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castle waldeck



At Teinach Station park across the street from the Hotel Teinachtal and follow the bike path until the first gravel road forks to the right. Follow that path until you reach a picnic area. At the picnic area look for the road signs and follow the path for 0,4 km to Ruine Waldeck. There's a picnic area at the castle, but no water. If you want to take a different way back, take the path going down on the east side of the castle. Follow that path down and then you'll see the paved bike path to your right. Once on the paved path, turn left and follow it back to the parking lot. It's a nice way to spend a sunny day.Hotel Teinachtal, Neubulacher Straße 1, 75385 Bad Teinach-Zavelstein, Germany ‎


Saw this was close by to my hotel and wanted to see it. First time I walked for 3 hours and didn't find it. If you take the gravel path off the bike path just go up until you reach the peak with a small sitting area and fire Pitt and then stay left you will walk back down and it will come back to the bike trail bit before that is a y that goes uphill. At the top you will find the castle.


A bit challenging to find, but only about a 30 minute walk to get there if you don't screw up. I live not too far away and always bring visitors here to get into the black forest and walk to an 11th century castle ruine that few people see. The forest is growing over the site, but the burgruine is still easily accessible. There is a hotel/restaurant in Teinach Station, which you will see on the road between Calw and Zavelstein. Park across the street from the hotal and take the trail across the stream and up the hill. Near the top you will see a clearing with signs that point the way to Burgruine Waldeck.


De natuur is geweldig Mercedes museum is zeker de moeite waard.Er is in de regio fantastich wandelen

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