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bebenhausen abbey



The abbey is in very good condition. They are doing some limited renovation work but its not so extensive that it prohibits you from seeing things. There is a lot of history here dating back to 1180. It's not Maulbronn but it's still very nice. The abbey is closed for one hour beginning at 1200P. Make sure you see the dormitories upstairs accessible from the cloister. Immediately following the end of WWII, the abbey served as the home to the Baden-Wurttemberg parliament. Hard to imagine but it's an interesting statement of what the infrastructure must have been like then as the abbey was one of the best buildings available. Definitely worth a visit.


My husband and I visited the abbey a few days ago while on a day trip to Tubingen. We took the bus from the station opposite the Bahnoff and it was about a 20 minute ride. Once in the tiny village it was less than a 5 minute walk. The palace was closed on the day we visited (Monday) but the Abbey was open and we enjoyed our tour. We were the only tourists there for most of the time. After paying our admission fee, we were given a guide booklet in English and turned loose. The rooms were beautiful and we had access to most of the Abbey. The paintings on walls and ceilings were particularly lovely. There was a little shop selling bottled water and postcards where you buy your ticket. A separate building housed spotless restrooms. A very enjoyable afternoon. Recommended.


The abbey is very good preserved and. The architecture is beautifull and the history of the building is very interesting. The best way to get there is by bike from Tübingen on. The fastest way is by bus, the same one that takes you to Stuttgart airport. The palace is also worthy a visit, the kitchen is specially interesting but it is not always open for visit.


This is the most most beautiful town and abbey!! I don't think you could find anything more preserved and beautiful. This is a must see if you are in Tuebingen. The abbey is fascinating and there are regular tours. Don't miss this!


We visited this town and abbey during our stop-over on the way to Italy. We went inside the abbey as well. It was well worth the visit! Surprisingly there was not much of a crowd and the town is very quiet as well. Perfect :)The visit took us a couple of hours (1 hour for the town and 1 hour for the abbey). In the town itself, it was difficult to find something to drink and relax.Park at the following GPS coordinates: 48.560321, 9.062204


A very nice monastery with some stunning decor. I'd recommend checking the opening times (as they close during the lunch period). The monastery is not huge, but it is very well kept and presented - make sure you pick up a guide in your language if you are not German, but lots of signs are in German and English. Be aware that the Palace is not open every day (unfortunately we were not able to visit the palace on out Monday visit) - check the website for more information.A great place to spend some time and allow time for some quiet reflection - very peaceful.


Well kept - lovely location, interesting. Gives a good insight to the way people lived in former centuries


We didn't pay to go inside the abbey itself, but there was plenty to see just walking around. Hard to believe it was founded in 1180.


This is not an excitement at every turn type of attraction. This is a nice place to spend a rainy afternoon. Most signs have an English translation that made it easy for us to follow the descriptions of each room and section of the Cloister. Bring your best camera and a tripod and take some wonderful photos of this very scenic place. There is a gift shop with the usual and a few unusual items.


One of my favorite landmarks. It is a complex of some buildings surrounded by small family houses. You get a feeling how the Benedikt monks lived here in former times. Intimate church with wonderful paintings (weding chapel). In the castle king Wilhelm spend the last years of his life. Great surrounding with woodland (Schönbuch)


Bebenhausen is in a little enclave that is postcard perfect. We walked there from Tubingen Nord and it was a magical trip. Our kids liked the abbey and the castle, though the tour was in German. Really a beautiful site.


Just outside of tubingen on the road through the woods. Parking is easy and the buildings have been well maintained. Staff are friendly. Not overly elaborate, but apparently survived each war with no damage (due to location) so great example of middle ages architecture.


You can walk the entire tiny town of Bebenhausen (just outside Tuebingen) in just a few minutes, but it is one of the most pleasant, quaint and clean little old towns in Germany. There is a wonderful bike/hiking trail that runs behind the castle. There is a good children's playground in the town, beautiful gardens, good restaurants and excellent ice cream. The cloister itself is not fancy, but it is interesting, especially if you can get a tour in English. It's also a wonderful place to take photos. We took our family portraits there.


I can't believe there were so few people when we went. This place is incredibly well preserved, the price to get in wasn't excessive, and even though there was no English tour when we went, they had books to loan us that explained what was what.


Bebenhausen is our favorite German monastery, being well-preserved and medieval with a lovely setting on the edge of the Schoenbuch Forest. We revisit many times as the monastery and its setting are so enjoyable, and it is always one of our favorite places to take foreign visitors. The abbey itself is excellent. This was the last residence of the King of Wuerttemberg after he was forced to abdicate after WW-I. There is also some post-WW-II history as it served as the first seat of government for the unified lands of Wuerttemberg and Hohenzollern. A joy to visit at any time of the year!!!!!!

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