hornberg castle


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hornberg castle

The castle of the small village of Hornberg, located in the beautiful...


Keys to the castle are held at the adjacent hotel. A local saying goes "as useful as an Hornberg shooting" and this is explained by a short DVD in the base of the castle. I didn't count them but there are many steep steps leading to the top of the castle and, be warned, the lighting is not great. However the 360 degree views from the top are very worthwhile.


for 2 Euro you gain access to a 10th century castle ruin. They are doing restoration work in the ruins but you still get to do a lot or exploring. There is a hotel, restaurant and winery on the property so it is a lot of fun. The road up to the castel is one lane both directions. A little scary for american drivers.


This morning we climbed to the top of the tower of Hornberg Castle -- a partially ruined castle located on a steep outcrop with sweeping views of the Neckar river valley below. The original castle was built in the 11th century and was the stronghold of Baron von Berlichingen. Great views. Great setting. Great castle.


You can park at the castle for free and hike in the forest behind it (listen for the cuckoos) or along the top rim of the Neckar valley and enjoy the views.


I have rated the Schuetzen guest house as excellent on previous visits to Hornberg and it is still great. I neglected to mention that included with one's stay is a free rail pass on the regional Black Forest rail service. This card is known as KONUS. The area is huge! One can ride all the way to Karlsruhe in the north and all the way to Basil, Switzerland in the south. Transfer at different cities and ride the train all around the Black Forest area. We spent a Saturday riding up to Offenburg to transfer to the line going down to Freiburg. Although the winter weather was cranky, we still enjoyed that beautiful city, especially its incredible cathedral. The coffee shops and outdoor market were great. We then rode all the way up to Karlsruhe where we walked about in the early evening to find a restaurant for our Abend Essen (dinner). We then rode carefree all the way back to Hornberg. No worry about winding country roads in a car rental while enjoying all the scenery stress free! One can't do any better than kostenlos! (cost free!) Thanks to Armin Hartmann at the Schuetzen for promoting this great amenity!


When you drive trough the town, you can't miss the castle rising abowe the town as a beautiful trademark. You can drive up to the castle a walk around it, as well as going on a walk in the hills with its beautifull panoramic sigts.


This caste ruin overlooks the village of Hornburg. Just follow the "Schlossburg" signs and you'll find it. There is a hotel under major renovation right next to it. It really is only one tower of the original castle, so you don't need more than a few minutes to walk around, but the views and photo opportunities are well worth it.


Muito legal o passeio para quem está com crianças ou adolescentes porque é permitido explorar todo o castelo, onde viveu o Cavaleiro da Mão de Ferro (personagem de um livro de Goethe).


El interior no es visitable, pero el paseo hasta allí es muy agradable, bordeando los bosques de la Selva Negra, y las vistas valen la pena.


Do antigo castelo só resta uma torre, há um novo que é um hotel mas o atrativo do local são as vistas que se tem da cidade, do vale e da linha de trem, a única suspensa da Alemanha.


Крепость на горе, открывается захватывающий вид на окрестности и долину реки Некар. Билет в замок стоит 3 евро, дают продегустировать глоток вина. Активно идут реставрационные работы, из-за этого замок частично в строительных лесах. Но при этом он не теряет своей аутентичности и загадочности. Много разных ходов, башенок, комнаток. Проложена тропинка к дереву, которому более 500 лет. Есть башенка с решеткой в полу, включив свет на дне можно увидеть скелет, устрашающее:) сохранилась атмосфера древности и загадочности, хотя замок полуразрушен. Можно подняться на самый верх, в башню, откуда открывается потрясающий вид.


Hier ißt man sehr sehr gut und das Schloß Hornberg hat eine unglaublich grosse Historie.In Gruppen dort einen Tisch zu buchen und auch zu übernachten, istein Erlebnis.


Die Burgruine Hornberg gehört zu einem Gesamtkomplex,wo auch noch das Hotel und dazugehöriges Restaurant (nicht ganz günstig) angeschlossen sind (jetzt gerade in den Winterwochen zeitweise geschlossen) und außerdem stehen auch noch Weine vom eigenen Weingut zum Verkauf,zum schon beschriebenen Eintrittspreis von 3€ bietet sich der Gang durch die Mauern der Burgruine an,verbunden mit einem schönen Blick auf Neckarzimmern und das Neckartal,hier ist gutes Wetter von Vorteil.Die Burg ist mit dem Pkw erreichbar und es stehen kostenfreie Parkplätze zur Verfügung.


Sul colle sopra Hornberg ci sono le rovine di un castello costruito nel Trecento e abitato per un paio di secoli dai signori locali come indica una targa. Del castello non rimane molto, essenzialmente la torre, ma dal luogo che si raggiunge seguendo l’indicazione Schlossberg si gode una bella vista sul borgo e sulla valle.


Sehr schöne Burgruine mit zahlreichen Gebäudeteilen, welche besichtigt werden können. Außerdem gibt s einen tollen Ausblick über das Neckartal. Restaurant, Hotel und Weingut runden das Angebot ab. Eintrittsmünzen gibt es im Verkauf des Weingutes (3€/ Erwachsener). Auch für kleine Kinder gut geeignet, allerdings sollte man sie im Außenbereich im Blick haben.

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