golfclub schloss weitenburg


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golfclub schloss weitenburg



Being originally from Tübingen, I lately started playing on the golf courses around there during my visits to Europe. Out of the 6 courses I played around Tübingen this is certainly the most challenging one. During the round you have to cross the river Neckar several times, meaning you play in a wonderful and quite valley just below the castle Weitenburg. The fairways are long and long hitters will love them. Make sure to reserve a cart as already the walk to the first hole is very long.


Wir spielen hier immer wieder gerne, auch wenn mache Bahnen nicht ganz einfach sind. Den ein oder anderen Ball verliert man hier auch mal. War ein toller Golftag. Danke an den Club. Alle sind super nett. Essen ist auch sehr gut im Clubhaus.

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