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I can only review its exterior as it was closed due to renovation (as all other musea exept Herman Hesse and the Gerbereimuseum). If the exibition matches its exterior then this must be great. It is located next to the riverbank oposite downtown Calw, so its view towards town is a bonus. The imposing building which today hosts the town museum was built between 1787-1791 by the head of the 'Calwer Compagnie' (Calw Cloth Manufacturing and Trading Company), Johann Martin Vischer, according to the plans of the ducal court architect, Reinhard Fischer from Stuttgart. Some rooms have been preserved in their original state and provide an insight view of the style of refined home furnishing of the time. In 18 rooms the museum provides valuable information on the history of the town, special events and important persons. Themes are, among others: the 'Calwer Compagnie' as an important economic factor in Württemberg, the life and work of the world-famous chemist's family Gärtner, of the Calw citizen Ulrich Rülein and his most important book on mining, the rural world of the 'Calwer Wald' (name of the woodlands West of Calw, near Altburg), an extensive collection of wooden cookie forms of a cake-shop, flooding of the Nagold and old views of the town.

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