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st. jakobus



I needed some quiet time and found myself spending an hour inside the church just contemplating. It is impressive and peaceful. It is remarkable how it was rebuilt after the 1944 bombing during WW2. It may not have the ornamentation of more famous churches but it is worth going for the soul cleansing.


We entered this Catholic Cathedral whilst wandering around Rudesheim. From the outside it looks fairly ancient but inside is quite modern. Unfortunately the original building was destroyed during WW2 in 1944. It is well worth a quick visit and in particular the large organ and altar are well worth seeing.


We did not intend to visit this one, but met it by strolling through town. Though it is ols, its inside is rather modern. The St. James Church on the marketsquare dates from the 14th century and assumingly was built by Knight Johann Brömser. On the Tower a weather cock with Crescent and star in memory of the Crusades, in which also Brömser participated. After an almost total destruction in 1944, the Church was rebuilt in Rhenish quarry stone. Especially the medieval tombs of the nobility of Rüdesheim and the Gothic tympanum are interesting.


Igreja Católica. Vale a pena pela sua história de quase destruição durante a guerra. A parte exterior remete a uma construção muito antiga. Pude entrar e contemplar a energia do local.


Zeer leuk moment en vooral leervol! Ook met een kind is het lachen geblazen om naar het dak van het kasteel te stappen .....doen !


Essa igreja foi quase totalmente destruida por bombardeos em 1944 na 2a grande guerra.Logo após a guerra foi reconstruida, com incorporação de partes antigas preservadas, como a Cruz sobre o altar principal.

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