house of 1000 clocks


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house of 1000 clocks



This place seems to have more than 1000 clocks. Very neat to see sooooo many clocks in one place. I didn't buy even though the prices were better here than on post. I am waiting for the bazaar!


They have 2 different kind of watches, mechanical (bigger & heavier) and battery operated. After browsing around for almost an hour, one can easily suspect that the later are China made. Bought one only to see the initial delightful sound turning into a twisted electronical cacophony in a month only. It was expensive, heavy and cumbersome for air travel and now it sits useless.The shop and the whole street are only for tourists and priced adequately


The stores really are full of clocks and are really museums on their own. If you go to the one in the guide books with the "largest coocoo clock in the world" the 2 euro admission fee is not worth it. Just wander around the store instead.


The house itself is an attraction though when you walk in you realize it is standard tourist trap selling clocks (including Chinese made...)Might as well see it if you are walking the town but not worth a special journey


We came in knowing that we wanted a clock, the woman that helped us was very attentive and helpful. We ended up with a medium sized clock that we will ship back to the US.Since we were shipping, we decided to buy a bunch of other items like beer steins and misc gifts. They have a ton of stuff to bring home.


I wish I could go there back again and over and over again. So many lovely pleasant elegant cuckoo clocks with different range of prices that everyone could afford to buy one. So many souvenirs with a lot of ideas and varieties. If you are around there you must visit it.


As expected, this is a great place for tourists to spend some money and help the local economy:) They have a wide variety of cuckoo clocks, as well as other "souvenirs" to buy. Just looking is fun!


This place is just amazing. The shop is full of hand made original cuckoo clock made of wood. The workmanship of each clock is unique and peculiar. And the people in the store are so welcoming and friendly and tells loads of history about the clocks and its making.A place full of clocks and the cuckoo birds chirping form each clock was just amazing..What varieties...!! What shapes !! A must visit place and also a must buy one, if your interested !


wow wow wow.. awesome shop.. clocks clocks watches wooden work.. awesome emporium of cuckoo clocks and wooden watches.. must must must visit place.. you have to be there to know whats in there.. all i can say is.. dont miss it..


Bought my cuckoo clock here last year, Its a fabulous store and their customer service is excellent. Yes, there are cheaper stores in the area but the quality is not even close. If you want a genuine handmade Bavarian clock that is going to last, this is the place to go!


It is worth visiting this shop just to see the many different varieties of clocks (mainly cuckoo clocks) that they have on sale. Some of the more expensive clocks are intricate works of art and it is worth checking these out just to see the level of skill and expertise required to create such clocks. Prices vary widely to suit most budgets. Sales people are on hand to provide information and advice (but remember they are sales people!).


I have never seen so many clock. There was even a guy making them while we watched. They were made from different woods as well as 100's of varied finishes.


Almost everyone who goes to black foest will definitely be found at this shop and you can see the reason when you go there. There is an excellent variety of cuckoo clocks for every budget. Get to know about the quality of a cuckoo clock and what is good/bad before you buy though. Find a shop assistant who can explain you that (a bit difficult to find with so many ppl, but people who know how to talk, can definitely fns someone helpful)


We walked through the house of 100 clocks after visiting Oli's. It is great to browse all the clocks and see all the different kinds, but if you are looking to buy go to Oil's down the road. Better customer service and better prices for handmade clocks. Cool place to look through though.


I read about the many cuckoo clock shops in Triberg in the guide book so had a quick wander after checking out the waterfall. There is a huge selection of clocks in the shop from the traditional to the modern. I wasn't looking to buy, but bought a few cute cuckoo clock magnets. My friends each bought the small compact mechanical clocks. There were two designs and they were slightly more expensive as the mechanism was more compact. They offered tax refund and international shipping.The shop manager, Jose, was very helpful and friendly.The clocks have a two year guarantee which seems very reasonable. We didn't get to compare the prices with the other stores as we didn't have time but all in all my friends seemed happy with their purchases.

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