests and fields, and the views of Lake Como are terrific.


I both ran and walked part of the greenway. It was fascinating and really takes you off the beaten track. In places you have to work out which way to go but the discs in the pavement are the clue to ensuring you are on the right track. A brilliant idea!


This is a very nice hike, not difficult at all. Breathtaking views and well paved paths . We hike the trail within 4 hours on a beautiful sunday. We enjoyed the small villages the signes are easy to find and we hope they will continue this path along the lake. Bring enough water, there are not many places to buy water. Parking along the road for free.

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