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When we visit my Dad in Germany we always try and drive over to Tripsdrill for a great day out. The way from Stuttgart to Tripsdrill on the motorway is very well signposted. We don't have children, we are both "grown up adults" but we enjoy fun and laughter so much and there certainly is a lot of that at Tripsdrill! What is best is, that you pay an entrance fee and than you can stay the whole day and enjoy all the rides as often as you want!!! (or until you feel sick)We don't recommend eating there as it is very expensive so take a rucksack with some food and drinks.If you want to be a child again and just be carefree for a day then this is the best place to go. Last year we celebrated my birthday there and I loved it. Fantastic!!By the way, nobody will make you feel "weird" for being there without children! We saw many adults that were there just to enjoy themselves :)


This is a lovely family park with rides to suit all ages but nothing too extreme. We were there on a Thursday in September and it was very quiet. The gardens at this time of year were lovely. The theming in many areas was very well done.The wooden coaster is very good but could pack a bit more of a punch. The new one this year, xxxxxwas very good indeed and the other two coasters were fun. The log flume was good with some interesting twists and turns. There are other fun and unusual rides/attractions such as the drop tower in the trees, the rope bridge and the tubs. We also fed the goats but I was unable to get the food out of the machine because they all pushed me out of the way and a big one got his nose up the outlet before I could get anyway near. It was all quite funny though.The main restaurant was very nice with a variety of meals. I had pork with mushroom sauce followed by ice cream, others had Black Forest gateau, which was good. It was reasonably priced and the service was very friendly. The shop was good and sold up to date postcards, other souvenirs and some wine with a rollercoaster label. The staff were very helpful.All in all an excellent place for a day out and I would recommend it.


Came here in October 2012 with my then 22 month old son. There was loads for him to do already and family rides we were all able to do, he loved it! We are coming back in 4 weeks and I can't wait, more excited than for alton Towers, as the queues are never long and there are far more family friendly rides to enjoy!The Animal park was absolutely breath-taking too, we loved getting close to deer and the falconry was excellent!


I was there almost a month ago. I had a lot of fun there with my friends. It's a really good place to have fun and a really good day with family or friend. I'd love to go there again whenever I come to Germany again. Also "Karacho" is my favourite. You should absolutely try it!


This is a family-favorite location to visit. I have two kids under 7 and they love this park but it is also fun for older kids. Although best geared for under 12 year old kids it is still fun for the entire family. They have recently added the wooden roller coaster and the one they goes upside down while sitting with just a lap bar....very fun! The smaller rides are great for the younger kids and they can do many rides by themselves! Some rides you need to pedal yourself and they have funky bikes you can ride too, very interactive. Your ticket price includes a free wine shot glass or kids glass but you have to go to the mini wine museum in the park to get it. It also has a great grassy park area near the playground so you can relax in the nice weather and enjoy the beautiful wine country that surrounds the park.


We have three kids and we have been coming here once a year for the last few years. This year was the first time that our 12 year old expressed that she was getting a big bored. She was too big for the small kids rides. But the park is small, so while we went over to the Wildpark to see the animals she stayed behind and went on the "big kids rides" - many times. So all in all she was happy enough.The two small ones (9 and 6) love it. The height limit for the small kids is pretty low so our six year old got to do everything (well, except the new rollercoaster Karacho). You are pretty much through after five to six hours, so we went to the Wildpark to see bears, wolves, etc. That was nice. Afterwards we went to the park once more. We always bring our own food and there is a very nice picknic area near the entrance, which is nice.


It is one of the smaller but very sweet attractions which are so typical for the southern german style. whenever we go to southern germany we go there and my kids love it!!! the food is very reasonable priced and the quality is good. the staff at the rides are bad and very very grumpy but hey just don't look at them!!!!!. The rides are fab and soooo well designed!!!! if you are in southern Germany it is a must!!!!


I've been here twice with my boys and we all have thoroughly enjoyed this gem outside of Stuttgart, Germany! The rides are friendly for kiddos and adults of all ages and there are many places to rest before heading off to your next adventure. We cannot WAIT to go back again this coming summer!


The park is laid out in the most magnificent scenery. It has many family friendly rides and attractions. (4-12 years old) Parking is free, food and drinks prices are fair (you are also allowed to bring your own) and the waiting ques in front of the rides are short. All in all a great place for a family day out!!


Three of us, 2 adults and 7 year old girl, stayed overnight on the Wildlife Park in a Shepherds caravan. Simple, beautifully clean accomodation that was fun. The shower block was out of this world - heavenly at 6.00 a.m. after 10 days travelling.We visited the park on the first evening and stayed til 10.00 p.m. (definitely last out) - left to the sound of howling wolves. Spent next day in the park saw the best bird display I've ever seen - at one stage a vulture stood on me! We will be going back, and we'll take in the theme park too.


Visited the park with a friend and her six-year old son. Since we went on a weekday outside the school holidays, there were no queues and everything was very relaxed.Most of the rides are geared towards children between 4 and 8 years, on the more thrilling ones (rollercoaster Gsengte Sau, caterpillar ride ...) they have to be accompanied by an adult. The indoor play area is also great, very new, big and lots of fun for kids.The park was very clean with lots of green spaces and benches to sit on. Food and beverage prices were OK for an amusement park and not as expensive as we'd expected.However, this is not a good park for older children/teenagers, there are only 2 or 3 more grown-up, exciting rides, and the cutesy, old-fashioned German style of the park would probably be "uncool" for larger kids.But for smaller ones this is a great place for a first-time amusement park adventure.


SO MUCH FUN! THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO IF YOU WANT TO HAVE AN EPIC TIME! the hotels are great and the rides are so fun and great for all ages! the only problem is the food but who cares!


We visited it all together (parents plus kids) - and kids loved it!Advantages: beautiful surroundings, green and clean. Since it is still school days in Germany there was no cues at all and we could go where ever we wanted as often as we wanted. The attractions are diverse and fun (eventhough not as in Legoland or Gardaland).The staff is OK, small problem could be for foreign guests since many of the employees have difficulties if foreign language is needed. Working hours could be longer in the summer (like in other amusement parks).


Fun, fun, fun. For 2 adults a chance to be like kids, it was brilliant: Go out of season, for no queues, rides varied, some gentle and some gravity defying ! but all great. The park was clean and the staff very friendly.


Me and my family went in summer and it was pretty warm in German. the location is near some hills and it has good rides. it has a nice petting zoo. children will love the animals and getting to pet the animals. it is great to go with the whole family!

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