klostermuseum hirsau


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klostermuseum hirsau



The Museum has a lot of possibilties to explain the story of the famous monestery so that more international visitors can profit.


It is a small museum, but we enjoyed it very much. It opened in 1991, the building it is housed in dates back to the Romanesque era when it was added to the Northern side of Aurelius Church. It is also an important testimony to the history of the monastery. The exhibition displaying a wealth of written and illustrated information as well as archaeological finds provides an excellent insight view into the Hirsau monastery culture that dates back more than 1.100 years, into the lives of the monks as well as into the history of Hirsau and its inhabitants in the 19th and 20th century.


Wie ich mich schon geäussert habe, ich habe alle drei an dem Tag besucht und sehr genossen, aufschlussreich, interessant , schön.

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