duomo vecchio di brescia


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duomo vecchio di brescia



Of all the churches to visit in Brescia, this is the one to see. It's unique and very picturesque. Splendid.


Located beside the main cathedral. Worth a visit, free entry, allow 30 minutes maximum for your visit


Busy during the day and magnificent at night when the crowd leaves. A grand duomo rich in history tucked at a quiet corner outside the main shopping belt. A quiet and excellent place to take a stroll at night


When we entered this cathedral we both spent several minutes trying to take in the atmosphere and the sights to the front of us. I have never been in this type of church before and was amazed at the way the whole church had been built. Having read the history/story of this place of worship I was truly impressed by what I saw. It is not as ornately decorated as many other cathedrals in Italy and is, I believe, a sobering contrast to the New Cathedral next door. Get there early as it closes for lunch and then go to the new cathedral and compare. I leave you to make up your own minds as which one represent a better image of the Christian faith as it is supposed to be - over decorated or humble and plain.


Its big and dominates the center of the old city and it is less visited than many others in the area. If you are in the city go - otherwise pass it by.


I was impressed with this building. It was built and built over again over the centuries. Remember to wear appropriately as there is a guard outside preventing visitors who wear shorts or singlets from entering as this is a place of worship and respect is expected.


As others have noted, the new and old cathedrals of Brescia are right next to each other and allow one to see how church architecture changed as well as the perception of what was required to impress God and the congregation. The old Duomo is just beautiful, a wonderful round building on different levels with a really spiritual atmosphere and history; the interior is plain with a few decorations that stand out. In contrast, the new cathedral is huge and baroque, it really dominates the Piazza, with a high decorated and ornate interior. I much referred the old, but having said that, there are some interesting art works in the new, including a wonderful modern lectern and altar table. Both are well worth your time.


Went there during the ceremony - it was beautiful example of a south European cathedral. Just go there and enjoy the quietness.


I've lived in Italy for a handful of years now and I've seen an unending list of churches throughout the country, but this one is unique and just amazing. If you're looking for details and paintings this is not your stop (but next to this church is the new and more modern duomo), but to take a step inside the church is like stepping back in time. From the outside you get this wonderful view of new and old, because there are two duomos next to each other. Duomo Vecchio is very particular because of it's shape being completely round. This duomo is not open all day long so you must know the right hours to stop and visit. Having a coffee at Dolce Vita- a bar situated directly in front of the two duomos makes for a special place to just sit and take in the view.


Duomo Vecchio is right next to the Duomo Nuovo fantastic difference between the two the first is small, old, a bit dark and small but good to look around. The Nuovo is massive, very ornate with pictures and decoration everywhere. Well worth visiting both to compare the old with the new.


A fascinating church built in the round (probably the site dated to early Christian times). The 1 euro audio guide is available in 3 languages and worth the money as it was informative. Some amazing art and architectural pieces are here- including a large crypt, beautifully decorated dome, several very fine frescoes and painting as well as some well preserved mosaics. Free to enter! At the rear (not easy to find) is an interesting inset of two figures.


Put this on your list of must visits when in Brescia. The unusual design, the impressive painting details, all from the 14th century. That is what makes this place unique, it is so old but yet the engineering and art work is "wow". If I am in Brescia again, I would visit it a 4th time.


Very interesting early medieval church, remarkable not only for its unusual design but also for its spare interior. Brescia is certainly worth a day, and especially the City Museum. Not as flashy as some of the Italian cities, but remarkably deep and broad in its art and history.


I've been there very shortly since the mass was going on. I was not impressed by Duomo Vecchio (Duomo Nuovo is fantastic). The only interesting thing for me was that when you enter, you are on kind of balcony, and the man hall is downstairs, in kind of niche. I never seen this before


This is one of the few example of Romanic Circle based Christian Church existing in the world.It is amazing and very spiritual to be visited. Still place of pray and meditation.Needs to be seen.

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