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Families discover more than 60 attractions in seven themed worlds in the...


We went with our 2 year old to the park. If you are only visiting the area and an annual pass does not make sense it is a bit on the expensive side which is the first impression you get. Besides this it is one of the best parks for kids I have encountered. You will miss all the computerised games and attractions you will find for example in English fun fairs at the seaside town. Somebody put a lot of thought in the park and travelled back into his childhood and had a go himself. Our son loved every minute of it and in the end it was money well spend.


We went here it's last weekend of the season. i was worried that with the cold weather we might be limited since it seemed to market the water rides in it's brochure. we were pleasantly surprised--there was tons to do and the rides were a good range--mostly for the younger kids but a few bigger rides. we would go back if we were in the area but wouldn't make a special trip just for this park--but the bodensee is right near by and fabulous--a lovely weekend! PS, the store close to the entrance had tons of ravensburger puzzles and games for a ridiculously cheap price!


We've spent the entire day there, together with our daughter. Everything was just fine even if the entrance fee it's a little bit to high.


It is a nice park spread out between farm fields in Germany. They keep it very clean and functional, the staff is nice. The target audience is kids aged 2-7, may be 2-8. The characters (all of them known only in German speaking countries), the themes, the content are reminiscent of the 60s and 70s and have not evolved further. Going there is like taking a historic nostalgic time travel into a specific space and time: how children were entertained /educated in Germany 30-50 years ago. There are some rides, except 1-2 they are all very slow and gentle (hence 6 years old can go alone). It is good, but if you have any kid older than that, they will already have been exposed to much more excitement, coolness, technology, thrill and speed....that you will not find there. Just to manage expectations. There is also a shop with toys, games. etc. for which Ravensburger stands for: traditional, high quality, highly educational. Different approach than yet another iPad App, Nintendo game, or Xbox..., good to look into it.


We went to Ravensburger Spieleland with our two sons, two and three years old. Great thing about this park: There is no permanent jingling "music" and there is no blatant on-going marketing (as you would know it from Disney-parks). Yes, Ravensburger sells its board games - but just in the stores. The staff are very kind, dressed normally (in colourful uniforms), speak good English and German (we didn't try out other languages). The park has lots of green, a convenient little train and the attractions are all very clean, well-kept and not too extreme for little kids. Children get a chance to just play and be and it is no problem to eat your pic-nique at the tables. The water park / playground (Waterland) was a huge hit with our kids, as were the real-sized construction site vehicles. Definitely bring some extra-clothes for the water action! We can't wait to go there again...


We decided to visit yet another amusement park in Germany (last year we visited Legoland). We were at the gates 15 minutes before opening and left well after the park closed. Spending more then 8 hours means that we had lots of fun. It is great that most rides are suitable for the youngest, but I suspect older kids might find the park a bit borring. I really liked that some attractions are made in a way that whole family can participate and compete against other families. One the down side we had to wait quite a while for more popular rides, eventhough we visited on weekday and the weather was not at its best. I can only imagine the crowds on sunny saturday. There are two restaurants in the park and some ice-cream, snacks stalls. Prices are not too steep. Toilette facilities are spotless and kid friendly. There is a small shop selling Ravensburg products (I saw 1000 pc puzzles selling for 3 €), judging by many visitors carrying huge shoppi.ng bags it seems there there are bargins to be caught.Special attention for campervan owners: you can spend the night on the parking for 10€ per night.


Some rides are fun but not so much attractive to children older than 10 years old, especially if you have been to much bigger major amusement parks. But was a good day off with young children. We spent whole day from early in the morning.


Visited this park last weekend for the 4th time with my family (kids 7,5,2) Every time I go there I am always so impressed with the park. It is filled with great rides for kids of any age. (I think maybe by 10 years of age they are getting to old but still see kids 12 - 13 years there having fun). What I enjoy most about this place is there are many attractions and the wait time is 5-10 mins maximum. Most times we could just go straight on. The whole family got into the park for around 100 Euro. Last month we were in Olrando and paid 400+ USD on entry fee alone. It was so crowded with wait times over 100 minutes for a 2 minute ride. Plus the food and everything else was way over priced. Ravensburg Spieleland is just so relaxed and easy going it makes a perfect day out. Plus great value for money. I will go back at least once a year and the kids are excited every time.


Entry cost 104-euros for 2-adults and 2 young children, but the kids loved it. Great rides, and no major queues when we were there (on a particularly hot August day)


Fully agree with the previous reviews, that the park is best for kids aged 3-9. My kid is almost 9 and Spieleland was great fun for the whole family. If she was older it could get more difficult. But for younger kids there are lots of attractions, so you can spend many hours doing different things and you will not get bored. A great pro is that you do not need to wait in a queue for long (as you do e.g. in Paris Eurodisneyland) – the maximum waiting time was probably 15 minutes (1 case) and usually you don’t need to wait for more than 5 minutes. We liked some slides, bull riding as well as 4D cinema the most, but there is really plenty to do. Highly recommended.


Came with low expectations after visiting Europa Park and Efteling...but, the place suits young children the best. If your kids are under 10, I advise you to go for it.We spent a few nights in Lindau, which is a spactacular place to stay in, the park is about 30 Min far with a car.Mix of very easy ,to need to think and to "kids extreme" nice and thoughtful.Do not expect a giant park with parades, this is Not the place, but if you have young kids it is definitally is!Gil


Spent a day at the park august 2012. The park is quite big and has lots of playgrounds and areas for kids to play. Everything is made for younger kids, so if you have kids older than 9 I think they will be bored very quickly. The rides are quite fun, and not too wild, so the youngest can join most of the fun. If you register at the website, you can skip the lines for four or five of the rides, it's free and worth the while. Don't try the helicopter memory ride, boooring for everyone.For a German park, the food is not very good, and the lines were long. We attributed this to the parks location near Bodensee and the swiss border :-)If you have kids aged 3-9 this park is worth a visit. Come early, it's a big park.


This place is big enough not to feel crowded. Lots of green areas and playgrounds if the queues are long to the attractions. Poor food though, will bring our own next time.


What a great place for kids. This wonderful place had so many creative things to do, I was just amazed. My kids, aged 5 and 9 absolutely loved it. I think it would be less fun for older kids.This place was great, would love to go back, if only to play with the creative water damming toy area in the Wasserpark. Be aware: don't expect the employees to speak English, and the signs are only in German.


This is a fantastic park with lots to do. Some attraction you have to get involved as a parent which is fun! Our three and a half-year old could do all attraction but five because of his age - and the favorite was the little tractors!

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