katholische hofkirche - dresden


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katholische hofkirche - dresden



这是个在 Alstadt historical area 值得参观的教堂,外观是一个巴伐利亚巴洛克式的建筑,里面有个很古典的3000管的管风琴,但是因为也许参观时机不对,没听到管风琴演奏。


Went inside here and the organ was playing, it boomed out and made the atmosphere of the ornate church really lovely.


A most stunning church. Centrally located not far from the Zwinger palace complex, the Dresden Palace, and the Protestant church. Definitely worth a visit if you are interested in fine exterior and interior architecture.


I knew from our guidebook that we could catch a free organ concert if we arrived at the church before 11:30 on a Weds or Saturday. We visited on Saturday and toured the lovely interior before sitting down to soak in the magnificent tones of this venerable ancient instrument. The modern Meissen pieta in a side chapel is a wonderful way to bring a contemporary expression in to a historic (heavily restored) building.


The place to get great memories. Here the old from the time before Luther and the new after resoration after WWII come together. Sober but beautifull.


We did not see the heart. The room was closed. But the church was was a build in a odd architecture form.


according to our guide its the only catholic church during its time as protestant churches were dominant, interiors are not over decorated, its focus is the altar and the pulpit and an elegant organ all decorated with gold, a must see when visiting Dresden


As this cathedral church is not over-decorated the features it has are quite striking. The pulpit with its white, busy figures draws the eye immediately and lurking privately beside and behind the altar are pink and gold private chapels, Just when we were leaving we found the chapel commemorating the bombing in 1945 with most impressive memorials depicting Mary and Christ in white Meissen porcelain.Worth visiting.


A light, elegant cathedral with a magnificent organ and some interesting glass windows. the repairs post war are amazing considering the damage it suffered from bombing.Be sure to study the posters showing how badly damaged it was.


Less ornate that the Frauenkirche, the Hofkirche is the Catholic cathedral of the diocese of Dresden/Meissen. Located in the Theaterplatz it was built in 1738-55 in late Roman-Baroque style and is the largest church in Saxony. In the crypt there are sarcophagi of the Wettin kings and a vessel with the heart of Augustus the Strong. Open Monday to Thursday 9 am to 5 pm.


The Katholische Hofkirche is a very impressive building in the centre of Dresden, just off the Theaterplatz.During our visit there was a special Mass held which included a performance of Puccini's Messa Di Gloria. It was absolutely fantastic.The cathedral has a magnificent Silbermann organ dating back to 1755. It is worth a visit but is more of a treat if you actually attend a Mass.


The title says it all really. Read your guide book for the history of this catholic cathedral which the Saxon rulers sneaked into this staunchly protestant city so that they could be kings of Poland.One of the few things in Dreden which are free to visit.


Compared to other churches in the centre of Dresden this one is different obviously from a different tradition but it is much less ornate and far more simple inside what is quite an extravagant building. Worth seeing.


With a magnificent rebuilt exterior, this Cathedral gives you an idea of how it must have looked before the devastation of WWII bombing. Enough of the interior has been restored with marble, gilt, paintings, and statues to recreate a sense of its pre-war opulence. Don't miss hearing the exceptional organ! There are free 1/2 hour organ concerts every Wednesday and Saturday at 11:30 am. I heard the Cathedral organist (expected a student) perform a marvellous program designed to showcase the amazing capabilities of this beautiful instrument. While you're there, see the side chapel featuring a sculpture entirely of Meissen porcelain as a memorial to the tragic destruction of Dresden in the war and the Baroque pulpit, hidden in the countryside during the war.


Our first afternoon in Dresden we walked along the lovely Elbe meadows with its cycle and walking paths, to Augustusbrucke. As we approached the centre the glorious iconic skyline came into view, and prime was the magnificent Hofkirche. As a premier Catholic Church we wondered what the interior is like. We found it quite attractive with some lovely decorative features. The organ and pulpit are noteworthy. The view along the spacious nave is impressive. But overall it is far from Baroque flamboyance.

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