hohenneuffen castle


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hohenneuffen castle



This imposing structure can be seen up on the mountain top from all over the region, but it's not hard to get there and the walk up to it along a wide paved path through the woods is not long though steel at times. The ruin itself is fun to run around, the views are incredible, the history is interesting and you can enjoy simple refreshments from a small stand that also sells souvenirs. Great place for a wedding or outing. This ruin rules


This is a nice walk for all ages and a wonderful place to take in the scenery while enjoying a cold beer, wurst and pommes with ketchup and mayo. The paragliders and gliders dropped by a plane were numerous. We also enjoyed the falconry show that was a special event of the day.


From Stuttgart it is a nice drive to Neuffen, and and once you drive to the castle, it is a pleasant walk from the parking lot. On a clear day you have a fantasic views of the area. There is a small cafe in the castle, so relax and have a beer and watch the paragliders circle the area. Or as many others did, bring a picnic lunch and hang-out for the afternoon.


The Castle are the fortified ruins of the old Castle that once stood in full glory on this location. The proprieters created a great location for a day-trip to walk up the hill, past the castle walls, through the gates into the main courtyard. Facilities, such as toilets, bistro, restaurant and falken show, are present.The view you will get is amazing. On a good day you see the Schwäbische Albs in full glory, see Stuttgart city in the distance and can enjoy the sun on the bistro's patio with a nice cool glass of Weizenbeer. That is..... if you can find a seat. On a busy day, it is really busy.....They mention on their website that it is babystroller compatible, which is true for most part. The cobblestone road was for our trip not so suitable and we carried our 6-months old son on the arms while pushing the stroller upwards.Other than that, go an enjoy a nice piece of history.


This castle dominates the surrounding area and gives impressive views over a region the historic roots of which reach back into Neolithic times


get there for dinner about an ahour or two before sunset on a nice day. you will not forget it! be prepared to walk a couple of kilometers on cobblestones.


I grew up in this part of Germany, & returned most recently in October 2010 (TA wouldn't let me enter a date that far back) for the first time with children. I've been to this castle many times. This is a great castle for kids to explore, although there are some dicey spots where younger children should definitely be kept away from edges. The food at the restaurant is fantastic, & the views from this castle are amazing. There is a long arched hallway w/ several intact rooms at the end, & multiple levels & lookouts to climb. I would highly recommend this castle, especially to Americans, and would say it is worth going to if you are within an hour of it.


One of my favorite castles in the region. A good lookout, food with reasonable prices and could be arrived by a convenient walking tour.


I live in the area and go here all the time. it is also a must see trip for out of towners. I recommend going on a sunday when the falconer is there, then grabbing something at the restaurant where the staff is wonderful and the food is excellent and varied with seasonal specialties. after that head down into town to go the thermal bath in beuren - this is especially good on a cold day since you warm back up and still have a view of the castle


We have been for their festivals, private parties, bird shows and just regular days. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, it is always a great place to visit. Be sure you have good walking shoes on for the walk up from the parking area. It gets a bit steep & can be slippery on wet days. There is a biergarten on top as well as a very good restaurant.


Linda construção. Lugar perfeito Para curtir uma neve (para nós dos países que não Neva). A menos de 1h de sttutgart.


Schöne Aussicht bei schönem Wetter kann man bis Stuttgart sehen,gut als Wanderziel man kann oben am Kiosk essen oder im Restaurant . Immer wieder Events


Огромный замок-укрепление на горе, прям как в сказке. С него открывается отличный вид на "Швабские Альпы". Внутри есть ресторан, проводятся средневековые игры, шоу с участием хищных птиц.


Es ist einfach eine supper burg und sie ist für und Rollstuhl fahre gerecht und mann kann gut essen sind gastfreundlich und mann kann dort supper feste feiern und das beste ist die falkenshow und das ist seher beeidrukend und man viel über m


Fuimos a Neuffen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Alemania y nos encontramos un bosque encantado con un un imponente castillo en la cúspide que además era un restaurante, muy sabrosa la comida y además muy variada

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