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motorworld region stuttgart



WOW, WOW... among the most beautiful cars in the world are located in this area.. from classic cars to the very last Lambo... The place is a must do in Stuttgart... when passion comes to reality it makes such an amazing place! LOVE it!


Indoor old cars. Would be nice if we could open the doors and seat inside, but understand that would not be possible. Nice restaurant on site and hotel too.


Free entrance, good food and nice carsthey have BWM, Mercs, Lambo, Porches, and all classic cars.Bikes and other type are on the upper levels.


Best thing about Motorworld: it is free. No entrance, no waiting in a que for tickets, no rush. Just walk in as we did and roam around the cars, take photos and if you like one just go ahead and buy it. Jokes aside, the exhibition is nicely organized, offers a good photo opportunity and nearby are a number of shops for motor fans to either buy replica or motor clothes. In proximity to Boeblingen bus and train station, about 5 minutes walking.


Yes it's a man spot or women is you like cars. Micro brewery resturant on sight. Lots of cars to see. Old ones and cars for sale made it to the Harley shop as well. I don't have a huge input on this.


It's a great place to go for a stroll and to look at some special and vintage cars. I have been there with some car mad fans and they loved it.


view all exotics encased in glass for storage or consider purchasing one off the showroom floor. it is like a free museum and all the autos are in perfect showroom condition. some relics and some more modern. a nice way to browse an hour or two,and there are a couple of lunch options there. a plus is open on sundays when little else is possible in boblingen/sindelfingen.


Went after Mercedes factory tour. It is called Motorworks now. Cars were beautiful. Just one car after another.Stored cars very interesting process. We walked to Harley shop after motorworks.


Free to get in.After seen the new cars being built move a few km to the old collectors cars, all under one roof, as the cars are for sale the display can change.A good range of interesting cars, worth the visit.For the bikers there is also a Harley place close by, but didn't have time to visit.


Phenomenol collectors cars all under one roof. Old airstream trailer fromoute 66 that is a hamburger stand. Race cars, ferraris, lamborghinis,etc. some on the floorand some in glassed in garages. Must see for any car lover.


I first visited weeks after opeing. If you like Automobilia, turn up early, allow a couple of hours for your visit and snap away at the polished exotica on display.Worth topping up from month to month as the cars change.AND - it's not full of BMW, MERCEDES and PORSCHE's ! they have some real sports cars - yes, the ones that leave oil on the drive.. ! MG's, Jaguars, Aston Martins, Ferrari's etc..100% recommended


The Area of Stuttgart, a mecca for car enthusiast... and with Production Plants and Museums of Porsche ( Stuttgart - Zuffenhausen ) and Mercedes Benz (Sindelfingen and Böblingen ) the heart of German High Class Car manufactoring.In contrast to the museums of Porsche and Mercedes Benz, you can visit the "Meilenwerk" in Boeblingen for free. Meilenwerk is more and Less a garage for Car enthusiasts (with glass clear doors ! ), here are also located some Shops, a nice café, the hotel "V8" and a small exhibition ( the racing success of Hans Herrmann ) into the first floor, besides the agents who sell vintage and high-class luxury cars (Bentley,Lamborghini,Mc Laren)A visit for car enthusiasts is actually, when you duty in and around Stuttgart.For me, a MUST SEE.. and some of the cars into the exebition, a must have, If you are able to pay for.. :-) A great Place to see, even in bad weather conditions.The Meilenwerk in Böblingen is located at the "FLUGFELD" some of Navigations systems don't know the Street "Wolfgang Brumme Allee"..Enjoy your visit...


If you ar einterested in Old-Timers, thjen this is the place to go in the Stuttgart area. Large selection of old-timers and some very new sport cars, Maseratis, Bentleys, etc. Good restaurant with home-brewed beer on site.


The showroom is full of super cars and historic vehicles, and definitely a must-visit when in the area; even if you are not a "petrol-head", the design showcased is amazing. As for the restaurants/cafés, I cannot comment as we had dinner in the conference area (company event).


Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect of Meilenwerk, so I was pleasantly suprised to find that it was a living museum of sorts with all kinds of exotic metal that will keep car lovers engaged for hours... Add on top the cars themselves, a number of auto-related stores, and you have a thoroughly pleasant place to visit. Will definitely return with fellow, like-minded friends.

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