pista ciclabile area 24 - san remo


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pista ciclabile area 24 - san remo



We have dabbled with the cycle route built on the old train line for several years, but this year we managed to make the whole trip from San Remo to San Lorenzo for the first time (with our six-year-old pedalling his socks off). Suck a wonderful ride along the beautiful coastline without any worries about road traffic. Lots of lovely little cafes to stop at along the way to indulge in a hot chocolate or an ice cream (each to their own, it was winter), and so inexpensive to hire perfectly good bikes too. Thoroughly recommended for anyone with a little stamina to work off all those pizzas and pasta.


Fabulous flowers and cycle routes along the sea, welcoming and colorful. Much to visit and enjoy all the way to Imperia and beyond, also up into the mountains behind the city.


The Pista Ciclabile is a nice way to take a long walk following the beach in San Remo. No bathroom facilities available in the Pista so plan ahead.


No trip to Sanremo is complete without a trip on the beautiful cycle lane. It goes on for miles along the coast and the scenery is breathtaking.


Close to the the old train station, the Tourist information, the Russian church and the Casino, you will find the "Bici Nolo", bike rentals. You can rent by the hour "per hora". Very accessible route along the old train tracks. Plenty of places to stop for refreshments along the track. You get to see the sea, and even the neighbor town Arma di Taggia, if you choose to. Enjoy!


This is a really nice way to spend the day and there is a lot to see along the route, with many places to stop for some great Italian food and drink. The route passes right through Sanremo so it is really easy to get started. Bikes we hired from Superbikes Sanremo were great and the staff there were really helpful. They seemed better value and quality than the bikes on the route itself. The only slight disappointment was that the end of the cycle route was a bit of a dead-end. We cycled the whole route, so it would have been nicer to have a better 'finish line'.


There are a couple of places to rent bikes right on the path (Area 24) , but we rented higher quality bikes from www.superbikesanremo.it and rode the Area, along with the Poggio and Cipressa. The bike path was very enjoyable - easy grade, beautiful scenery; the tunnels were something different and fun. We traveled in early June and it was not very busy. There were a couple of places to stop and get a drink or a gelato. We would recommend this bike path to anyone who rides bikes. The Giro d' Italia will be using the path for a team time trial on the first stage in 2015 so it will certainly be well maintained for that event. Highly recommend SuperBike San Remo - very close to the path in downtown San Remo; excellent service and bikes.


The old train tracks has been removed and nowadays bike lanes are giving the visitors magnificent view during the 20 km bike ride. The ride is peaceful and without steep hills. Bike rentals are located on several places along the bike path. Highly recommended!


we enjoyed riding this on Segways. Very safe, Lots of beautiful views a good way to check out the various beaches.


This is a must do for any cyclist/runner/walker/outdoor person! It is brilliantly done! With amazing coastal views, a well laid out path, and tunnels with history of the San Remo Cycle Race to keep you entertained.


Sanremo is layered on many levels: the sea level has actually few beaches, but 2 ports, Portosole for super-yachts and the old port for fishermen and sailors.The shopping level along via Matteotti, Roma, Garibaldi, etc.The archaic level in the so called Pigna old town districtOn top of these, the mountain level, very close and full of natural, historical and gastronomical beauties.Well, in the middle of the first two level lies this new opportunity for sporting, sightseeing, wellness.Now has been extended to the town of Ospedaletti


Very nice riding your bike along the sea with beautiful views. A must-do in Sanremo.Very pictoresque.


A must do in San Remo, relaxing, picturesque and great value! Go both ways and stoic for lunch en-route!


You can walk, cycle, or skate from Sanremo to San Lorenzo al Mare in complete isolation from traffic. It stands on the old coastal railway line and coasts the sea all along the way.You can hire a bicycle atalong the route or if you are lucky enough borrow one from your hotel (as I did from the Hotel Ideal in Arma di Taggia.Not to be missed!


Bikes are relatively cheap and easy to hire, you can explore further afield and work off some of the delicious ice cream, pizza or pasta you are sure to eat along the way!

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