schmetterlings (butterfly) garden


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schmetterlings (butterfly) garden


The butterfly exhibit was really cool. Really unexpected to come across it in our travels, but that area of town has many lovely things. They had many different types of butterflies in different stages of metamorphosis and the foliage was beautiful as well.


Great collections of butterflies. I love the fact that you can stay there and just read books while butterflies hover around you. Tiny colorful rice birds and teeny tiny quails sneak around for food and a turtle may cross your path. Great exhibit of other insects and the nursery for newly hatched butterflies is just jaw dropping specially if you get lucky to watch one creeping out of its cocoon. It's a marvelous spectacle! I think its fairly priced since the collection is very rare and the setting is something to behold. It's just like heaven on earth - my partner and I were overwhelmed when we sat there and butterflies hovered around us and even stayed on his shirt; we just didn't want to leave too soon. It was such a relaxing experience.


We took the bus from Koblenz to Sayn and it was well worth the visit. We could have stayed for hours enjoying the atmosphere and all of the beautiful butterflies. Not worth buying the combi ticket though as the palace is hardly worth the visit of one floor!


this was a nice garden of butterflies and other animals. not to crowded. Many butterflies to photograph there are places to sit and watch them fly or watch the turtle and birds roam around. A good place to visit if your in the area.


a very nice place to relax and enjoy a lively winter garden. it can be also a bit crowdy if you want to visit it during the weekend.


This was an interesting and calming experience for our family. The enclosed area looks small, but surprisingly you can walk around for a long time if you are not in a hurry. We went on a Saturday afternoon and it was certainly not crowded. My wife commented that this was like one of those games where you have to try to find all of the hidden objects in a picture, because when you looked closely you would find so many different creatures tucked between branches, flying overhead or swimming around. In addition to the many butterflies, there were turtles and fish in the water, there was a bee colony, there were Chinesische Zwergwachteln (small quails) running around, there was a large iguana lounging, and various colorful birds. Also behind glass they also had a tarantula, snakes, frogs, scorpions and other various crawlers. There is also a renovated "schloss" across from the schmetterling garten. We bought the Combi ticket to see both attractions. The family combi ticket was 22,50 EUR (for just the schmetterling garten the family pass would be 19,50 EUR). There is also a nice playground area outside for younger kids. Parking in the surrounding areas is free.Like the other reviews point out, this is not located in Koblenz, but in the nearby town of Sayn. It is about a 10-15 minute drive between the two. If you are visiting the area it is worth the short drive.


This is not in Koblenz, but it is worth the trip, especially if you take some time to walk around the park outside the butterfly garden and visit the schloss across the street. For about 9 euro you can get a ticket for the schmetterlings garden and the schloss Sayn. There is a playground outside and a snack bar with ice cream and other munchies. It is very warm inside the greenhouse and extremely relaxing with many water features and butterflies Everywhere! You can watch them hatch in a display case and then watch someone come and open the case and let the new butterfly out into their new habitat. Wear a bright color, sit very still and you might have one land on you! Nice latte macchiatos in the cafe when you have had enough schmetterlings.


Schmetterlingsgarten Sayn is not actually in Koblenz but it is absolutely worth the drive. The botanical garden-style rooms are filled with large, exotic butterflies that flutter around you and might even come sit on you if you hold still long enough. Absolutely lovely if you enjoy nature at all.


This beautiful Butterfly House only opened in late 2009. It is situated in a park beside the pretty Sayn Castle (which you can also visit) and near the spectacular ruins of an older hilltop fortress (great little hike with views).Gorgeous butterflies and colorful plants. Watch out for the cheeky ('though friendly) iguana.


Die Angestellten des Schmetterlingshauses sind sehr freundlich und das Haus beherbergt einige sehr schöne Schmetterlinge. Der Punktabzug in meiner Bewertung liegt darin begründet, dass es wirklich sehr klein ist und ich bewusst nur drei verschiedene Arten entdecken konnte. Es ist ein schöner Zeitvertreib, bei dem man auch etwas über die Tiere lernen kann. Ich hatte trotzdem mit "mehr" gerechnet.


Hier können wir ahnen, wie verschwenderisch die Natur kleine und große Schmetterlinge in Form und Farbe gestaltet. Lehrreich auch die dargestellte Entwicklung dieser Spezies.


Es ist klein aber fein. Unbedingt sehenswert. Oft fahre ich einfach mal spontan dorthin um ein wenig Ruhe zu tanken. Es gibt dort nette sitzmöglichkeiten von denen aus man einfach nur schauen kann, was da wohl so auftaucht..... Sehr nett


Man betritt das Haus und wird vom Zauber der Schmetterlinge eingefangen! Obwohl es nicht sehr groß ist, schaut man nach 2 Stunden verwundert auf die Uhr und fragt sich wo die Zeit geblieben ist. Sehr schön!!


Im Schmetterlingsgarten findet man nicht nur Schmetterlinge, sondern auch andere Tiere. Ein schöner Sonntagsausflug für die Familie.


É interessante e bonito, mas talvez não pra mim kkkkk é bem legal pra quem se interessa por biologia ou estuda as borboletas, mas é bem legal mesmo!

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