tempio di sant'angelo


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tempio di sant'angelo



Situated in a quiet corner of the City, the church was built on the site of a pagan temple using roman columns to hold the circular roof. An unusual church of very simple form.


A small, beautiful, ancient circular church, locally called "Il Tempietto" for its shape and its size. A very pleasant walk via Corso Garibaldi to the top of a small grassy hill, the beautiful site of the church. Sensitively restored. I spent a morning here enjoying its spaces and the changing light.


Templo di Sant'Angelo was without a doubt the high point of our stay in Perugia. Yes, we made a couple of wrong turns on the way but the hike was well worth the trek. The church is stunning in its simplicity both inside and out and for us, had a serenity that we have not experienced anywhere else in Italy. If you have just one day or a couple of hours in Perugia, this church which dates from the fifth/sixth century should be at the top of your list.


Visited this after long slog up from the Etruscan Gate via Via Garibaldi. Wanted to see the St Angelo gate and tower with the incredible view and the curator told me not to miss the church below. It is a wonderful building with a much more plain interior than most Italian churches. Light from above streams into the seemingly octagonal interior , its circular but the side altars give that impression. Delicate arches support the roof with the variety giving it a homespun feeling of comfort .


The Tempietto is an incredible building, dating from around the 5th century A.D. The columns were foraged from a Roman building that existed on or near the site. See if you can find the Knights Templar markings.


This is far from the beaten track, so you won't see too many tourists here, thankfully.It can be a chore to get here as for some reason, Google maps takes you to a different place.you walk down Corso Garibaldi until you see the medieval gate and this ancient church is just before it.It has really old altar and friezes


It's a beautiful church. Really, a simple temple without all the ostentation you usually see in catholic churches. The environment transpires tranquility and invites you to lay down on the grass and just let time go by. Also it's a 10 minutes walk rom the city center so it's never crowded.


a bit of a hike from the center of town, but through interesting streets to good views from the area of the church


Situated on Corso Garibaldi, it is a very old church.All is different than the others churches. It is builded on an old etruscan temple. From the 5th century there was a Christian church, the oldest church of Perugia.


This church is very plain, but so quiet and lovely. It was wonderful to sit and watch the play of light and enjoy the silence. The walk to and from is interesting and gives one a different perspective on Perugia.


Every time I go to Perugia, I visit this church. It is always quiet. You can sit and pray in very spiritual space, undisturbed. It is quite simple and brings your mind back to the early centuries of Christianity, rather than the overpowering decoration of later periods of church architecture and art. A quiet stroll up Corso Garibaldi will lead you there. If you feel energetic you can also go into the Torre nearby and see the museum which shows you all the changing walls from Etruscan and Roman to medieval. T


For me this church was just OK-I like over the top, marble, a symphony of angels, paintings, stucco and to be surrounded by relics, gold and saints; this has none of that! It is, as advertised very simple. However I did enjoy the walk there very much. From the center, walking along Via Battisti was beautiful with great views going downhill then going up hill through the neighborhood on Via Garibaldi; this made the visit worthwhile in addition to climbing the tower of Cassero di Porta S. Angelo. Otherwise, if you need a city escape and some quite time with out glitz and glamour, this is your place. Gratis entry.


Head a little way out of the city centre to find this ancient building, once a roman temple, now a church. It's small and somewhat plain but with terrific atmosphere. Next to the museum of the medieval walls. Lovely views everywhere.


Well first of all I loved the location! At the end of its own little strada, the temple comes into view immediately as you turn on to the old stone roadway. It's a slight uphill walk to the temple with a substantial lawn and stone pathway leading to the entrance. Much unlike the chiesa's, cathedrals, Basilicata, and Duomo of Italy, the temple is not huge. It is a little gem the beauty of which is its simplicity and setting.


Tips is the oldest church in Umbria. It is not the most beautiful because of the decorations since it has almost none. But tips made the church beautiful because of its simplicity. Really a must-see in Perugia

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