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We were here for the first time, and took a three hour visit. I've been to a few thermal baths in Germany, and this one is pretty much the best one so far. The pools are under a large glass roof which can be retracted in warm weather, and there are a lot of palm trees throughout the entire pool area. An outdoor pool is accessible through a revolving door, and there is a nice view of the countryside from it. There is also a natural pool outside which is open in the summer. Various smaller pools are in the rear of the area with different sorts of water in them, a Sole with 18% salt content, a Lithium-Calcium pool, and two others which escape me at the moment.Lounge beds are all around the main pool, and are comfortable and there seems to be enough of them, One place where it could use improvement is the restaurant, I wasn't overly impressed by the menu, somehow Schnitzel, Wurstsalat, and Bratwurst don't fit in a (simulated) tropical garden.


I was extremely excited to be going. We got in and it really was a paradise. We were super stoked that there was a bar one of the pools so we immediately headed there. The bartenders were HORRIBLE to us. When I ordered, our first bartender got really upset that I spoke English. I felt bad and didnt' want to frustrate him further so I had my boyfriend go up and order our next drinks. He LAUGHED at him for speaking Deutsche! Granted he has an accent, but the man was born here! After this whenever he saw us he would order the drinks next to us, look at us, and walk off. In comes bartender number 2. He sees us at one side and said he cannot take our order there, so we go to the other side where he had gone and while my boyfriend was ordering in German, he stops him and asks if he speaks English. Of course my bf says yes- This bartender stops and says he won't take our order and walks away. This really ruined our whole experience. I can't say I've ever been treated with such *blatant prejudice* here in Germany and have lived here for a good while.


Make sure you arrive early if you want to spend a Saturday or Sunday as its gets busy very early. They the largest sauna in Germany plus many other interesting ones like a cinema sauna and a Vienna coffee house sauna. They have a huge pool area with a swim up bar. I can also recommend to reserve beds in the sky lounge that also includes Champagne or Prosecco. The only downfall is that they get very very busy. So if you don't like lots of people, don't visit on the weekend or go early.


Second visit to these thermal health baths; loved so much last visit (in the spring), couldn't wait to come again. Thank's to my son and great pal Salomon for driving me up here again! Not far from Mannheim/Heidelburg areas, across from the Aviation Museum, this is a surprising gem with most beautiful views which add to the peace and tranquility of the experience. Cost was 20 euros for 3 hours which was cheap for the benefits on the mind and body! Within the enormous glass-topped dome lies another world of thermal pools in a paradisic haven of palms and beautiful pink and white orchids. Smaller healing pools of Selenium/Dead Sea Salts for body ailments. Large pool with Jacuzzi beds to relax and float around. A pool bar if you fancy a drink but best of all, outside open hot pool is the one to experience in mid-winter with the steam rising while you enjoy the beautiful views through the steamy haze while in a Jacuzzi bed..... aahhhh.... until the next time I can dream of it! Only wish they had something even close to this in good old bonnie Scotland! Everything spotlessly clean and plenty of showers/changing rooms/hairdryers.


Very nice place to relax and lounge about. The largest Sauna in the world is also located here. They have several saunas that have different themes to each w/different temperature ranging from 70 Celsius to 90 Celsius. Since it has been awhile since we have been to a sauna my boyfriend and I ended up staying for about 7 hours. we left totally regenerated. The entire facility is top notch. To fully enjoy the experience, get comfortable getting naked because this is where most of the sauna put their efforts in. It was a little on the pricey side of €33 per person. After everything was said and done, we paid a total of €140 for two people, extra charges were for food and drink. Thank god for our €100 gift certificate.


We were staying nearby whilst traveling around on our honeymoon. We decided to visit the sauna/pool one afternoon. What a fantastic place, I wish we had something like this in Melbourne. We spent hours in the Spa Jewel Sauna Paradies relaxing, swimming and using the saunas. This side of the complex is for over 16s only so it's quieter than the other side of the complex that allows children.We visited again a few days later when it's open to midnight. We enjoyed a meal and relaxed for hours. The staff were friendly, and on arrival when they realised our German wasn't very good they found a staff member who spoke English to let us know all the options. Next time we're in Germany we'll definitely be back!Not the cheapest place to visit, but well worth it if you've got a few hours and you want to chill out.


Loved this place. We spent the whole day there trying out the different pools, spas and whirlpools. The swim up bar was cool. It felt like we were on a tropical island just amazing. I wish we have 1 of these in Australia.


Everything about the Sinsheim thermal baths is impressive. There are separate locker rooms for the three areas (Saunaparadies, Palmparadies and swimming pool). We only used the one for the sauna which is large, spacious and modern. It is mixed sex but does have changing cubicles, although no one used them on the days that we visited (as the sauna is a nude area there isn't much point in going into a cubicle to undress).All the saunas are indoors and exceeded the expectations that we had from looking at the website. Also the indoor pool was larger than in many other sauna worlds and had two particularly nice features - it is linked to a small outdoor pool area and has a bar so that one can sit in the pool having a drink. There are extensive rest areas indoors and a large sauna garden for sunbathing.One of our visits was on an evening when the Palmparadies was also clothes free and so opened up for those using the sauna. We really did feel spoilt for choice that evening!Finally all the staff were friendly and helpful.In summary it was wonderful place!


This is a wonderful place. Reasonably priced, it has a wide variety of indoor and outdoor pools, saunas of varying types and temperatures, cafes, and even a shop for forgotten items. We got a three hour pass and it was just right for a sampler. We enjoyed almost all the pools, watched gliders sailing over the neighboring fields, enjoyed the birds and fishes by the saunas, and participated in the water aerobics classes. Everything is spotless, the showers have easy to control temperature and plenty of pressure, the lockers are large and clean and easy to use. We're going back tomorrow for another the hours!


I have been to a few German spas, but this one really stands out. Besides creatively-themed saunas (among them, the Guinness record holder Koi sauna), they really pamper you with very frequent aromatic sessions (Aufguss), a reasonably priced and delicious restarurant and a chic pool bar. The only thing I missed was a resting room with a bit more private corners.


Puts a whole new meaning on the hotsprings experience!!!At first It was difficult getting there esp on a Sunday wth barely any public transport available so I ended up walking 2.5 kilometers frm the sinsheim elsenz hbf. (Make sure you have google maps or some GPS) I later found out that it's better to take a train towards: sinsheim museum/stadion station. Get off there n walk in the direction of the football stadium. The place is just behind that stadium!Once you're there, it's €12 for 90mins or €15 for 3 hrs so really it's better just to get 3hrs cuz that includes showering n packing up.SPA Packages are available & cheap for German standards. They also hv normal swimming pools which are cheaper to pay but I didn't try that so I can't touch on that. Towel rentals are available. I think it's €9 for renting but about €10 for deposit money per towel. So you're charged €19 for the towel when u first enter.U get a watch thingy which is the key to your locker.You also charge all food n drinks to that watch piece when u dine or drink inside the cafes & bar. & payment will b settled as you exit to return your towel & retrieve back the deposit.The place itself is beautiful! Big n spacious! Best enjoyed in the cool winter seasons. I enjoyed the outdoor jacuzzi - bed type seating & also the circle pool where strong currents push u along in a figure 8 direction. It's really quite fun! You can order drinks from the pool cuz there's a really cool bar!Lotsa pretty landscaping & when the sun sets it's like a club in the big pool halls! The water aerobics are like flash mobs in the main pool! Love it I highly recommend to any visitors crossing Baden Wurtemburg.


The Badevelt in Sinsheim is spectacular with an indoor and outdoor pool as well as special baths to heal the mind and body. We have never seen anything like it in the States.


Endlich haben wir die Zeit gefunden unsere Gutscheine einzulösen. Im Nachhinein haben sich die 130km Anfahrtsweg nicht gelohnt. Das Ambiente ist sagenhaft, sollte bei den Eintrittspreisen aber auch so sein. Wie Urlaub unter Palmen, allerdings sehr überlaufen. Das Personal ist sehr freundlich aber teilweise lustlos. Die Saunen stark überfüllt, besonders bei den Aufgüssen, was zur Folge hat, dass bereits nach der 2. Kelle einige Schnellmerker die Räumlichkeit wieder verlassen. Hier sollten seitens des Personals klare Ansagen kommen, auch was die Größe der Handtücher anbelangt. Man merkt dass die Sauna hier nur ein Anhängsel zum Spassbad ist. Wir haben heute 2 Besuche absolviert, den ersten und den letzten. Die Restgutscheine werden wir wohl weiter verschenken.


Ich war ja echt skeptisch ob der vielen Mega-Lob-Aussagen, die ich gehört hatte.Dann beim Eintreffen Montagmorgen ca. 10:45 Uhr 4 Kassenschlangen á ca. 40 Personen - ich dachte "Oh Kraus, wie voll wird das sein" (Öffnung war ja schließlich schon um 10:00 Uhr).Drinnen gefühlte(!) 2000 Palmen, echte Palmen, trotz der großen Halle ein Gefühl wie im privaten Garten auf einer Insel.Superfreundliches(!) Personal, sauber wie wenn noch nie ein Nutzer hier gewesen wäre, und eine der Krönungen das nicht nur leckerst aussehende, sondern absolut hochwertiges, gutes Essen.Resümee: einmal im Monat einen Tag Urlaub nehmen und hierher gehen! (Mehr geht vermutlich nicht)


Diese Bewertung bezieht sich nur auf die Sauna-Landschaft, da ich mich bei meinen Besuchen ausschließlich dort aufhalte.Das Ambiente mit vielen Palmen und Orchideen rund um den Pool ist sehr ansprechend. Die Saunen sind originell gestaltet nach verschiedenen Themen ("Wiener Kaffeehaus", "Hühnenring", "Alhambra" usw.). Daneben gibt es die laut Guiness-Buch-Zertifikat größte Sauna der Welt mit neuerdings 80 Grad und eine 60 Grad warme Kinosauna, in der halbstündig Dokumentationen gezeigt werden. Der Aufgussplan gibt Informationen darüber, wo im 30-Minuten-Takt die Aufgüsse stattfinden. Für meinen Geschmack sind die Aufgüsse sehr angenehm und nicht allzu intensiv.Das Personal ist sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend. Erwähnenswert ist der schnelle Service an der Pool-Bar, der selbst zu sehr gut besuchten Zeiten funktioniert.Ein Teil der Liegen darf nicht reserviert werden, was besonders am Wochenende ganz angenehm ist, da man bei vielen Besuchern auch mal einen Platz zum Dösen findet. Insgesamt kann man in der Badewelt unheimlich gut enspannen, man fühlt sich für einen Tag wie im Urlaub. Es sei darauf hingewiesen, dass besonders am Wochenende viele Leute auf die gleiche Idee kommen, nämlich in der Badewelt zu entspannen, so dass es gegen Mittag sehr voll werden kann. Zu den Aufgusszeiten findet man in den kleineren Saunen dann schon 12 Minuten, bevor es los geht, nahezu keinen Platz mehr.Dennoch empfehle ich den Saunabereich der Badewelt ohne Einschränkung!

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