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1396-1418, the Kirchtor (Church gate) was significantly destroyed twice, only scarce wall remains and the stump of a staircase Tower have been remained. Up untill the 17th century it was preserved as it was built: above the large Tower House a tower with multiple floors and Gothic roof, a staircase tower was added as lean-to. On the front of the gate a Portcullis which could be lowered and which bottom mounting brackets were visible until 1945. Presumably the tower was destroyed by arson in 1689 by the French troops, the lower half of the staircase Tower remained until the 19th century preserved. The passage of the port is also preserved and was destroyed in the last days of WW II by retreating SS-divisions to hinder the advance American troops, a militarily pointless action with the end of the war in sight, thus was the destruction of the port later attributed to US troops. The Kirchtor was rebuilt in 2004. Between the Kirchtor and the Scharfenturm one can notice another well preserved piece of the city wall.

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