schwetzingen castle (schloss)


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schwetzingen castle (schloss)





only a few kilometers away from Heidelberg and this castle has a lovely garden with lakes and most of all perhaps the main attraction - the pink Moschee/ Mosque (which serves no religious purposes or whatsoever). Beautifully decorated with minarets and dome beside a small lake. To get inside the garden, you need to buy a ticket (only EUR3.00 for adults). A good alternative for an excursion from the bigger sister City of Heidelberg :)


We lived around the corner to this palace. Beautiful gardens to stroll through fond memories. Plenty to see and the Peacocks just strolling by are an added bonus.


the castle and gardens are very nice, well maintained and always worth a visit. But beware, the entrance fee you have to pay for the gardens. Such gardens in Bavaria cost no entrance fees.


The Castle has a nice and wide spread garden which is good to visit during Summer or Autumn.Castle is just ok


This is a sight to see when you visit Germany! To think someone had this entire property to themselves is wonderful! During the winter time, the gardens are still beautiful, you can imagine how breathtaking they are in the Spring. There is so much to see, regardless of the fact that everything is in German, you can still get pamphlets in English. a year pass to go walk through the gardens, walk your dogs, go for a jog is only E 22 (euros.) This was the first palace in Europe that had gardens, mimicked after the palace of Versailles. Definitely a place that I will go visit every time I am in Germany! My husband is German, his sister was my tour guide, the Mosque was created as a theme park of sorts when Arabian Nights first came out! Schwetzingen got two thumbs up from me, absolutely beautiful, to think the likes of Voltaire and Mozart were walking along the same paths as I did gives me goosebumps! We didn't get to go inside the theatre due to the winter time and didn't make a tour appointment, but I still enjoyed it immensely. Loved it!


This castle is not a must do, but if you have time left it is a very nice garden to visit. Unfortunately the castle was closed when we visited it. But the garden is very well maintained and if you like to stroll in a park it is a very nice area. I cannot appreciate this garden as it should be because I have visited Versaille in Paris .


Very lovely gardens, although you need to go there in summer months to fully enjoy the beauty. A charming mosque at the back of the gardens.


love to walk in the garden which is quite large. Very peaceful and relaxing! Entrance fee is very reasonable


It was very interesting getting there. We used the bus from Heidelberg (which you can pick up at the train station), nothing to it and it was easy as pie. Not used to things being this easy with the busses. Anyway, the gardens were a lot like Versailles, laid out the same way and with the same grandiuos design. We also took a tour of the Schloss but since it was in German, we got to read along with the guide. It was fine, not as opulent as some of the other palaces we’ve seen but the gardens made up for it.


Versailles is the nearest thing that's brought to mind - but without the crowds (or perhaps Fontainebleau given its proximity to the town). The gardens are vast and it's easy to get lost - make sure you get a map at the ticket desk. There are surprises everywhere - a huge mosque, temples, a bath house, ornamental fountains, orangery - even a flock of green parakeets. Money appeared to be no object. Allow plenty of time, particularly if you take the guided tour of the house (recommended, even if it was in German). Like others, we only really scratched the surface (the theatre was closed and we didn't get to the Orangery), but the gardens are open until quite late. Difficult to remember that this was only a summer residence.Tea/coffee and cake available at the end of the right-hand wing (a must), or by the main gate, but provision of toilets is a bit lacking. Parking in the town with easy walk in through the main gates.


Peaceful place, wonderful gardens. This is a very romantic and special place where you can relax and spend your day. Enjoy it!


This castle is amazing. The garden is one you couldn't even dream about its so beautiful. Perfect for an afternoon stroll with your significant other, or a coffee and cake at the cafe.


What a pleasant surprise is this beautiful park and palace with the orangeries in Schwetzingen! If you are up to a slow walk through acres and acres of well kept gardens, many bridges, romantic alleys, hidden statues, countless benches then this place is for you! Do not miss the mosque, which is the earliest mosque-style building in Germany. The courtyard of the mosque is a very charming and peaceful place. So, there are many things to see in this place. I was not able to see the theatre on my visit there.If you do not have 2-3 hrs to spare I would not go there then. I didn't know what to expect from the place before I visited it and was planning to spend an hour there and ended up staying almost until the closure at 20:00.


Versailles in Germany, Beautiful gardens and Castle, there was no carps in the pond and a lot of noise nearby, I visited this place many times, but the last time there were some weak points

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