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museum frieder burda



We loved this museum: the building is a joy to behold and is such a great space in which to view the art. The art itself was modern and varied, but with many good works that we found interesting and stimulating.


We visit Burda museum every time we come to Baden Baden. It is impressive even from architecture point of view. There is a permanent exhibition of modern art and many temporary exhibitions usually well organized


In a beautiful park setting you will find two great buildings filled with first rate modern art.This is one of the best presentations of modern art in the world and Richard Meier is one of the best museum architects.The modest scale of the museum is especially appealing.The casino and shopping area is at the end of the park.


We had wonderful time in this compact, well designed museum.Highly recommended for those who like contemporary and modern art.


The Burda Museum houses a series of changing exhibitions, and obviously different shows will appeal to different art-lovers. The building is modern and the various shows are well hung and plenty of information is available. There is also a worthwile shop.


This is an amazing purpose built gallery of modern art. The bulk of the works on display were by Gerhardt Richter, and, as we'd just seen an exhibition of his work at the Fondation Beyerler in Basel we really enjoyed it. A wonderful experience.


Beautiful building at a great location (Lichtentaler Allee). Splendid artworks from the 20th century ranging from Picasso to contemporary German artists. Not too big or pompous.


Wonderful personal collection of modern art set in a stunning modern building which is itself a work of art.


We went there to see the JR Exhibition, and we liked it a lot, but I can't judge the museum itself, as their was only a small portion of the permanent collection in place.The location was good and the JR exhibition well done.


The reason for our detour from our route Austria - Holland was to visit this exhibition. We are so glad we did. Not only a fantastic overview of JR's artistic career so far, but what made it very special are the interactive Inside Out Project, where in the museum you can have your portrait taken in a very large B&W poster, and the walk route through Baden-Baden along JR's outdoor Unframed Project art images on buildings and walls. The highest recommendation I can give, while also having a reason to visit the very lovely and beautiful city of Baden-Baden.


The Museum consist of two parts. In the main, very modern building was and exhibit of Emil Nolde, very well hung. In the older building there were very contemporary works, some of which were very far out, some that I liked.There are ramps as well as an elevator - easy to navigate.We ate in the coffee shop, which was only fair and I would not recommend it.


The temporary exhibit gave me the opportunity to deepen my perception of this artist. The display was obviously of high quality and the Museum has been well designed to be a perfect casket for art pieces. It is a small museum, well organised and with high quality exhibits.


The Frieder Burda Museum in the elegant old German spa town of Baden-Baden always shows great exhibitions. Either from the extensive collection of the house, or from other venerable institutions. The building itself Is wonderful, with thrilling perspectives and surprising light sources.The summer of 2013 has been given over to a magnificent exhibition of the great German expressionist, Emil Nolde. An explosion of colour, shapes, landscapes, flowers and people. Not everything will appeal to everybody, of course, that is what great art is about. Opening up new dimensions and showing you new vistas. Which Nolde does to the utmost satisfaction. Particularly moving are his "unpainted painting". While the Nazis forbid him to paint, because he was seen as "entartet", he painted hundreds of small watercolours in secret, and some of them are shown here. The exhibition is coming to the in in October, after having been a smashing success.


Nice building, located in the park very close to the centre of city, excellent exposition! The access is comfortable.


This is the newest addition to the museums in Baden Baden and what a wonderful place it is. The structure itself is a gem, abundant light and superbly designed. There was a great exhibit going on showing off the works of Emil Nolde on all four floors. They had put gardens out front that were based on the designs he used to create his own gardens for painting and they were splendid. I had never heard of Emil Nolde, but his works are wonderful to see and their display at the Frieder Burda Museum was a gem not to be forgotten easily.

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