naturschimmbad klosterweiher


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naturschimmbad klosterweiher



Note: this is a natural swimming hole with fish in it so if you are expecting crystal clear water with chlorination this is not the place for you. Our kids love the water and this natural swimming hole caught our eye immediately as it is located directly off the B33 about 15 minutes east from Triberg by car. We waited for a warmer day near the end of June to go and there was nary a person there as the kids are in school until almost mid-July. It cost about 7 Euros for our whole family and after 6 p.m.the price is further reduced (It is open until 7 until the end of June and until 8 in July and August). The water is fairly cold but not so much that the kids were unable to swim in it. There is a very reputable restaurant right on the lake where you can have a nice lunch or dinner or just go in and grab some fries or fast grub to take back to the beautiful grassy area to have while you're swimming or you are more than welcome to bring your own food and drink. The shower/change facilities are very clean, there are ping pong tables and rental pedal and row boats which are cheap. The grassy beach area is huge, with lots of trees for shade. There are also benches all around the lake and lifeguards are on duty. We didn't get right down to the far end of the lake but there is a toddler/children's area there as well with a slide and spray park. There are ladders into the lake and the water was up to our 10 year old's chest along the edges which is the shallowest then quite quickly becomes deep then deeper as you swim out. There are gigantic inflatable climb on's all over the lake including a HUGE iceberg which you can climb all the way to the top then jump off or slide down as well as a big trampoline that you can jump off of onto a large air filled sac which then launches whoever is sitting on the end of it into the lake. You have to note that to get to all these inflatables you must be quite a good swimmer. We loved this place, it was so relaxing, a great place for a picnic and to spend a nice summer day. We went also when it was full school holiday summer and it was not so crowded as to be unenjoyable,The kids had a blast every time and it was tough to convince them that there was more to Germany to see than just the Klosterweiher.

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