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Getting up with the cable car and have a nice hike on the Schauinsland (if you translate it literally: look-the-countryside).


Tried going up this mountain but the gondola was closed due to heavy winds. But a local told us we can drive up. Which was great. The drive itself was quite nice. At the top there was winter activities but we weren't prepared for it but just enjoyed the scenery. I think there are better views on route B500 but still worth if you are staying in the area.


Amazing and wonderful place. Unique adventure for the whole family. The mountain with snow is unbelievable.


Such a beautiful mountain so close to Freiburg city. Even I am living in Freiburg and went there countless times, but I cannot get bored of it. If you like hiking, snowshoeing, mountainbiking, cross-country skiing, running or just love enjoying the landscape - the Schauinsland is a great place to go! You can take the cablecar but also walk or bike uphill.


The views on the way up and from the top are amazing. It's well worth the trip up. We had a walk around some of the trails too which offered even more stunning views out towards the Alps. Although a bit of a climb, the view from the tower is also worth the effort. The kids enjoyed the little play park up the top too.


Enjoyable ride to the summit after trip to Frieburg and also a walk at the top. Family of 5 - 2 teenagers and 6 year old all enjoyed. Used Black card (Schwarzwald card) for ride to top


Its long ride to the top (around 15min) and you get to see nice view (if the weather happens to be nice). Good place for hiking and downhill biking but nothing that special. Probably would be more spectacular during the wintertimes.


nice view, looong way, the cabins are far from ventilated - it is hot inside, on the top you can go to a 45 minutes mines trip. The whole experience is nice, no more


I made a day trip out to this cable car from Freiburg and it was a great way to spend the day! From Freiburg it's really easy to get there. You can take a tram to Günterstal (the end of the line) and then from there take a bus (21) right to the base of the cable car station. Once in the cable car, it takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the top, the views from the car are amazing, and once on the top of the mountain, even more spectacular. At the top, there are a lot of great trails to go hiking, a lookout tower, and a cafe/restaurant. I recommend bringing a small backpack with extra layers of clothes. I went in the spring and the weather changes a lot, and you never know what to expect at the top of a mountain; one minute it's hot and another minute it's cold again. Also make sure to check the website beforehand to make sure it's open, sometimes it's closed for maintenance. I had a blast going by myself, so definitely a great idea for solo travelers who like to be outdoors or hiking! But I'd also recommend for all parties, although it might be a little difficult on the paths for families with young kids in strollers.


Well worth a visit but ensure you have appropriate footwear for walking and warm clothes (it was rather cool at the restaurant though they do provide blankets), especially if you wish to go into the mines. Unfortunately I didn't so I couldn't!!


After seeing publicity for this attraction at every tram stop I checked it out and made the trip out of Freiburg by tram and bus only to find the cable car shut - and was advised there was no point returning the following day (15/5 and 16/5). I'd seen reference to spring maintenance on their website, and had checked the German pages to see this was listed for March, so I don't know the reason for this sudden closure.


We took a tram from the Altstadt in Freiburg to this cable car up a mountain. Tram/bus ride took only 30 minutes. It was a nice escape from the city. The cable car ride took about 15 minutes. At the top there were lots of hiking trails (many kms - you can choose short or long it is all marked) through woods and meadows. Also a restaurant with good food and reasonably priced. There is also a look-out.


Nice place for all family located nesr frieburg. You can take cable car and walk around in beautiful nature


Esta montanha, com 1.284 metros de altura, fica dentro dos limites da cidade de Freiburg e proporciona vistas fantásticas da cidade, da Floresta Negra e da planície do Reno. Vale a pena pegar o ônibus no centro e ir até lá.


Fahrt war ausgezeichnet und dank des schlechten Wetters auch wenig los. Die Aussicht ist grandios und die Fahrt auch ausreichend lang und obwohl Kinder bis 6 Jahren kostenlos fahren, ist die Berg- & Talfahrt mit 12 € pro Person trotzdem zu teuer!

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