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uferpromenade friedrichshafen



The view is simply stunning - you can see Austria on your left and Switzerland on your right.There are great restaurants on the surroundings and even a farmer's market on the weekends.I love to watch the ducks and seagulls looking for fish on the transparent waters of the Bodensee!


Just walking around old town and the promenade give you such a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. Restaurants, bars and shops all around the place. A must go place if you are in the area


Start by climbing the stairs to the top of the view tower close to the ferry boats, to enjoy a stunning view over the lake, Alps, and Friedrichshafen. Then, have an ice cream at "Kaffee - Brot - Wein" you won't find more delicious ice cream (and cakes and coffee) north of the Alps than in this Cafe. Take a long stroll from the ferry boats all the way along the promenade, parks, Biergarten, marina, and up to the castle/church. Best at the end of a sunny day in July. One of my favorite spots in Europe.


The promenade stretches all along the waterfront of Friedrichshafen and is great for a walk in the sunshine and to admire the views over the lake. There are plenty of cafés, restaurants and parks along the way, making for a lovely way to spend and afternoon or a morning in the town.


suitable for sunny and warm days. winter is pretty cold and miserable. on clear days u can see the alps opposite. its great.


It is worth the walk to stroll through the park. On a clear day the mountains on the Swiss side can be seen in all of its majesty. The park is near the shopping district, train station, and the boat ferry. If you are near any of these transport centers walk it on your way to your destination. Weather is key to a pleasant visit. It is subject to the conditions of the Bodensee which may be different from the weather inland.


A lovely functioning marina including a number of boat trips to switzerland and german, plenty of restaurants and parks for all ages. Includes crazy golf and the school museum. Opposite the train station,


As the temperature reached 40C on the day we were there, it was difficult to enjoy the stroll to the full. But anyway I would stronly recommend taking a walk on the promenade as there is always a lot to do and see. There are many restaurants if you want to relax and have a drink or something to eat. We were there on Sunday so there were loads of stalls selling anything and everything as well as street buskers. There is also a tower with the stairs so you can take pictures of the lake from above. Definitely pleasantly spent time.


We take a walk from Zeppelin Museum along this promenade and the view was nice. It was rainy and a bit cloudy but we can still see many people with their family and friends who also enjoying the walk along the promenade. You can see the swan in the lake even feed them sometimes. Lovely place, not so many tourist. We spent sometimes to sit down on the rocks and playing with the water. I think this is a perfect weekend gateway eventhough its not a bright sunny day.


Wenns warm ist und die Sonne scheint ist's wunderschön die Uferpromenade entlang zu laufen. Der einzige Nachteil ist das im Sommer komischerweise alle Leute auf die Idee kommen am See entlang zu laufen :D Da kann's dann halt schon mal eng werden ...


Пройтись по променаде, посидеть в одном из кафе или на террасе - вид сверху замечательный, часто уличные музыканты, своя особая атмосфера


La promenade est agréable et permet de longer le lac ; plusieurs restaurants et boutiques longent la promenade.


Im Sommer kann die Häfler Promenade definitiv nicht bestechen. Es ist gnadenlos überfüllt und dementsprechend auch recht laut.Wer früh aufsteht, kann die Promenade genießen, aber sobald die Sonne rauskommt, kommen auch die ganzen Menschenmassen.Im Winter ist die Promenade allerdings sehr zu empfehlen, weil man meist fast allein unterwegs ist und es wirklich genießen kann, die super gute Seeluft einzuatmen!


Leider ist die Winterzeit nicht gerade die beste Zeit, um an der Uferpromenade entlang zu bummeln. Die Gartenrestaurants sind auch geschlossen und es gibt auch keinen Rummel.


Die längste durchgehende Promenade am Bodensee, an schönen Wochenenden leider total überlaufen. Der Fahrbahnbelag bedarf dringend einer Erneuerung, hier spart die Stadt an der falschen Stelle. Nach Regenschauern bilden sich riesige Wasserpfützen. Da dies eigentlich das Herzstück der Häfler Altstadt und ein Publikumsmagnet ist, könnte wesentlich mehr aus der Promenade gemacht werden.

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