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atomkeller haigerloch



This is the place that could have changed history - come and see where the Nazis hoped to develop the atomic bomb - but luckily failed. Small place - could do with more of the exhibits and films being presented in English and French as well as German.


The Atomkeller is where experiments in nuclear fission were done by the Germans towards the end of WWII. They were all the way down here because it was considered relatively safe. This area had been spared heavy bombing, and it was felt that the Soviets wouldn't come this far. As luck would have it, there was an old beer cellar cut into the rock cliff under the church, and it was available for rent. To be honest, I don't really understand what all went on here. I bought the book so I could learn (available in English for a few euro), since all the signs are only in German. I looked at the book, but I still don't exactly understand. I do know that the Americans dismantled it, but that it has been restored. (With fake uranium, or course). It's a bit tricky to find, but as long as you remember that it is in the cliff under the church, you can find it. It's pretty small, so I would recommend doing it on the way to something else. There's not a whole lot to do in Haigerloch.


Geschichtlich bedeutsam, das ist keine Frage. Das Museum selbst ist dann jedoch recht umspektakulär.


Erg interessant alleen viel de grote van het geheel wat tegen. Schokend dat de Duisters zo dicht bij de ontwikkeling van de atoombom stonden en de geschiedenis een hele andere wending had kunnen krijgen.


Der Atomkeller in Haigerloch ... zur genauen Geschichte wurde schon etwas geschrieben. Haigerloch in der Gesamtheit ist schon wirklich ein Besuch wert. Der Atomkeller ist nicht so groß und beeindruckend wie der Name vermuten lässt. Ein großer Raum mit verschiedenen Installationen. Für Mensen die solche Sachen besonders interessiert sicherlich ein muß, für alle anderen nur mit Führung zu empfehlen. Aufgrund meiner Bewertung zu sehen schön aber nicht der Bringer.

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