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zeppelin museum

In Zeppelin Museum guests can discover around 1500 exhibits on 4000m...


Fascinating period in history perfectly captured and explained. If you are anyway near, take a detour and head for the museum, well signed, good parking. Glimpse at a brief era of air travel that's full of surprises. Great setting, great canteen (always important) and for once exit through the gift shop is a bonus!


If you find yourself on or near the shores of Lake Constance and are looking for a unique experience, check out the Zeppelin Museum in Friedrichshafen. We enjoyed the interactive installations, especially the Hindenburg and variety of artifacts. This is a museum for young and old alike. Those who love history and technology will be amazed.


This is an interesting museum, but could be better. Tracing the history of airship production in the area, the displays are good, but only a few have information cards in a language other than German!More interesting is the way I. Which the Second World War appears to have been glossed over. The Nazi Party seems not to have existed, and is never mentioned, only the National Socialist party is acknowledged. One gets the distinct impression that Someone(!) was a pretty solid sympathiser.Owing to the lack of English language information, a working knowledge of German would help, and/or sufficient engineering and technical knowledge to work out the displays for oneself.The museum does have a nice cafe restaurant overlooking the harbour.


LIked the example of the cabin in the Zepplins and I liked seeing the pieces of the Hindenberg. It is a nice museum.


Not really a museum, more like a competence centre and a corporate archive, preserving, exhibiting, and passing on knowledge on the history of German airship building. There is also an art gallery showing the works of Lake Constance regional artists and craftsmen. This is in line with the museum concept of linking technology and art, you can see and judge by yourself.


This museum was great. My husband, who isn into aircraft, loved it. There's interactive areas that you can walk through to get a real feel for a zepellin which is fun. There are "suitcases" that you can buy for the kids and then there are activities and handouts throughout--definitely worth it. there is a hands on science area which all ages had a fun time playing with. the museum doesn't take too long, but it is nice. and all of that plus a cute zepellin spielplatz outside for kiddos. win-win!


I didn't know much about Zeppelins before coming to the museum. I was amazed at the full-size model of a small portion of the Hindenburg. There was lots of information in English. We stayed for 2 hours, but could have stayed for 3 hours, easily. They laid out all the information wonderfully and even had rooms with hands-on exhibits on how flight works.


A unique museum that combines technology with art. Find out a lot of stuff about one of the largest flying object built by man. He deserves all the money. Unfortunately too few explanations in English.


we had a very well spent rainy day at this museum, very easy to find and well signposted even on the approach to the town. its an impressive building with many relics and information of the whole history of balloon flight. there is plenty of information in english but as another person stated, it suddenly seems to run out and there are labels only which is a shame and so easy to fix. the mock aircraft section is excellent i have to say, very well put together.


Dear dopeyhopey, thank you very much for your visit and your very good rating.We are very happy that you enjoyed the museum, the exhibits and the shop.Most of our guests are very satisfied with the restaurant. They appreciate the wonderful view over the harbour and Lake Constance. Surely we are going to inform them about your complaint to make our services even better.Best regards,Your team of the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen


Dear Mrs-holidaymaker,Thank you very much for your visit and your kind rating.You are right, the centerpiece of our exhibition is “only” a partial 1:1 model of the original LZ 129 Hindenburg, but it is at least 33m long. As you can imagine it is simply not possible for us to show a full size model, because the original was 245m long with a maximum diameter of 41.2m, which is much more than 2 times longer than the complete museum building.Regarding the English translations you are right. As you maybe know we redesigned and renovated the whole exhibition space for the last five years. All main exhibits are already equipped with an English translation and we are working hard to complete also the small rest of it.We are glad you enjoyed your visit and hope you will come back to learn more about the fascination Zeppelin.Best regards,Your team of the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen


We visited the museum with friends and I was amazed at how well arranged the exhibits were. For anyone wanting to find out a bit more about the Hindenburg and Zeppelins in general this place is a marvel. After visiting the museum we took a Zeppelin ride over Lake Constance, but to be truthful, I found the museum much more exciting.


Really good modern museum layout in elegant re-use of the former railway station. The partial reconstruction of the inside of the Hindenburg is very interesting - includes items of crew uniform which gave human touch to the displays. The historical and development displays on lower floor were excellent too. Only "issue" is the inconsistent level of translation on the displays - some of the boards are put into English, but only perhaps 30% of the total. So if your German isn't fairly fluent, you might find this frustrating. (The Dornier Museum out at FN airport has everything in both German & English ... just saying). But mainly a grand day out!


A really good exhibition in English and German. You get to stand inside a partial replica of the Hindenburg (it was massive!). Definitely worth a visit.


the zeppelin museum is well worth a visit. most of the captions rate in german but also in english. it is well laid out a relatively cheap especially if its raining. you will often see the modern airships over lake bodensee.

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