schwarzwaelder trachtenmuseum in haslach


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schwarzwaelder trachtenmuseum in haslach



A wonderful open air museum. The property is beautifully laid out, its well presented and cared for. Our children are 7 and 5, they were captivated by the many varying farmhouses and amazed by all the old farm equipment. Animals, beautiful gardens, people in costume, an array of displays, lovely playground, the list goes on. We spent the whole morning wandering around the property, definitely worth a visit, especially for a young family.


Exhibits traditional Black Forest costumes. Fairly specialised, entry is only 2 Euros, kids under 6 free. Requires an hour or so, unless you are really into the subject, in which case you could spend the whole day here.


This is a small museum in Haslach im Kinzigtal. It is located in a former Kapuciner abbey.It's a classical costume museum with mannequins dressed in various costumes from the Schwarzwald region set up in a number of showcases. Each showcase showing men's, women's and children's costumes from an area, withshoes and everything. Of cause the emphasis is on dress up rather than everyday clothesTher is also a number of showcases with individual items of different types, showing, for example, the development of the typical Schwarzwald Bollenhut.For anyone with at least a remote interest in traditional costumes, it is well worth visiting, or for anyone that happens to bass by Haslach anyway.The museum is closed on Mondays.While in Haslach, don't miss taking a look at the town of Haslach itself. It's a lovely little town,worth a visit for it's own sake, with an irregular plan, some narrow curved streets, timber framed houses, window shutters and geraniums in the windows. It's different from Schiltach, so it is well worth a visit even though you also visit Schiltach.


Die Historische Altstadt von Haslach ist wirklich einen Besuch wert. Tolle Geschäfte schöne Cafés und auch Restaurants. Auch die Gebäude selbst sind einen Besuch wert. Schauen Sie selbst.


authentiek maar klein museum met een mooie collectie typische klederdrachten van het zwarte woud . Haslach is wel een gezellig en mooi stadje


Wie es früher war kann man hier lernen. Eine Art Natur- und Geschichtspark. Sehr viele schöne alte Gegenstände und Kleidungsstücke. Sehr zu empfehlen für Familien. Kinder werden es lieben und staunen über eine tolle Geschichte.


Eine Reise in die Vergangenheit! Man wird für einige Zeit in die Vergangenheit zurück versetzt und gewinnt wunderbare Eindrücke wie es früher einmal war! Dieses Kulturjuwel muss erhalten bleiben!

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