burg flossenburg


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burg flossenburg



After leaving the Flossenburg Concentration Camp, this was a nice little hike. The ruins are nice with a great view and there is no admission fees.


A short hike leads you up to very pretty castle ruins. All of the markers are in German only, so download worldlens or something similar if you don't speak the language. The ruins overlook the town of Flossenburg, and the view is quite pretty. I only wish that I had visited the concentration camp first so that I had a better idea of what I was looking at.


We were looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon, when we came across this terrific castle. The ruins are interesting and I would dedicate around one hour. Also bring a camera :)


After visiting the Flossenburg Concentration Camp, this was an uplifting experience. Be prepared for a steep walk.


My wife and I along with another couple had a great visit to the ruins. It's a steep walk up the hill. The ruins are great to see and the view from the top is so beautiful. You can see everything for miles from the top. Definitely worth the climb and it's free.


The castle ruins in Flossenburg are amazing. They have excellent views and amazing structure. The entrance to the castle ruins is a walk past the cemetery and up the walk way for a little while. We went in march when there was still snow on the ground so the walk was a slight challenge but worth it once you reach the top. This is a must see for any age. Plenty of benches along the way and at the top of the castle ruins. You will have many unforgettable pictures from the amazing views! Free all year round.


die Ruine ist gut restauriert und ermöglicht nach Aufstieg einen wunderbaren Blick in die Oberpfalz.insbesondere im Winter durch den Kontrast zwischen Schnee/eis und dem Dunkel der Steine, ein lohnenswertes Motiv


Wir sind desöfteren auf der Burg in Flossenbürg. Jedes mal sind wir von dem tollen Ausblick fasziniert. Nicht nur das KZ Flossenbürg muss man besuchen, sondern auch diese tolle Burg.Ideal für Kinder!!!

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