museum schloss hohentüebingen


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museum schloss hohentüebingen



At first sight little known town of Tubingen houses a large collection of Ice Age masterpieces of art in it's archeological museum situated inside the castle. The visit is an interesting pastime spiced up with Egyptian sarcophagus and Roman pottery. Entrace fee is cheap includes audioguide in German or English. The view from the entrance park and terrace is mesmerizing.


The view from the schloss is terrific. But the castle is such a mishmash of styles, it is not architecturally interesting. It is worth a visit for its archaeological collections. The prehistoric finds are especially nice, with good English descriptions and an informative audio guide. Unfortunately, the Greek and Etruscan collections have no English translations. You'll be fine if you can read German.


A tour of this is a must when in Tubingen. Take the time to really explore and learn, you won't regret it.


The Museum Schloss Hohentübingen, .University of Tubingen, Tubingen, Germany, is located in Southwestern Germany, about an hour from Stuttgart. The town is a very pretty and interesting place to spend a day. It is a university town and young people are everywhere enjoying themselves. But Tubingen is mainly known for having a very fine university which has a truly outstanding museum, located in the old castle which overlooks the city. And inside the castle are tremendous displays of prehistoric university finds from caves all over Europe. Two of the mind blowing examples are a truly magnificent mammoth Ivory carving of a horse, which comes very close to equaling anything done today. Testing shows it was carved at least 35,000 to 42,000 years ago. In addition to numerous other finds is an Ivory carving of a musical flute proving that prehistoric man had music at least 35,000 years ago.


Gutes Museum zu Archäologie und Geschichte. Von der Steinzeit bis ins Mittelalter. Über Ägypten und Rom. Kann man auch für Familien empfehlen!


Si tratta di un museo storico archeologico riguardante reperti della zona, tutti di particolare interesse. Un elogio all'organizzazione delle sale e alla cortesia del personale, che ci ha illustrato i luoghi della città sottostante che si ammiravano dalle finestre.


Este museu fica dentro do castelo, ao lado da universidade. O museu contém um bom acervo de antiguidades. Gostei bastante da maquete da cidade antiga.


Chi ama l'archeologia deve obbligatoriamente visitare questo museo, molto interessante la collezione preistorica!Il personale è molto gentile e disponibile!CONSIGLIATISSIMO!



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