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steinwasen park



We were two families with five kids ranging from 5 to 11. The facilities were excellent and we all had a great day out. We ate at the restaurant which was good value. Would visit again.


This is a delightful park suitable for big kids and little kids. The setting is amazing and looks beautiful, especially on a nice day. There is a great alpine coaster which is good fun and brakes are not required at all. The means of transportation to the top is very easy and you just sit back and relax. There is a chair lift to the top and the views are lovely. You can walk back down, there are wild boar and deer to look at on the way. Alternatively there is a double toboggan to go down on which is fun but it is possible to turn the sled over and fall off so take care. There is a good water boat ride with a unique lift system. You don't get very wet. Indoors there is a train coaster ride that goes round and round plus a powered toboggan ride. We wanted to have a meal at lunchtime there in the open air area, but it was mid week and there seemed to be only 2 staff on duty. We sat there with the menus for about 15 minutes with no sign of any service so we left. There was a small shop. It is a pay once fee for all of the attractions there. The staff were friendly and we spent a lovely few hours here. Strongly recommend a trip here.


We drove 105 Km from Strasbourg and reached Steinwasen Park (47°53'55.62"N 7°55'19.57"E) in about 01:30. It was good trip driving through this area with the surrounded nature. The Park is located in beautiful part of the Black Forest Region. There were ample free car parking area near the park entrance. We visited on Sunday and the park was not very crowded. We enjoyed the time we spent here with all its attractions. The park can attract very young children as well as matured adults. Everyone would enjoy his share. There are 2 summer slides which we tried them both.The unique attraction of the park is the 218m rope-hanging bridge which is said to be the longest hanging bridge in the world (not sure).


Great place. Great attractions. A coaster a little small, but bobs road is great. Lot of curves. great attraction. Definitely to visit. Great place for kids.


Although the conditions were bad - cold and rainy weather, we had a wonderful time in this park. There are options for indoors or outdoors (when the rain stops). Not big as other parks, but has a nice spot between the woods, with live animals around. We had fewer visitors and didn't have to wait in long lines for every attraction. fun fun fun


A really fun day out. The toboggan runs are exhilarating for adults and children and its location allows you to enjoy the natural feel of the schwarzwald whilst experiencing the thrill of a fun fair. A wonderful place to go, well signposted and highly recommended.


If you like hurtling down a mountain in metal slides, then this is the place for you! A variety of faux toboggan rides, both indoors and out, as well as a wild animal park. Brilliantly organised, and even in the middle of summer, the queues weren't too horrendous. Best with children, but us two big kids on the wrong side of 50, we still had the best day ever here!


even for older people - we wnet there age 23-33 and walked the hanging bridge and tried the cart track...I love these! WIld animals as well.great for a day trip from Freiburg.


The park offer 3 main attraction and some other ride facilities. Nice area surrounded by animals which the kids enjoy while walking in the park. The park accept hochschwarzwald card and entrance is free for card holder.


A nice park to visit as a family in the Black Forest. There are many activities that parents and children will enjoy especially on a sunny day.


As far as our children (5 and 7) are concerned, this was the highlight of the holiday. We went during German term-time, and so virtually had the place to ourselves – no queuing at all. Having several indoor rides is a great idea for when it is rainy. Interesting to have rides that you control yourself. Spent the whole day here.


We went to the park On a Semi rainy day. The locations is pretty close to Freiburg and the way there is really nice.The park ticket costs 80 euro (2 adults +2kids ages 5 & 10). In the park you can use all the attractions at this ticket including the coasters, train etc..We really enjoyed it! After a while it started raining but we didn't care...we continued sliding on the mountain coaster , as each one of them had also a small cover roof . You can join also some traines and Coates which are inside the hurdling along with a nice museum , small and sweet.Over all we enjoyed a lot. The price is a bit too high though.


Wonderful park for young children. My almost 8 year old twins (and their parents) were so excited with all attractions they experienced. Their favorites were the river splash and the two indoor rides that they did several times. We did not try the bobslead run.


We went to Steinwasen park on a wednesday in August, and we found it fabulous. Our 5 years old girl liked it a lot too. Besides, all the lines were not more than 20 mins to wait, even for the top attractions. The park is perfect if you go with kids up to 10-12. Or if you are not so fond of super rollercoasters as we. Otherwise, if you are looking for adrenaline, stay home or go to another park. My wife and I are a bit coward for rolling and turning attactions, so we found this park definitely suitable to us. We especially loved the chairlift and the two summer bobsleights: absolutely amazing. But also the riversplash was not bad. We stayed there from the opening time until the closure, and we never stopped riding. We will go again if ever visit the Black Forest in the future


Very successful mix of amusement park and Zoo.Kids Loved it. We have been there for half a day, and i believe this was enough. Do not miss.

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