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hasenhorn coaster todtnau



We travelled there two weeks ago. It was closed when we got there but there is a toboggan run that you can do instead. This proved to be the way to go. Magical track through a forest, safe and fun. We even took our 2 year old and he loved it. Grumpy unhelpful staff so be prepared. We used our blackforest cards so it was free, yipee!


The coaster in summer is exciting! You take the ski lift to the top and then zoom downhill on rails with banked turns. Pretty much like a roller coaster but you determine the speed yourself.Not dangerous ...In winter you have a skilift to the top, you can take your skis or sledge with you. From the top you can ski or take a beautiful 3,5 km sledge pass through beautyful forests down to the base station.


There is not much to do in Todtnau in Winter if the skiing is bad due to poor weather. So, this roller coaster can provide some amusement when you are not on the slopes. The chair lift to the top is scenic and probably scarier than the ride down in my opinion. The ride itself is safe and you choose your speed, so it's suitable for all fear-levels. Not suitable for young kids but ok for those aged over 8 or so (riding with an adult)


The ride on the 1600 meter long coaster that drops 500 meters was the highlight for our five year old son.Late in the afternoon on a overcast day not many user. We had uninterrupted ride down. Money well spent.


We went specifically out of our way to ride the longest mountain coaster in Europe. It was a blast for the entire family. Just taking the 2 seat chair lift up to the top was fun enough. Enjoying the wonderful views from the top was breathtaking as well. But the ride down was nonstop fun! We visited in April 2014 and it was perfect weather. There was a mountain bike race going on at the same time as our visit, so it was fun to watch them while taking the chair lift up the mountain.There was no queue so it was a fun ride all the way down- as fast or as slow as we wanted. I have read that during summer months it can be a very long wait- go at a different time and you will not regret the ride. We took 2 rides and we are glad we did. Smaller children can ride with an adult. It was expensive, but worth it. Enjoy!


I didn't verify it, but they claim it's the longest mountain-coaster (rodelbahn) in Europe. Sure feels like it - it takes a solid 5 minutes to from launch to stop, going through some really fun turns and giving you a fantastic view of the valley below as it gets closer. Everything is in top shape (as expected in Germany), there's a camera that takes your picture at one of the lower turns (which you can then buy at an automated machine below), and the first ride is free if you've got the Black Forest card with you.Adding to the fun is the nice town of Todtnau below and the Feldberg peak just minutes away - it's undoubtedly worth coming here even if there are no kids travelling with you.A tip: bring sunglasses and gloves - it gets quite windy on the ride down and if your hands and eyes aren't protected from the cold winds it'll just spoil the fun.


Worth every centThe ride up, the view and the really fun ride downWe even saw guys on bikes going down the mountain, and crashing - and we got it for the same price... :)The whole system works smoothly, staff are friendlyWanted to do it again but wife wouldn't let me....Yep, brought back the kid in me


This is an alpine coaster, which is very long. You go up by chairlift which takes 15 minutes. At the top it is a very short walk to the top of the coaster. The staff were friendly and helpful when instructing you how to operate it. It is great fun but try to avoid braking on the way down. Also try and leave a large gap if there is a child in front of you as they may slow you down. Lovely view from the top of the mountain, of the village down below. The coaster is really good fun.


Wasn't sure if we could manage it as I am a bit creaky and mobility is not great. The lift up was easy to board and the seats were nice and wide. At the top the restaurant was amazing value with huge portions. Then the toboggan ride down was the most amazing experience I have had. It was easy to get in the toboggan and controlling the speed was easy. It was fantastic and not to be missed.


Went to this ride last week. The drive from Freiburg to todtnau was incredible endless twists and turns through the mountains, brilliant biker's ride.The ride itself is in the town , directly opposite the church . There is free parking nearby. The ski lift and ride costs 9euros and there was NO queues whatsoever (we arrived about 11am on a Thursday). The ride is very fast! And we giggled/screamed the whole way down. Unbelievably good fun. Immediately went onit again, just amazing. Do not use the brakes!!! Just let it go....:-) I highly rrecommend. The surrounding scenery is awesome too.


This is SO much fun, a little scary but an amazing piece of engineering. You get one ride free if you have the discount card that most of the local hotels give out.


Brilliant experience, a must-go if you're travelling in the area.Been there with 2 little girls.The way up on the chairlift is awesome on its own, and the ride down is nothing but pure FUN!Don't miss it


If your looking for good fun for any age you must visit this coaster ride in Todtnau. Not too cheap but worth it


Great time for the entire family. We were their during July: no waiting time, great weather, and a lot of fun for all


A little pricey but there are various packages available.You should not miss this however. The modern cable pulled chair lift is solid and comfortable, once your up there are possibilities to wander, relax and enjoy a beer and the view. Going down via the all weather toboggan is a fantastic 3 kilometre long adrenalin rush, Its safe exciting and well managed.This is a must, the drive there alone in the middle of the Black Forest is worth the effort. Its very close to Feldburg and unbelievably close to the town center.

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