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We parked on the other side of the river and walked this bridge into the city of Dresden.As well as pedestrians the bridge also takes cars and trams into the old town. The bridge was damaged in the war and has been rebuilt although there is some renovation going on now.......Its a long bridge, take a walk along it and take in the views, you will not be sorry!


It is clearly one of the most impressive bridges in Germany, so far i admired Karls bridge in Prague and old Heidelberg bridge,Dresden is also very much in the running with this lovely structure


What a great location for panoramic shots of Dresden and the Elbe River, however that's not the only reason to explore the bridge while is Dresden. The bridge, somewhat reminiscent of the Charles Bridge in Prague (although traffic is allowed on the bridge), has protruding vantage points with seating along the pedestrian paths of the bridge. This makes photography, just enjoying the river, and hopefully even the weather quite pleasant. It's a great place for just a stroll if nothing else. The awesome profile of a restored Dresden from the apex of the bridge, that's just a plus. The bridge is easily accessible by car, tram, or just an easy stroll from Old Dresden. I highly recommend.


The bridge is beautiful and ancient, just like the Charles Bridge in Prague. Unfortunately, it is not only for pedestrians. Cars and trams still run on this bridge, making it less iconic than the Charles Bridge. To get the best view, circle it via Carolabrucke.


Whenever you are in Dresden you must croos this bridge in order to get the most beautiful picture of the city! When you cross it you will find the impressive golden statue of August!


A classical bridge which you may find all around Europe, but crossing it and taking time to view both sides of the Elbe makes it special


When I'm in Dresden, I can't but not walk across the Augustusbrücke at least once. This bridge has a lot of history, was destroyed several times, and rebuilt. It connects the Altstadt to the Neustadt, and is a great walk in-between the two, at any time of year! At night, it presents a great photo option facing the Altstadt. It is also wonderful to walk from Altstadt over to the end of the bridge, and go down to the Elbe and its grassy areas, or if you have a bike, you can bike along for miles and miles.During the warmer months, you will find numerous open air beer gardens on the Neustadt side right next to the bridge.


The oldest bridge over river Elbe, formerly made of wood and then made of stone arches.We crossed the bridge while going from the older part of the town to the newer part, where the golden statue graces the cross roads. Also, at night, to be able to take photographs of the old city skyline.There is a walk beneath the bridge and you can find your way to the old Dresden vaults there as well as the terrace where in the evenings, music plays.


Really worth walking across this old bridge, to get the best view of the old city, across the river Elbe.


While staying in the neu start part of town we cross this bridge regularly while heading into the old town. It is a great spot to take panoramic pictures of the city and to get the lay of the land so to say.


Excellent for taking non-tourist photos of the various beautiful cityscapes. There are several places at either end from which you can compose breathtaking shots.


This bridge is quite scenic and as you go over it you can get views of the old city and the approaches to Neustadt. There are places on the bridge which allow you to take photographs of both places.


Vale davvero la pena di percorrere questo ponte per apprezzare ancora meglio una vedta di Dresda dal fiume o, meglio ancora, dal Neustadt...




Es uno de los puentes mas bellos de Alemania, es mas grande de los que parece, a medida que lo tomas ves todos los edificios del altstadt. Recomiendo bajar a la ribera del rió, pasar una tarde alli con esa vista es impresionante y muy bello.

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