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uracher wasserfall



This is a great afternoon trip to make. After walking about 1.5km from the train, there's an info station / building where you can get info and beer - they actually have a beer garden in the warmer months (I was here in early December). From there, it's another 2km or less to the nearest waterfall. The walk is very scenic, relaxing, and flat (so relatively easy). I was not in hiking clothes or gear, but was still able to easily walk the distance and the 50 or so stone steps (if even that many) up to the nearest waterfall. The river following the path to the waterfall was also very pretty and had a lot of little waterfalls. I've included pictures, feel free to make your own judgment, but this nature area and the waterfalls are well worth the easy hike! My only regret is that I didn't have a car to get to any of the ruins - none of this is in walking distance from the train drop-off point =(


If you´re in Bad Urach I think is worth visiting the waterfall. If you go by foot the trail start close to the train station, and you have to walk some 2-3km (if I´m not wrong). The way to the fall goes by the river and the woods, in a very relaxing way.The waterfall itself is beautiful but small. I think you may spend one to one and a half hours to go see and come back.


If you get in Bad Urach should not miss one of the main attractions of the area, the waterfall. Easily accessible, located only 1.5 km from the last parking. The road leading to it is arranged and well marked. You can climb the stairs leading to near waterfall with a drop of 37 m. Vzitatorul tired can rest on benches telltale along the way. I recommend it.


Nice, easy walk on a path that is right next to a beautiful and clear stream. Many miny waterfalls and cascades. Absolutely stunning waterfall! It is pet friendly as well, but make sure you have pet on a leash. Well worth the 15min walk. There are many benches along the way to sit and enjoy the views or as we did, have a picnic lunch. There was no fee to see the falls, but there was a minimal fee to park.


My teenage son and I ventured out on a dreary, rainy day to visit the waterfall. We parked in free parking near the "Wasserfall" train stop. There are also two paid lots a bit closer to the trail, but we prefer our parking. Once you come upon the stream, the sound of the water engulfs you, and the environment almost seems like a tropical rain forest (according to my son). I have to agree. From the parking lot to the base of the falls is flat, so it's an easy walk. To get up towards the top of the falls, you must walk approximately 200 steps (yes, I counted!). There are no handrails, FYI. The view of the falls change at various levels, so you feel like you are seeing something new all along the way! If you choose to go to the very top, you must ascend a semi-difficult switchback path. A person with walking difficulties might not make this, but I suspect it's about 1/3 of a mile. Once at the top, it levels out, and there is a small snack bar with picnic tables and a large, covered and floored area to sit and have a drink. There is also a toilet cabin. You must get a key at the snack bar, but I wouldn't recommend it. It is a narrow and filthy toilet, with no sink. Still, if you are in a bind...I would have given this walk an "excellent," except for the bathroom issue, and as others have said, I needed more out of this walk (but that is just me). I am going to go back and add in the Hohenurach Ruin to make this a bit more challenging.From parking lot to the top was 1.8 miles. Going up, it took us about 1 hour with lots of stops to take pictures. On the way down, we walked with more purpose, and it only took us 45 minutes to get back to the car.While this is certainly a small falls, it is much, much better in person, and I would recommend seeing it!


A wonderful less-famous waterfall, in a beautiful valley. About 2 hours roundtrip.The trail goes along a stream of water which later becomes the waterfall.What we found special about this fall (by means of water scene) is the fact that the main waterfall is not stuck tight to the cliff but is rather "loose" in the air. Apart from the main fall there are other few little cascades. All in all it looks very watery and lush.Highly recommended.At the head of the falls there seemed to be a food/snacks stall which was close when we arrived (in the very late afternoon), maybe during the day it's open.


My husband and I visited pretty Bad Urach in June. We drove to the car park for the water fall. There was a couple of options but one of the paths was closed off because of flooding. I have put on quite a bit of weight, but I found the walk not too strenuous and enjoyed the birdsong as well as the wild flowers walking to and from the waterfall. The photo here is just right - it's quite beautiful. Just a lovely couple of hours together.No fee for the attraction, though early in the day there is a charge for car parking. No charge in the evening.


This hike is pretty short if you just do the waterfall, less than an hour, but after that there are lots of trails, including one to the castle, so you can hike as long as you want. I hiked up to the falls, then up the back of the falls to the top, and then around to the castle, the whole trip took about 3 hours. The waterfall is easy to get to, just get off at the Wasserfall train stop and literally walk straight down the road and you'll find the trail head. I went on a Saturday and the trail was pretty packed, especially with families with small children and strollers, so this is a suitable spot to bring the kids. There is a bathroom and snack stand at the top of the waterfall.


My husband and I came out here early Feb, but it was still beautiful. We parked in the free lots close to the start of the trail - we turned right off the main road right at the Wasserfall train stop. The fall was not frozen, but flowing around still-green moss and plants. As others has said, it's an easy trek up to the top of the falls with good shoes and the view is beautiful. Took us about an hour in and back as we took our time, took pics, and stopped a lot. At the top in the summer there appears to be biergartens and perhaps an event station, many other trail heads as well. Unfortunately the bathrooms were locked at the top, but I can image this would be a beautiful place to see in the spring. There was a surprising amount of people here for a wintery Sunday. The sun came out for a sec, enough time to view the castle ruins on the opposite mountain and the green valleys. After leaving, keep heading south to the town of Bad Urach, there is a museum (open on Sundays) and a very cute town with restaurants open. We will be going back for sure to hike up to the ruins and the other trails, it is very extensive!


I recently went for a trekking tour in Bad Urach. The route included of course the waterfall. To reach it you just have to follow a path along the stream for about 15-20 minutes. Though very narrow the waterfall makes quite an impression and stands up in the surrounding green. Very cleverly along the way one can find benches to just sit and enjoy the view. And up there, and the top of the waterfall there are plenty of desks for those who want to take their breath or have a snack.However the waterfall itself wasn't enough for me, our tour took us from the waterfall to the ruins of the old castle and then back to the parking place.A great Saturday!


A wonderful way to relax, walking to the falls and along the trails in the area. Truly beautiful scenic area, worth visiting. It is good for all ages. The main trail to the falls follows a lovely stream. Visit Bad Urach later for ice cream!


Just 20 minutes up -- more if you take photos, which is pretty inevitable -- and one is rewarded with a beautiful cascading waterfall. Easy to find just off the main route with ample parking and well-marked trails.


Bei unserer Wandertour um Bad Urach musste natürlich ein Abstecher zum Uracher Wasserfall sein. Ein wirklich schönes Fleckchen am Rande der Schwäbischen Alb. Wobei uns persönlich die in der Nähe liegenden Gütersteiner Wasserfälle noch einen Tick besser gefallen haben.


Der Uracher Wasserfall ist zu Fuß leicht zu erreichen, auch mit (kleinen) Kindern. Gute & zahlreiche Parkmöglichkeiten am Ausgangspunkt; dort auch Einkehrmöglichkeiten.Die gute Erreichbarkeit bezieht sich auf dem "Fuß" des Wasserfalls, von dort ist er auch gut zu sehen. Der Auftstieg hoch zum Wasserfall erfolgt über zahlreiche kleinere Treppen und viele Stufen und ist damit für kleine Kinder und vielleicht nicht mehr ganz so rüstige Senioren beschwerlich. Oben angekommen gibt es eine Wasserfallhütte, ebenfalls mit Bewertung und genug Platz zum Rasten, auch Verzehr von Eigenverpflegung problemlos möglich. Tipp: mit etwas Glück sieht man im Winter den Wasserfall wenn er eingefroren ist - eine echtes Highlight!


Der schön anzusehende Wasserfall befindet sich am Stadtrand von Bad Urach im Maisental. Hier stürzt der Brühlbach 37m in die Tiefe und noch weitere 50m über steil abfallendes moosbewachsenes Kalktuffgestein. Die Wasserausschüttung der Quelle beträgt zwischen 70 Liter ( Sommer ) und bis über 400 Literpro Sekunde nach starkem Regen. Die Fälle sind über einen, meist schattigen, weg leicht zu erreichen.

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